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FH Meeting Minutes - 2013-01-04

FH Meeting Minutes - 2013-01-04

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Published by Morris County NJ

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Published by: Morris County NJ on Feb 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Mount Olive Fire Department Color Guard, and Robert McDermott from theMorris County Prosecutor’s Office piped in the 2013 Board of Chosen Freeholders.County Administrator John Bonanni invited everyone to stand for the Pledgeof Alliance.The National Anthem was sung by Shreya Durbha, Alexis Gartside, and ShreyaVodapalli, students from the Morris County School of Technolgy.The Clerk of the Board requested that everyone remain standing for theinvocation, which was given by Father Mark Olenowski, St. Pius Church, Montville.Clerk of the Board, Diane M. Ketchum, called the meeting to order and readthe announcement:Adequate notice of this meeting held this fourth day of January, 2013, hasbeen provided through resolution adopted by the Board on December 12, 2012, andthrough the posting of said resolution in the Administration and Records Buildingand in the Courthouse and by mailing the resolution to all newspapers circulatingin the County and by filing a copy of same with the Clerk of Morristown and theMorris County Clerk.The Clerk then announced that she has received from the Morris County Boardof County Canvassers certificates showing the determination of the election ofJohn Cesaro as Freeholder for a term of three years; John Krickus as Freeholderfor a term of three years; William “Hank” Lyon as Freeholder for a unexpired termof two years; and David Scapicchio as Freeholder for a term of three years andshe has placed said certificates on file.JOHN CESARO took the Oath of Office for Freeholder. He was sworn in byHonorable Senator Joe Pennacchio. Holding the bible was John’s wife Melissa,along with son Jake Thomas. Also standing were John’s parents Frank and Frances;Father and Mother-In-Law Gerard and Diana Cantrella, as well as Brother andSister-In-Law Gerard and Sara Cantrella.JOHN KRICKUS took the Oath of Office for Freeholder. He was sworn in byJohn Curran. Holding the bible was John’s wife Carolyn. Also standing were John’sdaughters, Kelly and Casey.William “Hank” Lyon took the Oath of Office for Freeholder. He was sworn inby Honorable Joan Bramhall, Morris County Clerk. Holding the bible were Hank’sparents Robert and Suzanne.David Scapicchio took the Oath of Office for Freeholder. He was sworn in byHonorable Senator John Dorsey. Holding the bible was Dave’s wife Betsy. Alsostanding were Dave’s daughters, Jackie, Lindsey, and Ashley.At this time, the Clerk called the roll for attendance. All Freeholderswere present and she reported, “A quorum is established.”The Clerk of the Board served as the temporary chairman.The temporary chairman took the chair and announced, “Nominations forDirector for 2013 are in order.”THOMAS J. MASTRANGELO was nominated for Director by Freeholder Scapicchio.Freeholder Krickus seconded the nomination of Freeholder Mastrangelo.The Clerk called the roll.YES: Cabana, Cesaro, Grossi, Krickus, Lyon, Mastrangelo, Scapicchio(7)The temporary chairman declared, “THOMAS MASTRANGELO is duly elected.”THOMAS MASTRANGELO took the Oath of Office for Freeholder Director. He wassworn in by Honorable Senator Joe Pennacchio. Holding the bible was Tom’s wife,Debbie. Also standing were Tom’s daughter, Brittney; sons, Chris and Michael,Mother, Marie; and In-Laws, Jerry and Barbara Speziale.Director Mastrangelo asked: “May I have a nomination for Deputy Director.”Freeholder Krickus stated: “I move the appointment of David Scapicchio tobe Deputy Director for the year 2013.”Freeholder Lyon stated: “I second the motion.”The Director requested that Clerk Ketchum call the roll, and she did.YES: Freeholders Cabana, Cesaro, Grossi, Krickus, Lyon, Scapicchio,and Director Mastrangelo (7)
 DAVID SCAPICCHIO took the Oath of Office for Deputy Freeholder Director. Hewas sworn in by Honorable Rob Greenbaum, Mayor of Mount Olive Township andAttorney at Law, State of New Jersey. Holding the bible was Dave’s wife Betsy.Also standing were Dave’s daughters Jackie, Lindsey, and Ashley.Director Mastrangelo gave the following message:Good evening and welcome to the 2013 Re- organization meeting of the MorrisCounty Board of Chosen Freeholders.Other officials seated on the dais are : to my right, Diane Ketchum, Clerkof the Board to her right, County
Administrator John Bonanni, to my left, DanielO’Mullan, County Counsel and behind me, Mary Jo Buchanan, Assistant CountyAdministrator and Randal Bush, Assistant County Counsel.Special thanks to the Mt. Olive Fire Department for presenting our nation’scolors this evening and to our bagpiper, Sgt. Bob McDermott of the Morris CountyProsecutor’s office.I would also like to thank Shreya Durbha, Alexis Gartside and ShreyaVodapalli, for their wonderful singing of our national anthem Father MarkOlenowski of St. Pius Church of Montville for his blessings on this celebrationand the Clerk of the Board’s staff Susan Allard and Janet Donaldson for theirhelp in making this evening a great success.Thanks also to Chris Walker and his Buildings and Grounds crew for theirassistance with this evening’s event and to Scott Moffitt, Superintendent –Principal of the Morris County School of Technology, Fred Finck, the school’sSupervisor of Vocational Careers, Culinary Arts Teachers
Mary Rooney and GinaMcNeall, and to the students for the preparation and presentation of the food youwill enjoy later.I congratulate John Cesaro and Hank Lyon who were sworn in tonight fortheir new terms.Congratulations and welcome to the newest Freeholders, John Krickus andDavid Scapicchio. I look forward to working with all of you.Congratulations to David for being selected as the board’s Deputy Director.To two gentlemen I had the pleasure of serving with on this board BillChegwidden and John Murphy I want to thank you for your service. Your dedicationto the citizens of Morris County is to be commended. Bill and John, I wish youand your families well.Thank you to John Bonanni, Mary Jo Buchanan, the
department heads and all ofour county employees for all their hard work during 2012, especially for theiroutstanding response to Hurricane Sandy, let’s give them a hand.I thank our great Governor Chris Christie for the many reforms he has put inplace which have benefitted the taxpayers of Morris County.Most importantly, I thank my wife Debbie, and my
children, Chris, Brittneyand Michael for all their love, help and support and I would like to wish mydaughter Brittney a very Happy
Birthday. Brit thank for spending your night here.Thank you also to my mom and to my in-laws Jerry and Barbara Speziale.I’d like to recognize some current and former
elected officials and guestswho joined us this evening. Please hold your applause until the end:It is an honor for me to have been chosen by my colleagues as director.It is a privilege I do not take lightly and I sincerely appreciate theirconfidence and the trust they have placed in me.We are all elected to office because of a TRUST placed in us by those whoelect us. A TRUST to make the right decisions…A TRUST to keep our promises.In keeping my promises, my goals and those of my fellow Freeholders are tomake the right decisions to reduce spending in all areas of county government andto hold the line on taxes while delivering critical Public Safety and Quality ofLife services for all residents of Morris County.Our critical goals for 2013 will be to seek a freeze on the amount raisedin taxes to operate county government, to restrain spending including a capitalbudget reduction, and implementing a new technology strategy for countygovernment that has the potential to assist local government as well.When I arrived on this board in 2011, it was apparent that the resources tofund county services were limited due to a down economy, which unfortunately, hascontinued.
As we begin the New Year, our new board will work to move the countyforward to deliver the necessary public safety and quality of life servicesMorris County citizens expect. We intend to adopt a budget that is prudent,sound and that provides a 0 % tax increase for 2013.We will do this without harming those who are most in
need of ourassistance. Our goal of limiting capital projects spending will reduce the totaldebt owed by the county, and that in turn will help the county’s triple A bondrating, which we will continue to protect.During 2012 an outside assessment of the county’s information technologydivision was completed. As a result, in the next few months, a new CIO will behired with the goal of implementing new technology and strategies that willreduce costs and improve how we deliver county services
through technology.It will also create opportunities for IT shared services for Morris CountyMunicipalities such as cloud computing which will reduce spending at county andmunicipal levels.Thank you to the search committee, which is comprised of both public andprivate CIOs and county staff, and which is assisting us in finding a county CIO. A special thank you to Morris County based Honeywell Corporation andWyndham Worldwide for allowing their corporate CIOs to participate in thissearch.Thank you also to Morris County Chamber President Paul Boudreau for yourhelp as well.We are fortunate to have many significant economic growth investments inMorris County. Bayer HealthCare, for example, plans to consolidate 2500employees in its new worldwide headquarters.Honeywell is developing their worldwide headquarters that will createseveral hundred long term professional and service jobs, and Novartis continuesto add jobs at its HQ in East Hanover and its new manufacturing plant in MorrisPlains.During the course of 2013, I intend to meet with the corporate leaders ofthese firms and many others to recommit Morris County’s support of the businesscommunity.I want to commend Morris Township Mayor Peter Mancuso and the other membersof the Morris Township Committee and Planning Board for moving the Honeywellproject forward.In 2010, when I ran for Freeholder, my running mates and I promised fulltransparency of government.I am very happy to report that in 2013 Morris County will be a fullytransparent government due to the work performed over the past few months by aTransparency committee.This work group spent countless hours creating a framework for a newtransparent website to support transparent government.I look forward to the completed product being unveiled very shortly in2013.Lastly, during the first half of this year, this board will finalize themerger study of the Park Police and Sheriff’s Department and determine the costsavings benefits to county taxpayers while still delivering a sound public safetymodel.Once again, during these challenging economic times we must keep ourpromise to deliver moreefficient and smaller government without compromisingnecessary services for our citizens.I am excited to start to work closely with my fellow freeholders to achievethese goals and to continue to make Morris County a great place to live, work andy.raise a famil
Once again thank you for your support and have a Happy New Year.--Freeholder Scapicchio gave the following message:Good evening and thank you everyone for coming out this evening, with aspecial thank you to my friends, family, wife Betsy, daughters Jaclyn, Lindseyand Ashley.I would like to thank John Bonanni and his staff for facilitating thecounty government orientation sessions they scheduled for us, that effort andguidance is very much appreciated.

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