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Published by lps2001

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Published by: lps2001 on Feb 14, 2013
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What is the Delaware Talent Cooperative?
Te Delaware alent Cooperative (Co-Op) isdesigned to put the most eective educators inront o the students who need them most — andto support schools that have high populations o traditionally underserved students.Te Co-Op encourages some o the state’s mostaccomplished educators (teachers, specialists, andschool leaders) to transer to the highest-needschools or to continue working there. It includesawards and recognition or educators, proessionaldevelopment, leadership opportunities, and grantopportunities or participating schools.
Why start the Co-Op?
Students rom low-income communities tend to betaught by newer, less experienced educators, eventhough these students typically are most in need o our best educators. Delaware is renewing its com-mitment to putting the most eective educators inthe schools that need them most.Te state is supporting this commitment withnancial resources or educators and schoolsthrough the Co-Op. Tis initiative and other state-wide eorts are about:
Keeping all o us ocused on student learning.
Working together to increase the academic suc-cess o our students, particularly those who havetraditionally been underserved.
reating educators like the proessionals they are.
Highlighting outstanding work in Delaware’sschools.Te Co-Op complements other state initiatives tosupport and strengthen teaching, including thenew state-led eacher Advisory Councils (ACs),statewide Proessional Learning Communities(PLCs), and the upcoming eaching & LearningConditions Survey (ELLDelaware —www.telldelaware.org).ACs are groups o teachers that meet regularly with the Delaware Department o Education(DDOE) to weigh in on the most pressingeducational issues or our students and schools.I you are interested in participating in a AC,visit www.DEtalentcoop.org.
What are the benefts or participatingeducators?
Benets or educators (teachers, specialists, andschool leaders) who join the Co-Op include:
Retention awards: Between $2,500 and $10,000over two years or eligible educators already working in participating schools. Educators canearn this award annually, or a total o up to$20,000. Participating schools all have high pop-ulations o traditionally underserved students.(See
When do eligible educators earn retentionawards? 
or details.)
DelawareTalent Cooperative
 Attraction awards: Awards up to $20,000 overtwo years or eligible educators to transer toparticipating schools.
Formal recognition by DDOE or their commit-ment and practice, including an annual conven-ing o Co-Op educators with Delaware Secretary o Education Mark Murphy.
Initial training (attraction award educators)and ongoing proessional development (alleducators) at no cost to the educator. All Co-Opeducators become part o a proessional learningcommunity that spans all districts and schoolsthroughout the state.
Leadership opportunities as well asopportunities to learn rom others in the Co-Op.
What are the benefts or participating schools?
Te Co-Op provides incentives to help participat-ing schools retain their most eective educatorsand recruit others.Participating schools can also receive grants o up to $10,000 or school improvement eorts. A school is eligible or a grant i (a) it has at leasttwo educators participating in the Co-Op (any combination o educators receiving attraction and/or retention awards); and (b) it has met at least 50percent o student growth targets in the 2012–13
2013–14 school year.Decisions about how to use school grants willbe made by educators at the building level.Participating schools will be asked to submit aone-page proposal to apply or their grants and toprovide periodic updates about how grant undsare used. DDOE will provide a template or theproposals. Grants are not available or schoolsclassied as Partnership Zone or Focus.
Which schools are eligible to participate?
Eligible schools are schools that serve highpopulations o traditionally underserved students.Specically, a school is eligible i it meets at leastone o these our conditions:
It is a Partnership Zone school.
It participated in the state’s alent Retentionprogram in 2011–12.
It is one o the top 15 schools in at least two o these three statewide categories:
Highest percentage o non-white students
Highest percentages o students eligible orree and reduced-price meals
Highest percentages o English languagelearners
 At least 75 percent o its students are non-white,eligible or ree and reduced-price meals, orEnglish language learners.Schools are not eligible i they:
Do not participate in the Delaware Comprehen-sive Assessment System (DCAS).
Have ewer than 100 students.
 Are special schools serving distinct populations(e.g., classied as Intensive Learning Centers).Participating schools are expected to comply withall requirements o the Delaware Perormanceand Appraisal System (DPAS II), such as requiredobservations and roster verication process.
Which schools are participating?
 All eligible districts and charter schools receiveda letter o invitation rom DDOE dated December14, 2012. Districts and charter schools must tellthe state whether they intend to participate by January 14, 2013. A list o participating schoolswill be available on the initiative’s website,www.DEtalentcoop.org.
DelawareTalent Cooperative
Which educators are eligible or attractionawards?
For the 2013–14 school year, eligible educators areEnglish language arts (ELA) and math teachers ingrades 3 to 10 and school leaders who are highly eective. An educator is considered highly eectivei he or she meets at least one o the ollowingcriteria:
He or she earned a
Highly Efective
summativerating at the end o 2011–12.
He or she was rated
on Component V o the DPAS II in summer 2012 (based upon the2011–12 school year). DDOE will review any individual educator’s Component V report i heor she wants to apply or the Co-Op and believesthat he or she should have been rated
onComponent V.Eligible educators also must commit to workingin a participating school or at least two years.Educators who are on improvement plans are noteligible.Next year, attraction awards will be available toeducators who work in other subject areas andgrades.
How do educators apply or attraction awards?
Educators interested in transerring to aparticipating school must complete an onlineapplication by March 22, 2013. Applications willbe available at www.DEtalentcoop.org beginningJanuary 28, 2013.Troughout April, DDOE will screen all educatorswho completed an application and met the eligi-bility criteria. By April 29, 2013, DDOE will notiy educators who are accepted to the Co-Op. DDOEwill share the names and qualications o acceptededucators with participating schools in May.Educators who are accepted will be considered or job openings in participating schools or the 2013–14 school year. Co-Op members will be encouragedto apply and interview at all participating schoolswhere openings match their expertise andqualications. Schools and districts have nalauthority to determine which sta to hire or any open positions — and whether to hire an educatorparticipating in the Co-Op or another educator.Co-Op educators transerring to a new schoolmust transer to their new schools by October 15,2013, to be eligible or the nancial award. Aterthat date, Co-Op educators who are eligible totranser will be moved to the next year’s Co-Opcohort. Educators who have not accepted jobs inparticipating schools by October 15 can participatein proessional development and other Co-Opactivities throughout the spring, summer, andschool year.
Which educators are eligible or retentionawards?
For the 2013–14 school year, eligible educatorsare all teachers, specialists, and school leaders whocurrently teach in a participating school and meetat least one o these criteria:
He or she earns a
Highly Efective
summativerating in Spring 2013.
He or she is rated
on Component V o the DPAS II in spring 2013.Eligible educators also must commit to stayingin their current school or at least two years.Educators who are on improvement plans are noteligible.
How do educators apply or retention awards?
Tere is no need to apply or retention awards.DDOE will notiy all educators in participatingschools who qualiy or the two-year award — andautomatically pay the award to those educatorsas long as they commit to remaining in theirschool or two years and being active in the Co-Opprogram.
DelawareTalent Cooperative

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