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Transfer Letter

Transfer Letter

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Published by Derek Fang
Transfer Letter out of Ramnath's AP World Class into Sophomore Global.
Transfer Letter out of Ramnath's AP World Class into Sophomore Global.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Derek Fang on Feb 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Derek FangOsis: 274646256Teacher: Ms.RamnathSubject: AP World HistoryAs an avid student in the studies of world history, I took the extra step of applying for anAP class at the end of freshmen year. I had just finished the first year of the global history coursewith my teacher Mr.Fine; with a final grade of 92. It was by far my favorite class because I had alot of passion for the subject.Mainly the reason I enjoyed the subject and class so much was because Mr.Fine not onlyprovided an effective learning environment, but also an interesting lesson to have everybody inthe class involved. He highly encouraged students who were succeeding to go even further in thestudies and told students who had weaker grades to come to tutoring and re-explained the lesson
to them. When it came to talk about applying for an AP history course, he mentioned that it’s not
for everyone but said he encouraged a couple of students to do it if they wanted to. I was one of those students. I applied for AP World History and went to him afterschool to talk about thecourse.One whole summer later, I found out that I had been accepted and the class appeared on
my schedule. I’ve also heard all the praise about how Ms.Ramnath is and I felt comfortable being
in this class despite the pre-cautions of how an AP class works.On the first day of class, Ms.Ramnath took the time to introduce herself and explain therigorous challenges brought upon the course. The most important issue she came across was thatthis year, every class onl
y had a single period in contrast to last year’s double period classes. Wewould have to move faster and work harder. It also doesn’t help to know we lose time toholidays and vacations. Plus, Hurricane Sandy cut out a week and a half’s time and only two
days are given back in late February. Ms.Ramnath also stressed about how much she will help usevery step of the way and will commit to success. Of course, that prep talk was just forintroducing and settling us into the class.
As a young teacher, Ms.Ramnath supposedly has four years of experience in teaching AP
World History. She’s had students succeed and students fail. After the first marking period, I had
an 86 in the class. My first thoughts were that I needed to work harder although I had a prettyfair grade.
A pretty fair grade won’t on the AP exam in May. Only 6.7% of students who took 
that exam last year achieved a five out of five score. Everybody wants to see each other do well
and get a 5 but let’s be realistic. 6.7% of 30 students in a classroom
is 2.01. It’s expected that two
people will have a five out of a large group of students when prestige colleges want to see a fouror five score on the exam to accept the college credit. I really want to do my best and achievethat.After the first month into the course, I started having second thoughts. Was I getting the
education I need to prepare for the exam? Honestly, I thought I hadn’t learned much from theclass. A couple months later, and I could confirm it. I really wasn’t learning much from the
and had to do everything on my own. Ms.Ramnath doesn’t provide the help or needs for this
subject.The most notable part about her teaching style is what we do in class. You can ask any of 
her students and they will respond “we don’t do much in class.” It’s so ironic that she constantlymentions that we’re behind on schedule and we have to catch up in the 40 minutes that we have.
On average, we only spend 10-15 minutes of the 40 minutes doing work. For example, theTuesday everyone came back from January Regents week, she spent the first 15 minutes of classsocializing with multiple students about tea and health. Yes, tea. When she does move on with
the lesson, she uses poorly created powerpoints that are 50+ slides long that don’t get to the point
of the lesson. At max, half a page of notes are written within a period on an average work day.
Sometimes when we don’t finish the powerpoint in class, she puts it as optional homework to
finish reading it. Optional homework to do. This is connected to how she gives homework assignments and tests/quizzes.If classwork was bad enough, homework is a huge issue. The last time I remember hercollecting, genuninely going through the assignment, and returning the homework was in
September. It’s a lack of effort th
at lead to many of her students skipping her homework. Most of the homeworks are 20-
30 page readings in the Stearns textbook with a few questions. Here’
s the
 problem. She doesn’t bother to collect it or go over the assignment. The reading is usually not
ven related to what we do in class and the textbook is terrible. When it’s not textbook hw, it’sMoodle hw. This involves reading powerpoints or documents of some sort. They’re usually poorly written, confusing to read, and difficult to analyze. It doesn’t
 prep us and she doesn’t go
over what we read at all. I wish she would enforce to homework more so I could get more out of it and be prepared for the next class, knowing what topics we have been covering. Sometimes,we do essays based on the ones given in the AP exam. The first essay we wrote in the beginning
of the year wasn’t even handed back to us. She put a grade up on Skedula but never handed back 
the paper so the students could assess the mistakes they made. Winter break assignment was only5 questions long but they were practically their own mini essay. Answers had to be throughlywritten and required a lot of research since we were entering a new topic. Many of my peershave told me to do it earlier because it required a lot of work. A friend of mine finished theassignment, over a time of two days (he also worked on other homeworks from other classes).She went over the answers in class and collected it. But she never handed it back a month later.This ties into the test/quizzes she assigns. The first test of the year had terrible results.Many people fell into the 50-70 score range. She even handed out extra credit because we didthat bad. Many of the test questions, give or take 10 or 15, are taken out of a website for theStearns textbook. Sometim
es the questions asked are completely strange to me. I’ve never seen
this in any classwork or homework assignment before and I end up guessing. After the test, I go
 back to find the answer and regret that I wish I knew prior to taking it. Recently, we’ve b
eenhaving a lot of open note quests. These quests only count for half a test but they are chaotic.
They’re usually given to us in a rush because we don’t have time to cover a chapter. The first
open note quest she gave us was when we were going over the Mongolian empire. The problem
was that the quest also involved the next chapter, Feudal Japan. Since we’ve never covered this
yet, everybody in class printed out sheets and notes from the textbook and websites. During thequest, you would just skim for the answer to the question, never fully understanding what wewere supposed to learn. We never go over tests or see the questions we took. The last quest wasthe worst thing to have happened all year. Ms.Ramnath pushed our next quest after the winterbreak. The quest would cover three chapters; Modernization of Russia, Latin America, and
African civilizations. We weren’t doing any material related to these three chapters in the
classwork or homework. Everybody ended up having to learn three whole chapters of information in one week to try to pass this quest, only to forget this information a week later. The

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