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Published by Silviu

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Published by: Silviu on Feb 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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& X OHJHUH\ue000 G H\ue000 E DQ FX U L\ue000V L \ue000S RDQ W H\ue000 vQ \ue000 OLPED\ue000 URPkQ D
9HUVL X Q H D \ue000\ue012 \ue00e \ue010 \ue000\ue00d\ue000 9ROX PXO\ue000 ,
&X O HJHUH\ue000 G H\ue000 E DQ FX UL \ue000 VL \ue000 S R DQWH\ue000 vQ \ue000 OLPED\ue000 URPkQ D
9 R OX PX O\ue000 ,\ue000 \ue001 E D Q F X U LOH \ue002
$OF D W XLWD \ue000 G H \ue000 ( X JH Q\ue000 . D U E D Q\ue00e
9 L] LWH D ] D \ue00d P L\ue000S D J LQ D \ue000S H U VR QD O D \ue000G H \ue000 ZHE \ue000 OD \ue000 D G U H VD \ue01a\ue000 \ue000KWWS \ue01a\ue00f\ue00f KR PH S D JH V\ue00e F R PS X VH U YH \ue00e G H \ue00fJH QX.\ue013 \ue016 \ue010 \ue00f
&D \ue000 S R U WD O\ue000S H H QWU X\ue000 S D JL Q D \ue000G H \ue000 E D QF XU L\ue000 PDL\ue000 S R W\ue000 IL\ue000 IR OR VLW H \ue000 DG U H VH OH
Z Z Z\ue00e E D QF XU L\ue00e R U J
Z Z Z\ue00e VXU I\ue00e WR \ue00fE D QF XU L
6DX\ue000 WU L PLWH \ue00d PL\ue000 X Q\ue000 ( \ue00d 0 D LO\ue000 OD \ue000 D G U H V D \ue000\ue01a\ue000ND U E D Q\ue00e H XJH Q #J P[ \ue00e QH W
9 H U VLX Q H D \ue000\ue012 \ue00e \ue010
8 OWL PD \ue000 PR G LI LF D U H \ue000 OD \ue000\ue012 \ue014 \ue00e \ue010 \ue012\ue00e \ue010 \ue011 \ue000\ue011 \ue014 \ue01a\ue014\ue018
& X OHJHUH\ue000 G H\ue000 E DQ FX U L\ue000V L \ue000S RDQ W H\ue000 vQ \ue000 OLPED\ue000 URPkQ D
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, QIRUPDWLL \ue000 QX\ue000 QXPDL \ue000F RS \UL JK W
$F H D VW D \ue000 FR OH FWLH \ue000 G H \ue000 E D QF XUL\ue000 VWD \ue000 OD \ue000 G LVS R ] LWL D \ue000 OLE HUD \ue000 D \ue000 WXW XU RU \ue000 F H OR UD \ue000 F D U H \ue000 YRU \ue000 VD \ue000 OH \ue000 WLS DU H DVF D \ue000 VDX\ue000 VD \ue000 OH \ue000 IR OR VH D V F D \ue000 v Q\ue000 IR U PD \ue000 OR U
H OH F WU R QL F D \ue000S H QWU X\ue000 X] X O\ue000 S H U VR QD O\ue00e
$F H VW\ue000 IL VLHU \ue000 \ue00a\ue00e S GI\ue000 S R D W H \ue000IL\ue000 G D W\ue00c \ue000 ID F X W\ue000F D G R X\ue00c \ue000 ] Yk U OL W\ue00c \ue000 D U XQF D W\ue00c \ue000 H \ue00dPD L O \ue00dD W\ue00c \ue000 O D \ue000WRWL\ue000 S U LH WH QLL\ue000V L\ue00fVD X\ue000 G XV PD QLL\ue000 WD L\ue00e
%LQH vQWH OHV\ue000 E D QF XU LOH\ue00c \ue000 vQ\ue000 S U LQF LS L X \ue00c \ue000 Q X\ue000 VWDX\ue000 V X E \ue000 SU R WH F WLD \ue000 QLF LX Q X L\ue000 F R S \U LJ KW \ue00c \ue000 v QVD VL\ue000 PH QLUH D \ue000 ORU \ue000 ILL QG \ue000 U D VS k QG LU H D \ue000 OLE H UD \ue000 S H
F D O H \ue000YH U E D O D \ue000\ue008 G H \ue000 S U H IH U D W \ue009 \ue000LDU \ue000 vQ\ue000 D F H V W\ue000F D ] \ue000 S H \ue000 F D OH \ue000 VF U LVD \ue00e

7 R WXV L\ue000 VX QW\ue000 G H\ue000 S DU HUH\ue000 FD\ue000 D P\ue000 LQY HVWLW\ue000 IR DU WH\ue000 PXOW\ue000 W L P S \ue000 VL\ue000 PX QFD\ue000 vQ\ue000 U HDOL]DUHD\ue000 DFH VWRU \ue000 S DJL Q L\ue000 R E WLQk QG \ue00c\ue000 VS HU \ue000 HX\ue00c\ue000 VL\ue000 X Q\ue000 U H]XOWD W IU X PR V \ue00e \ue000 ' H \ue000 D F H H D \ue000 DV\ue000 G R U L\ue000 F D \ue000 D F H DVWD \ue000 PXQF D \ue000 VD \ue000 ILH \ue000 U H VS H FWD WD \ue00c \ue000 D QX P H \ue000 QX\ue000 D V\ue000 JD VL\ue000 G H OR F \ue000 \ue002 ID LU \ue002 \ue000 F D \ue000 D F HVWH \ue000 E D QF XUL\ue000 \ue008 v Q\ue000 D F H DVWD JU XS D U H\ue001\ue000 v Q\ue000 WR WD OLWD WH \ue000 VDX\ue000 S H \ue000 F D WH JR U LL\ue009 \ue000 VD \ue000 ILH \ue000 WLS D U LWH\ue00c \ue000 ID UD \ue000 v QVWLL QWD UH D \ue000 PH D\ue00c \ue000 D OWIH O\ue000 G H F k W\ue000 S H QWU X \ue000 X] XO\ue000 S H U VR QD O \ue00c \ue000 S U H F X P\ue000 VL S U H OXD U H D \ue000 D F H VWRU \ue000 JU XS D UL\ue000 G H \ue000 E D QF XU L\ue000 G H \ue000 D OWH \ue000 VLWXU L\ue00c \ue000 R I LF LD O H \ue000 VDX \ue000 S H U VR QD OH \ue00c \ue000 G L Q\ue000 L QWH U QH W\ue00e \ue000 5H PD UF \ue000 WR W XVL\ue000 F X\ue000 WU LVWH WH \ue000 F D \ue000 D F H V W\ue000 OXF U X VH \ue000 S U D F WL F D \ue000vQVD \ue000 VL\ue000 S D U H \ue000VD \ue000 G H YLQ D \ue000 X Q\ue000 VS R U W\ue000G H \ue000 PD VD/\ue00e

1 X \ue00d L\ue000D VD "
E D QF XU LWD U L\ue00e K \S H PD U W\ue00e QH W \ue00d\ue002 G R PQX OH \ue002 \ue0000 LKD L\ue0005 X V\ue000 VL PWH \ue00dW H \ue000 PDL\ue000 G H S D U W H \ue000 F D \ue000OD \ue000 D XWR VH U YLUH \ue000 S H \ue000 D F H VWH \ue000 S D JL QL \ue001 \ue001\ue001
Z Z Z\ue00e KD ] \ue00e U R \ue017 \ue00d\ue002 G R PQXOH \ue002 \ue0009 R L F D \ue0006R U LQ\ue000 VL PWH \ue00dWH \ue000 PDL\ue000 G H S D U W H \ue000 F D \ue000OD \ue000 D XWR VH U YLUH \ue000 S H \ue000 D F H VWH \ue000 S D JL QL\ue001 \ue001 \ue001
Z Z Z\ue00e JH O X\ue00e JR \ue00e U R \ue00d\ue002 G R PQ XOH \ue002 \ue0009 R L F D \ue0006R U LQ\ue000 VL PWH \ue00dWH \ue000 PDL\ue000 G H S D U W H \ue000 F D \ue000OD \ue000 D XWR VH U YLUH \ue000 S H \ue000 D F H VWH \ue000 S D JL QL \ue001 \ue001\ue001
' D F D \ue000 F X PY D \ue000 YU HR \ue000 H G LWXU D \ue008 \ue001" \ue009 \ue000 JD VH VWH \ue000 L QWH U H VD QWD \ue000 D F H D VWD \ue000 PLF D \ue000 \ue008 G H YH QLWD \ue000 PD UH \ue000 v QWU H \ue000 WL PS \ue000
-\ue009 \ue000 OX F U D UH \ue000 S R D W H \ue000 OXD \ue000 OH JDW XUD \ue000 F X
PL QH \ue000 S U L Q\ue000( \ue00d PD LO\ue00e

3 H QWU X\ue000 D \ue000 YH GH D \ue000 VL\ue000 D OW H \ue000 E D QF XU L\ue000 VDX\ue000 S H QWU X\ue000 D \ue000 ID F H \ue000 X Q\ue000 G R ZQOR D G \ue000 D O\ue000 D F HVWH L\ue000 F D U WL\ue000 \ue008 VD X\ue000 D \ue000 X QH L\ue000 YH U VL X QL\ue000 PDL\ue000 QRL\ue000 D \ue000 D F HVWHL\ue000 F D U WL \ue009 \ue000 S R WL VD \ue000 YL] LWH ]L\ue000 G L Q\ue000 F k Q G \ue000 v Q\ue000 F k Q G \ue000 XU PD WR D UH D \ue000 D G U H VD \ue01a\ue000KWWS \ue01a\ue00f\ue00f KR PH S D J H V\ue00e F R PS XVH U YH \ue00e G H \ue00fJH QX.\ue013 \ue016 \ue010 \ue00f\ue00e \ue000 $ LF L\ue000 YHL\ue000 JD VL\ue000 VL\ue000 D OW H \ue000 O XF U XU L\ue00c VS HU \ue000 H X\ue000 LQWH U H VD QWH \ue00c \ue000 v Q\ue000 D ID U D \ue000 G H \ue000 D F H VWH \ue000 E D QF XU L\ue00e

7 L Q\ue000 VD\ue000 PXO WX PH VF\ue000 D LFL\ue000 vQ\ue000 S U L PX O\ue000 U k Q G \ue000 VR WLHL\ue000 PHOH\ue000 S H QWU X\ue000 U DE G DUHD\ue000 FD U H\ue000 D\ue000 DU DWDW\ue00dR \ue000 IDWD\ue000 G H\ue000 PLQH\ue000 V L\ue000 G H\ue000 FR PS XWH U \ue000
-\ue00c\ue000 DS RL\ue000 O XL
6R U LQ\ue000 ' DOHD\ue00c\ue000 OXL\ue000 6WHYH \ue000 * HD QW D \ue000 \ue00c\ue000 O X L\ue000 &OD XG LX\ue000 $G U LDQ\ue000 &U XFHDQX\ue000 VL\ue000 D \ue000 W XW XU R U \ue000 DFHOR UD \ue000 F D U H\ue000 P\ue00dDX \ue000 vQF XU DM DW\ue000 S U L Q\ue000 VFU LVR UL\ue000 H\ue00dPDL O \ue000 VD
OXF UH ] \ue000 PDL\ue000 G H S D U W H \ue000OD \ue000 S D JLQ D \ue000G H \ue000 E D QF XU L\ue00e
$F H D VW D \ue000 F DU W H \ue000 VH \ue000 YUH D \ue000 D VW IHO\ue000 R \ue000 YD U LD QWD \ue000 PDL\ue000 IU X PR D V D \ue000 VL\ue000 S U H OXF U D W D \ue000 D \ue000 S D JL Q LL\ue000 PH OH \ue000 G H \ue000 E D QF XU L \ue00c \ue000 Y D U LD QW D \ue000 F DU H \ue000 VD \ue000 S R D W D \ue000 IL\ue000 F LWL W D \ue000 VL
VH D UD \ue000 vQD L QWH \ue000 G H \ue000 F XOF D U H \ue00c \ue000 Q X\ue000 Q XPD L\ue000 v Q\ue000 ID WD \ue000 PR QLWR U XOX L\ue000 VL\ue000 F X\ue000 Jk QG X O\ue000 OD \ue000 QR WD \ue000 WH OH IR QLF D \ue00e \ue00e \ue00e

$LF L\ue00c \ue000 v Q\ue000 D F H D VW D \ue000 F DU WH \ue00c \ue000 S R W\ue000 IL\ue000 H [F OX V H \ue000G L Q\ue000VWD U W\ue01a\ue000 R U L F H \ue000WH QG LQWD \ue000 G H \ue000 VR YL QL V P\ue00c \ue000 U D V LV P\ue00c \ue000 QD WLR QD OLVP \ue00c \ue000 D QWL \ue00dVH PL WL V P\ue00c \ue000 D QWL \ue00dIH P L Q LV P VDX\ue000 D OW H \ue000 DV WIH O\ue000 G H \ue000 OXF U XUL\ue000 G H S OR U D E LOH \ue00e \ue000 &X YL QW H \ue000H [S OLF LWH \ue000 D S D U \ue000ID UD \ue000 G R D U \ue000VL\ue000 S R D W H \ue000OD \ue000 IR D U WH \ue000 PXOWH \ue000 E D QF XU L\ue01b\ue000 S H QWU X\ue000 D \ue000 Q X\ue000 G H U D QM D \ue000 S H QL PH QL\ue000 F X\ue000 IR OR VLU H D \ue000ORU \ue000 G LU H F W D \ue000OH \ue00dDP\ue000 PD U F D W\ue000 \ue008 S H \ue000 F k W\ue000 D P\ue000 S X WXW \ue009 \ue000F X\ue000 X Q\ue000 D VWH U L VF \ue00e \ue000 ' D F D \ue000 F LQH YD \ue000JD VH VWH \ue000 V L\ue000 D V D \ue000 F D \ue000E D QF XU L O H \ue000G LQ D F H D VW D \ue000 FXOH JH UH \ue000 F R QWL Q\ue000 S U H D \ue000 PXO WH \ue000 F X YL QWH \ue000 R E VF H Q H \ue000v QVH D PQD \ue000 F D \ue000 F LWH VWH \ue000 S D JL QLO H \ue000 JU H VLWH \ue000 VL\ue000 H VW H \ue000U X JD W\ue000 VD \ue000 VWH D U J D \ue000 D FH V W\ue000IL VLHU \ue000 G H S H \ue000 KD U G \ue00e

0 D \ue004 V\ue000E X F X U D \ue000 VD \ue000 S U L PH V F \ue000L PSU H VL L\ue000VL\ue000 R S LQ LL \ue003 \ue000 VD X \ue000 F K L D U \ue000 F U LW LFL\ue000 G L Q \ue000 S D U W H D \ue000 F H OR U \ue000 F D U H \ue000D M X Q J \ue000VD \ue000 F L W H D VF D \ue000D F H D VW D \ue000 FD U WH \ue000 VD X
I U D J PH QW H \ue000 G L Q \ue000 H D \ue005
' D F D \ue000 H VWL\ue000 X Q\ue000 L QWH U QH WL V W\ue000 F R Q YL Q V\ue000 V L\ue000 D L\ue000 R D U H F H \ue000 H[S H U LH QWD \ue000 F X\ue000 , 5& \ue00d X O\ue000 VL\ue000 F X\ue000 S U R JU D PX O\ue000 0 , 5&\ue000 \ue008 VD X \ue000 D OWH OH \ue009 \ue000 S R WL\ue000 G L Q\ue000 F k Q G \ue000 v Q\ue000 F k Q G \ue000 VD
LQWULL\ue000 S H \ue000 8 QG H U QH W\ue000 S H \ue000 F D QD OXO\ue000 \ue003 E D QF XU L \ue00e \ue000 $LFL\ue000 YHL\ue000 S XW H D \ue000VS XQH \ue00c \ue000 D VF XOW D \ue000 E D QF XU L\ue000 VL\ue000 G LVF XWD \ue000 F X\ue000 D OWL\ue000 vPS D W L PLWL\ue000 D L\ue000 E D QF XU LOR U \ue00e
( XJH Q\ue00e
& X OHJHUH\ue000 G H\ue000 E DQ FX U L\ue000V L \ue000S RDQ W H\ue000 vQ \ue000 OLPED\ue000 URPkQ D
9HUVL X Q H D \ue000\ue012 \ue00e \ue010 \ue000\ue00d\ue000 9ROX PXO\ue000 ,
, \ue002\ue000 )HQRP HQXO \ue000U RP kQ H V F \ue000DO\ue000 EDQFXO XL
' H \ue000 $G R O I\ue000 &U LYD W\ue00d 9 D VLOH
0 R WWR\ue01a\ue000 \ue002 $ V\ue000S Ok QJH \ue00c \ue000 G D U \ue000 Q X\ue000 S R W\ue000 G H \ue000 U k V\ue002 \ue008 ] LF D O D \ue000U R Pk QH D VF D \ue009
* H QH WL F \ue000V L\ue000 I XQF WLR QD O\ue00c \ue000 E D QF X O\ue000 WL Q H \ue000G H \ue000 G R PH QL X O\ue000 F XOWXU LL\ue000 R U D OH \ue01b\ue000 H O\ue000 QL\ue000 VH \ue000 S U H ] LQW D \ue000 F D \ue000 R \ue000 VS H F LH \ue000 G H \ue000 IR OF ORU \ue000 QR X\ue00c \ue000 R U D VH QH VF \ue00c \ue000 vQWU XQLQ G
QR WH OH \ue000 F D U D F WH U LVWL F H \ue000 DOH \ue000 ID S WXOXL\ue000 IR OF OR U L F \ue000 \ue008 R U D O \ue00c \ue000 D QR QL P\ue00c \ue000 F R OH F WL Y\ue000 VL\ue000 D G H VH R U L\ue000 VLQF U H WLF \ue009 \ue00e \ue000
, QG L IH U H Q W\ue000 G H \ue000 VWD W XW X O\ue000VDX\ue000 D [ LR OR JLF \ue00c \ue000 H O

U H S U H ] LQW D \ue000 XOWL PD \ue000 PD QL IH VWD U H \ue000 YLH\ue00c \ue000 IH U WLOD \ue000 VL\ue000 U H OH YD QW D \ue000 D \ue000 F U H D WL YLWD WLL\ue000 QR D VWUH \ue000 S R S XOD U H \ue00e \ue000 6 \ue00dD \ue000 ID F XW\ue000 PD UH \ue000 F D ] \ue000 vQ\ue000 IR OF OR U LVWLF D VH FR OXO XL\ue000 ; ; \ue000 G H \ue000 L PS R U WD QW D \ue000 H [S OR U D U LL\ue000 S U H ]H QWXO X L\ue000 IR OF OR U LF \ue002 \ue000 \ue008 F D\ue000 R \ue000 U H D F WL H \ue000 IDWD \ue000 G H \ue000 VS LU LWXO\ue000 U R PD QWL F \ue000 DO\ue000 F H U F H WD U LOR U \ue000 IR OF OR U LF H G L Q\ue000 VH F R OXO\ue000 D O\ue000 ; , ; \ue00dOH D \ue00c \ue000 F X\ue000 H [D OWD U LO H \ue000 VD OH \ue000 S D VH LVW H \ue000 VL\ue000 D U KD L] D QWH \ue00c \ue000 v Q\ue000 YLU W XWH D \ue000 F D U R U D \ue000 F U H D WLLOH \ue000 S R S XOD U H \ue000 VXVF LWDX\ue000 LQ WH U H VXO\ue000 G R D U \ue000 F D PD U WXULL\ue000 D O H \ue000WU H F XW XOXL\ue000 V XU YL YD QF HV\ue000 G X\ue000 S D VVH \ue002 \ue009 \ue00e

/D \ue000 QR L\ue00c \ue000 \ue002 OXS WD \ue002 \ue000 vQ\ue000 D F HV W\ue000 VH QV\ue000 D \ue000 IR VW\ue000 LQL WLD WD \ue000 G H \ue000 X Q\ue000 IR OF OR U LV W\ue000 VHPL \ue00dS U R IH VLR QL VW\ue00c \ue000 OLQ J YLV WXO\ue000 2 YL G \ue000 ' H QV XVLD QX\ue000 \ue008 )R OF OR U XO\ue00e \ue000 & X P WU HE XLH\ue000 vQWHOH V\ue00c\ue000 /HFW LH\ue000 G H\ue000 G HVFKLG HUH\ue000 OD\ue000 )DFXOWD WHD\ue000 G H\ue000 /LWHUH\ue000 \ue00d\ue000 \ue019 \ue000 QR LH PE U LH\ue000 \ue011 \ue019 \ue010 \ue019 \ue009 \ue00c\ue000 HO\ue000 vQVXVL\ue000 FR QWL Q XkQG \ue000 VD\ue000 VH\ue000 R FXS H\ue000 vQ VD\ue000 PDL PXOW\ue000 G H \ue000 IR OF OR U X O\ue000 WU D G LWLR QD O\ue01b\ue000 IR OF OR U LVWLF D \ue000 QR D VWUD \ue000 L QWH U E H OLF D \ue000 D \ue000 XU PD W\ue00c \ue000 F X\ue000 PLFL\ue000 H [F H S WLL \ue00c \ue000 D F H H D V L\ue000 F D OH \ue00e \ue000 , PS H U D WLY X O\ue000 WH R U H WLF \ue008 XWLO\ue00c \ue000 G D U \ue000 H [D JH U D W \ue009 \ue000 D O\ue000 OX L\ue000 2 \ue00e \ue000 ' H Q VX VLD Q X \ue000 \ue008 S U H ] H QW X O\ue000 IR OF OR U L F \ue000 DU \ue000 IL\ue000 PDL\ue000 D OH V\ue000 S D U W H D \ue000 F H \ue000 WU H E XLH \ue000 H [S OR U D WD \ue002 \ue009 \ue000 D \ue000 IR VW\ue000 D G R S WD W WH QG H QWLRV\ue000 vQ\ue000 U H J L PX O\ue000 F R PX QL V W\ue000 G H \ue000 PDL\ue000 W k U ] L X \ue00c \ue000 G XF k QG \ue00c \ue000 S U L Q\ue000 PL VWL ILF D U H \ue000 LG H R OR JLF D \ue00c \ue000 OD \ue000 D VD\ue00d\ue000 ] LVX O\ue000 IR OF ORU \ue000 QR X\ue002 \ue000 D O\ue000 R U k QG XLU LL S R S XODU H \ue002 \ue000 \ue008 FR QWU DID F HUL\ue000 S U R S D JD QG LVWL F H \ue000 G H \ue000 WLS XO\ue000 &D \ue000 WU D LH VF \ue000 E LQ H \ue000 VL\ue000 F k QW\ue00c\ue00f\ue000 & \ue00dD PX \ue00d Q\ue000 5HS XE OLF D \ue000 Vv QW\ue00e\ue00e\ue00e\ue002 \ue000 VDX\ue000 )U XQ]D \ue000 YH U GH \ue000 PH U H F R D S WH \ue00c\ue00f\ue000 ( X\ue000 F X\ue000 S D U WLG X O\ue000 PL \ue00dV\ue000 IU D WH\ue00c\ue00f\ue000 &D \ue000 H O\ue000 v P L\ue000 ID F H \ue000 G U H S WD WH\ue00c \ue00f\ue000 /D \ue000 G U H D S W D \ue000 F DOH \ue000 PD \ue000 VFR D WH \ue00e \ue00e \ue00e \ue002 \ue001\ue009 \ue00e \ue000 % DQF XU LOH\ue00c\ue000 vQ\ue000 VF KL PE \ue000 \ue00d\ue000 IR U PD D XWH Q WLF D \ue000 G H \ue000 F U H D WLYLWD W H \ue000 R U D OD \ue00c \ue000 G D U \ue000 VL\ue000 G H \ue000 LQF R PR GD \ue000 OLE H U WD WH \ue000 VS LU LWXD OD \ue000 \ue00d\ue000 D X\ue000 IR VW\ue000 L J QR U D W H \ue000 G H \ue000 F H U F H WD WR U L\ue000 VL\ue000 S U R VF U LVH \ue002 \ue000 G H D XWR U LWD WL\ue00c \ue000 XU Pk QG \ue000 F D \ue000 D E L D \ue000G H \ue00dD F X P\ue000 v QF R O R \ue000VD \ue000 OL\ue000 VH \ue000 ID F D \ue00c \ue000 H YH QWXD O\ue00c \ue000 F X YH QL W D \ue000 G U H S WD WH \ue00e

' H \ue000 OD \ue000 XQ\ue000 PR PH QW\ue000 G D W \ue00c \ue000 E D QF X O\ue000 S D U H \ue000 VD \ue000 IL\ue000 PR QR S R OL] D W\ue000 H QH U J LLO H \ue000 S OD V PX LWR D U H \ue000 D OH \ue000 VS LU LWXO XL\ue000 S R S XOD U \ue00e \ue000 $F H VW\ue000 VS LULW\ue000 V \ue00d D \ue000 U H WU D V vQWU HJ\ue000 v Q\ue000 O X P H D \ue000 E D QF XU LOR U \ue00c \ue000 F X\ue000 PLM OR D F H OH \ue00c \ue000 H [S H U LH QWH OH \ue00c \ue000 R E VH U YD WLLOH\ue00c \ue000 S U H M XG H F D WLOH \ue00c \ue000 R E VH VLLO H \ue000 VL\ue000 WH PH U LWD WLOH \ue000 O XL \ue00e \ue000 8 QL YH U VX O E D QF XU LOR U \ue000 Q X\ue00d L\ue000 G H F LW\ue000 OX P H D \ue000 QR D V WU D \ue000 HVH QW LD OL] D WD \ue000 v Q\ue000 ILF WLX QH\ue00c \ue000 H OLE H U D W D \ue000 FR QYH QWLR QDO\ue000 G H \ue000 VXE \ue000 WH U R D U H D \ue000 LVWR U LH L\ue002\ue00c \ue000 U k ] k QG X\ue00dV L\ue000 F X YR OXS WDWH\ue000 G H\ue000 HD\ue000 vQ VDVL\ue00c\ue000 v QWU \ue00d\ue000 XQ\ue000 M R F\ue000 S HVWU LW\ue000 VL\ue000 V XE WLU H \ue00c\ue000 IDUD\ue000 LOX]LL\ue000 VL\ue000 IDUD\ue000 U HWLFHQWH\ue00e\ue000 3 H\ue000 G H\ue000 DOWD\ue000 S DU WH \ue00c\ue000 E DQFXO\ue000 Q X\ue000 YU HD\ue000 VD\ue000 D PX]H QX PDL\ue01b\ue000 HO\ue000 D VS LU D \ue000 OD \ue000 R \ue000 KLODU LWDWH \ue000 V XS HU LR DU D \ue00c\ue000 FX\ue000 IX QFWLH \ue000 F R PS H QVDW LY D \ue000 v Q\ue000 S OD Q\ue000 H [LVWH QWLD O\ue00e\ue000 % DQFX O\ue000 DUH \ue000 v QWR WG HDXQD \ue000 X Q\ue000 VFR S \ue000 PDL FR PS OH[\ue000 G HFkW\ue000 U kVXO \ue01b\ue000 HO\ue000 HVWH\ue00c\ue000 FD\ue000 PD VFDU LFLL\ue000 U HJLORU \ue000 G H\ue000 R G LQLR DU D \ue00c\ue000 VL\ue000 FR QIH VR U X O\ue000 QR V WU X\ue01a\ue000 QH\ue000 VWLH\ue000 S DV XU LO H\ue000 WR DWH\ue000 VL\ue000 vV L\ue000 U kG H\ue000 G H\ue000 HOH F X\ue000 S U R S U LX O\ue000 QR VWUX\ue000 U k V \ue00e \ue000 ' D U \ue000 D F HVW D \ue000 QX\ue000 H VW H \ue000 G R D U \ue000 Uk VX O\ue000 Y XOJDU \ue000 G H \ue000 OD \ue000 S H U LIHU L D \ue000 OX PL L\ue00c \ue000 F L\ue000 X Q\ue000 U k V\ue000 PDL\ue000 VXE WLU H\ue00c \ue000 D S U R D S H \ue000 ILOR VR ILF \ue00c YR LQG \ue000 S DUFD\ue000 VD\ue000 QH\ue000 DG X FD\ue000 D PLQ W H\ue000 FD\ue000 vQ\ue000 D\ue000 IDFH\ue000 KD]\ue000 G H\ue000 QHFD]\ue002 \ue000 VWD\ue00c\ue000 vQWU \ue00dXQ \ue000 IH O\ue00c\ue000 WR DWD\ue000 vQWHOHS FL XQHD\ue000 VL\ue000 WR DW D\ue000 OLE HU WDWHD\ue000 H [LV WHQWH L QR D VWU H \ue00e \ue000 % D QF XU LO H \ue000D X\ue000 R \ue000 ILOR VR ILH\ue002 \ue000 D \ue000 ORU \ue000 \ue00d\ue000 S U D F WLF D \ue00c \ue000 QH S U H WH QWLR D VD \ue00c \ue000 F X\ue000 U D G D F LQ L\ue000YH QH U D E LOH \ue000 vQ\ue000 U H D OL V PX O\ue000 Jk QG LULL\ue000 S R S XOD U H \ue00e

$FHDVWD\ue000 QRXD\ue000 IRUPD\ue000 GH\ue000 FUHDWLYLWDWH\ue000 GH\ue000 WLS\ue000 IROFORULF\ue00c\ue000 FKLDU\ue000 GDFD\ue000 PDL\ue000 JUDELWD\ue00c\ue000 PDL\ue000 FHUHEUDOD\ue000 VL\ue000 PDL\ue000 SHULVDELOD\ue000 GHFkW\ue000 FHOH WU D G LWLR QD OH\ue00c \ue000 Q X\ue000 H VW H \ue000 PDL\ue000 S XWL Q\ue000 U H S U H ] H QWD WL YD \ue00e \ue000 8 U Pk Q G \ue000 YU H PXU LOR U\ue00c \ue000 H D \ue000 D \ue000 G H YH Q LW\ue000 XQD \ue000 S U H S R QG H U H Q W\ue000 \ue008 G D F D \ue000 QX\ue000 H [F O XVL Y \ue009 \ue000 XU E D QD \ue00e 'H\ue000 DOWIHO\ue00c\ue000 QRWLXQHD\ue000 vQVDVL\ue000 GH\ue000 VSLULW\ue000 SRSXODU\ue002\ue000 DU\ue000 WUHEXL\ue000 UHGLVFXWDWD\ue000 SRDWH\ue000 vQ\ue000 FRQWH[WXO\ue000 QRLORU\ue000 UHDOLWDWL\ue000 VRFLR\ue00dHFRQRPLFH\ue00e 1 LYH OD UH D \ue000 VR FLD OD\ue00c \ue000 D O ID E H WL] D U H D \ue000 vQ\ue000 PD VD\ue00c \ue000 XU E D Q L] D U H D \ue000 D F F H OH U D W D \ue000 \ue008 VL \ue00c \ue000 L PS OLF LW\ue00c \ue000 G H S R S XOD U H D \ue000 WU H S WD WD \ue000 D \ue000 VDWH OR U \ue009\ue00c \ue000 PD V V \ue00dPH G LD \ue000 v Q H [S D QV LX QH\ue00c \ue000 VF LH QWL V PXO\ue000 V L\ue000 G H VD F U D OL] D U H D \ue000 \ue00d\ue000 LD WD \ue000 WRW\ue000 D Wk WLD \ue000 ID F WR UL\ue000 G H \ue000 G LVR OXWLH \ue000 D \ue000 PH G L XO XL\ue000 VL\ue000 PH Q WD OLWD WLL\ue000 W U D G LWLR QD OH\ue00e \ue000 % D QF X O D S D U H \ue000 G U HS W\ue000 F R S LOX O\ue000 WH U LE LO\ue000 D O\ue000 D F H VWH L\ue000 O X P L\ue000 vQ\ue000 F KL QX LWD \ue000 S U H ID F H U H \ue00c \ue000 F D U H L D \ue000 vL\ue000 OLS VH VWH \ue000 S R D W H \ue000 FR QVLVW H QWD\ue00c \ue000 G D U \ue000 Q X\ue000 VL\ue000 YLWD OLWD WH D \ue00c U H F WLWXG LQH D\ue00c \ue000 G D U \ue000 Q X\ue000 VL\ue000 LV WH WL PH D \ue00e \ue000 \u00cc Q\ue000 F R QG LWLLOH \ue000 YH F KLX OXL\ue000 U H JL P \ue00c \ue000 E D QF XU LO H \ue000 D X\ue000 D Y X W\ue000 R \ue000 H [L VWH QWD \ue000 YL J XU R D VD\ue00c \ue000 G D U \ue000 R D U H F X P\ue000 LO LF LWD \ue000 VL VXE WH U D QD\ue00e \ue000 &U LWLF LV PXO\ue000 O R U \ue000 L PS OLF L W \ue00c \ue000 PD QL IH VWD UH \ue000 D QR QL PD \ue000 VL\ue000 QH VF U LVD \ue000 D \ue000 D F H OHL\ue000 R S LQL L\ue000 S XE OLF H \ue002 \ue000 F H \ue000 D \ue000 vQOR F XLW\ue000 v Q\ue000 OX PH D \ue000 PR G H U Q D \ue000 \ue00d PX WD WLV\ue000 PX WD QG L V\ue000 \ue00d\ue000 QR U PD \ue000 FR OH F WL YLWD WLL\ue002 \ue000 G L Q\ue000 VR F LH WD WL OH \ue000 WU D G LWLR QD OH\ue00c \ue000 ID F H D \ue000 VS D L PD \ue000 PX OWRU \ue000 XU H F KL\ue00c \ue000 F D \ue000 VH PQ\ue000 G H \ue000 QH WD JD G XLW\ue000 D O XQHL\ue000 QH D OL QLH UL\ue000 L QWHU LR DUH \ue000 OD \ue000 OLQLD \ue000 LG H R OR JL F D \ue000 D \ue000 S XWH U LL\ue00e\ue000 ' H \ue000 DOW IH O\ue00c\ue000 PXO WH \ue000 E D QF XUL\ue000 \ue00d\ue000 G L Q\ue000 F D WH JR U L D \ue000 F HORU \ue000 S R OLWLF H \ue000 \ue00d\ue000 D X\ue000 U H S U H ]H QWDW DG HYDU DWH \ue000 PD QLIH VWH \ue002 \ue000 R U DOH \ue00c\ue000 WU DQVIL JXU DWH \ue000 G H \ue000 KL ODU LWDWH\ue00e\ue000 1 X\ue000 HV WH \ue000 G HF L\ue000 G H \ue000 PLU DUH \ue000 F D \ue000 H OH \ue000 Q\ue00dDX \ue000 DYXW\ue000 QLFL\ue000 R \ue000 WU HFHU H\ue002 \ue000 R ILFLDOD\ue01b\ue000 FkQG QX\ue000 VH \ue000 WD F H D \ue000 D VXS UD \ue000 OR U\ue00c \ue000 H U D X\ue000 VWLJ PD WL] D WH \ue000 VDX\ue000 E D JD WH OL] D WH \ue00e \ue000 ' H \ue000 D F H H D \ue000 PXOWL\ue000 O H \ue00dD X\ue000 M XG H F D W\ue000 VL\ue000 OH \ue000 PDL\ue000 M XG H F D \ue000 vQF D \ue000 V XS H U ILF LD O\ue00c LJQR U L QG X \ue00dOH \ue000 VDX\ue000 ID OVL ILF k QG X \ue00dOH \ue000 VL\ue000 VWD W XW X O\ue000VL\ue000 IX QF WLD \ue000 VR F LD OD \ue00e

' LF WLR QD U XO\ue000 O L PE LL\ue000 U R Pk Q H \ue000 FR QW H PS R U D Q H \ue000 H [S U L P D \ue000 FODU \ue000 D F H D VW D \ue000 G H S U H F LH U H \ue00c \ue000 G H ILQL Q G \ue000 ED QF X O\ue000 G U H S W\ue000 R \ue000 JOX PD \ue000 X VR D U D \ue002 \ue00e \ue000 5H JU H WD WXO IR OFOR U LV W\ue000 2 YLG L X\ue000 % DU OHD \ue00c\ue000 vQ\ue000 S U LPX O\ue000 YR OXP\ue000 DO\ue000 VR OLG H L\ue000 VDOH \ue000 VLQ WH ]H \ue000 )R OFOR U X O\ue000 U R Pk QH V F \ue000 \ue008 ( G LWXU D \ue000 0 L QHU YD\ue00c\ue000 % XF XU HVWL\ue00c\ue000 \ue011 \ue019 \ue018 \ue011 \ue009 \ue00c\ue000 OD FDSLWROXO\ue000 GHGLFDW\ue000 VQRDYHL\ue00c\ue000 DWLQJH\ue000 vQ\ue000 WUHDFDW\ue000 VL\ue000 SUREOHPD\ue000 EDQFXOXL\ue00c\ue000 QXPLQGX\ue00dO\ue000 vQVD\ue00c\ue000 SUXGHQW\ue00c\ue000 WRW\ue000 JOXPD\ue002\ue00e\ue000 3UREOHPD\ue000 HVWH H [S H G LD W D \ue000 vQWU \ue00dR \ue000 VLQ J XU D \ue000 S D JLQD \ue00c \ue000 PDL\ue000 PXOW\ue000 V X E \ue000 D VS H F W\ue000 IR U PD O\ue00c \ue000 v Q\ue000 F D XWD U H D \ue000 XQRU \ue000 F U LWH U LL\ue000 G H OL PLWD WL YH \ue000 vQWUH \ue000 VS H F LL\ue00e \ue000 6 WD WX WXO VS LU LWXDO\ue000 V L\ue000 VR F LDO\ue000 D O\ue000 E D QF XOX L\ue00c \ue000 F D \ue000VL\ue000 X QL YH U VX O \ue002 \ue000D F H VWXLD \ue00c \ue000 V XQ W\ue000 WU H F XW H \ue000 FX\ue000 YH G H U H D \ue00e , ,

2 U LJL QLOH \ue000 E D QF XO XL\ue00c \ue000 F D \ue000 VS H F LH \ue000 IR OF OR U LF D \ue00c \ue000 WU H E XLH \ue000 F D XWD WH \ue000 QH JU H VLW\ue000 v Q\ue000 V QR D YH OH \ue000 G H \ue000 D OWD G D WD\ue00e \ue000 6H \ue000 S R W\ue000 ID F H \ue000 WR WXVL\ue000 D S U R S LH U L\ue000 VL\ue000 G H VS HFLD\ue000 F XOWD\ue000 D\ue000 D QHFG R WHL\ue000 \ue008 V D\ue000 U HD PLQWL P\ue000 FD\ue000 JU HFHVFXO\ue000 DQH NG R WD\ue000 H VWH\ue000 HF KL YDOH QW XO\ue000 YHF KL XO XL\ue000 VODY \ue000 L]\ue000 QR YD\ue00c\ue000 FH\ue000 D\ue000 G D W\ue000 U R Pk QH VF XO VQR DYD\ue002\ue01b\ue000 D PE HO H \ue000 YR FDE XOH \ue000 D X\ue000 vQ WHOH VXO\ue000 G H \ue000 LVWR U LH \ue000 L QHG LWD\ue002\ue00c\ue000 F D \ue000 VL\ue000 U R PDQ LFX O\ue000 QR YHO OD \ue000 \ue009 \ue00e\ue000 6S UH \ue000 G HR VHE LU H \ue000 G H \ue000 VQR DYD \ue000 VL\ue000 G H \ue000 E DQF\ue00c D QH F G R W D \ue000 QX\ue000 QX PD L\ue000 F D \ue000 QX\ue000 H VW H \ue000 R \ue000 VS H F LH \ue000 IR OF OR U LF D \ue00c \ue000 G D U \ue000 D U H \ue000 D G H VH R U L\ue000 F KLD U \ue000 XQ\ue000 D H U \ue000 H U XG LW \ue00c \ue000 U H IH U LQG X \ue00dV H \ue000 OD \ue000 F H OH E U LWDWL\ue000 VL\ue000 IL LQG S U R QXQWDW\ue000 G LG DFWLFD\ue00e\ue000 6H\ue000 v QWk PS O D\ue000 FD\ue000 D QHFG R W D\ue000 VD\ue000 ILH\ue000 F KLD U \ue000 OLS VLWD\ue000 G H\ue000 X PR U \ue00c\ue000 VXE ]LV WLQG \ue000 G R DU \ue000 S U L Q\ue000 S LOG D \ue002\ue000 S H\ue000 FDU H\ue000 R \ue000 FR QWLQH\ue000 VDX S U L Q\ue000 F XU LR ]LWD WH D \ue002 \ue000 S H \ue000 F DU H \ue000 R \ue000 U H OD WH D ]D \ue00e \ue000 0H G LX O\ue000 S RS XOD U \ue000 vQ\ue000 F D UH \ue000 WU D LH VWH \ue000 E D QF X O\ue000 QH \ue000 v QG H S D U W H D ]D \ue000 G H F L\ue000 G H \ue000 D QH F G R W D \ue000 FOD VLF D\ue00e \ue000 \u00cc Q ] LOH O H \ue000 QR D VWUH \ue000 F X YL QW XO\ue000 D QH F G R WD \ue002 \ue000 VL\ue00dD \ue000 VL\ue000 S LH U G XW \ue00c \ue000 S U L Q\ue000 H [WH QVL H \ue000 VH PD QWLF D\ue00c \ue000 v QWH OH V XO\ue000 F OD VLF\ue00c \ue000 D M XQ Jk QG \ue000 VD \ue000 v QVH PQH \ue000 JO X PD\ue002 \ue000 vQ JH QH U DO\ue000 VDX\ue000 G H VH PQ k Q G \ue000 XQH R UL\ue000 D F HO H \ue000 JOX PH \ue000 F X\ue000 F LU F XODWLH \ue000 VFU L VD \ue000 G H \ue000 F DU H \ue000 VXQW\ue000 S OL Q H \ue000 S H U LR G LF HO H \ue000 G H \ue000 Pk QD \ue000 D \ue000 G R X D \ue000 \ue008 H[LVW LQG \ue000 F K LD U VL\ue000 D XWR U L\ue000 F R QVD F U D WL\ue000 G H \ue000 D VW IHO\ue000 G H \ue000 D QH F G R WH \ue009 \ue00e \ue000 % DQF XU LOH\ue00c \ue000 G L PS R WU LYD \ue00c \ue000 VX QW\ue000 R U D O H \ue000 VL\ue000 D QR QL PH\ue00c \ue000 G XF k Q G \ue000 D G H V H D \ue000 R \ue000 H [LV WH QW D \ue000 G H \ue000 F X OLVH VL\ue000 QHF XQR VFkQG\ue00c\ue000 vQ\ue000 S U LQF LS LX\ue00c\ue000 U HWLFHQ WH\ue000 G H\ue000 H[S U HVLH\ue000 VDX\ue000 G H\ue000 FR QWL Q XW\ue00e\ue000 1 X\ue000 H VW H\ue000 H[F OXV\ue000 WR WX VL\ue000 FD\ue000 OD\ue000 R U LJLQH\ue000 E D QFX O\ue000 VD\ue000 IL\ue000 D Y X W\ue000 VL\ue000 HO

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