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The C.P.R. Program Excerpt I

The C.P.R. Program Excerpt I

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Published by Sámi László

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Sámi László on Feb 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The following pages contain an excerpt fromthe soon to be released program
The C.P.R. Program for Parents & Teens;
esolution Formula
 (excerpt)The teen years are volatile, confusing and can feel like a roller coaster of emotionsfor the parent as well as the teen. And for the most part these emotions are extremehighs and extreme lows.The most important thing for parents to remember is to not take the display of emotions personally. Being a parent and a grandparent myself, I know that this iseasier said than done.However, understanding that although their emotions are sometimes directedtoward us, they in fact have
very little to do with us personally
.Teenagers are in turmoil trying to establish their own identity apart from us, which
at times puts us in the “enemy camp” because until this time they understood and
were comfortable finding their identity
us, their parents.But now they are naturally drawn to pull away from us in order to establish whothey are apart from who we are. Some things will eventually surface as being thesame as we are but others may be much different.
A successful parent will recognize their child’s individuality
and respect and honor it.
 As your children begin to enter the teen years, they are experiencing profoundphysical changes in their bodies. During this time they see changes taking placethat can be unsettling (especially for girls). At the same time they begin to craverecognition as an individual.
They want to be their own person.
…This is a
natural process
.When you throw together the physical changes (hormones) they are experiencingand the conflicting emotions happening within their minds, you have the perfectrecipe for internal chaos.As you work to guide your teen through these years, although difficult, the bestthing you can do for them and your relationship during the emotionally chargedtimes is to ride it out with as little emotion on your part as possible.
Teenagers need the stability and security of their parents to weather thestorms Nature is leading them through.
That does not mean that you relinquish your role as their parent.
It means that you shift your role from needing to protectthem as you did when they were younger to guiding them to be ableto protect themselves.
I have spoken a lot about my parents and the positive nurturing home I was blessedto have been raised in where I was encouraged to voice my ideas and opinions.It was not uncommon for the discussion at our dinner table to revolve arounddecisions needing to be made in our family from what color to paint our house to
where we would go on vacation…and all the children were asked their opinion.
I have also shared that although we were raised knowing we were valued and hadthe right to speak our minds, we were always mindful that our parents had one rule
that was a deal breaker…
we must always speak in a respectful manner.For example, if we were asking permission to go somewhere and my parents didnot feel it would be an appropriate or safe environment we were given the

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