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Vortex Math Chapter 7: "Dividing By The 7"

Vortex Math Chapter 7: "Dividing By The 7"

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Published by BillySpears
All Chapters Posted at http://www.billyspears.com/vortex-math/
All Chapters Posted at http://www.billyspears.com/vortex-math/

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Published by: BillySpears on Feb 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 7: "Dividing By The 7"In this Chapter, we will be taking a look at the familiar .!#$7... %&'(taposed) variation on the ,,!,#,7,$ "Core *attern", whi+h is yielded by "Dividing The  By The 7". This Chapter will involve this %.!#$7...) "Infinitely epeating De+imal -'mber", and will fo+'s on its "epetition *attern", the vario's "*rogressive *atterns" within it, this "*rogressive *attern /et", and the vario's +hara+teristi+s of them all. %"Infinitely epeating De+imal -'mbers" and their "epetition *atterns" having been  previo'sly seen in Chapter 0: "Dividing By The 0", with their "*rogressive *atterns" being the s'b&e+t of Chapter 0.0: "*rogressive *atterns".)%This *arent Chapter will be relatively short, d'e to the fa+t that all of these "Infinitely epeating De+imal -'mbers" are &'st "shifted" variations on one another %172.!#$7..., 172.#$7!..., 0172.!#$7...), so we only need to look at the %"*rogressive *atterns" of the) first one %17) in this Chapter %all of the others will &'st yield "shifted" variations). This will not be the +ase with the "De+imal *atterns 3f The 7", whi+h will be the s'b&e+t of a very long /'b4Chapter %two of them, a+t'ally), titled Chapter 7.: "De+imal *atterns 3f The 7" %and repeated iterations of 17 %17, 1717, ...) will be the s'b&e+t of the third %long) /'b4Chapter, Chapter 7
 : "/5'aring The 6nneagram" )./o, this Chapter begins with the "epetition *attern" within the "Infinitely epeating De+imal  -'mber", whi+h is shown below %with &'st one +omplete repetition of the "epetition *attern" shown).
This "epetition *attern" %along with the "Core ro'p" from whi+h it is &'(taposed) "8dds" to 7, whi+h +ondenses to the 9 %!#$727%9)). 8nd therefore, this "epetition *attern" shares a strong +onne+tion with the 0,;,9 "<amily ro'p" %indi+ated by the +ondensed s'm of 9, as well as the  previo'sly established "=aw 3f The 0 8nd The 7", and the fa+t that the "Invalid <'n+tions" all involve %"Dividing By") the 0,;,7, and 9). This +onne+tion will be seen thro'gho't the following "*rogressive *atterns", starting with the first %3ne /tep) "*rogressive "*attern" whi+h is shown below. 
0 ; ; ; 0 0
8bove, this "3ne /tep 0,0,01;,;,; /ibling *rogressive *attern" holds thro'gho't, with the in+l'sion of one of ea+h kind of "/ho+k" %in the 's'al +olors of green for "*ositive /ho+ks", and  bl'e for "-egative /ho+ks" %and red for non4"/ho+ked" -'mbers)), with these "/ho+ks" o++'ring in a ,4 "/ho+k *attern". 8nd the s'm of %one "Cy+le" of) all of these +hanges %;,;,;,0,0,0) is 7, whi+h +ondenses to the 9 %as will all of the 'p+oming s'ms of the val'es of +hanges). %This pattern involves three 0s followed by three ;s %0,0,0,;,;,;), tho'gh it is displayed in the representativre sample above in the order of 0,;,;,;,0,0.)The 01; "/iblings" seen above in the val'es of the +hanges are another e(ample of the +onne+tion
 between the 7 and the 0,;,9 "<amily ro'p". These val'es of the +hanges are also forming a %"<amily ro'p") s'b4pattern, whi+h is +ontin'ed with the "Two /tep *rogressive *attern", whi+h is shown below %same "epetition *attern").
 ! !
8bove, in this "Two /tep ,!,! *rogressive *attern", the val'es of the +hanges are ,!,!, whi+h are the first two -'mbers of the first %,!,7) "<amily ro'p" %with the %+enter -'mber) ! appearing twi+e). 8nd again, there is a re5'irement of one of ea+h "/ho+k", in a ">irrored" 4, "/ho+k *attern". 8nd these val'es again +ondense to the 9 %!!29).8nd, moving on to the "Three /tep *rogressive *attern", we see that this third "*rogressive *attern" displays a familiar +hara+teristi+ of not re5'iring any "/ho+ks", as is shown below. %The "*rogressive *atterns" whi+h are m'ltiples of three %0rd, ;th, 9th, th, et+...) not re5'iring any "/ho+ks" is a familiar +hara+teristi+ from Chapter ;: "*rogressive *atterns II".)
8bove, this "Three /tep 71 /ibling *rogressive *attern", has only two val'es of +hange, whi+h are the 17 "/iblings". 8nd these two val'es +ontin'e the "<amily ro'p" s'b4pattern, whi+h we now +an see involves a do'bling of the +enter digit, and one instan+e ea+h of the first and last digits. %/o the +omplete s'b4pattern %so far, and not in+l'ding the 01; "/ibling1Co'sins") is ,!,!,7,,..., indi+ating that the ne(t val'es of +hange will work their way thro'gh the ,$,# "<amily ro'p" with $,$,# %do'bling the +enter -'mber again), whi+h we will see below in a moment.8lso, as was mentioned previo'sly, this third "*rogressive *attern" re5'ired no "/ho+ks" of either kind. 8nd the val'es of the +hanges again +ondense to the 9 %729). -e(t, is the "<o'r /tep *rogressive *attern", whi+h is shown below. 
$ $ #
8nd indeed, as is seen above, these val'es of +hanges fall into the predited $,$,# pattern, +ontin'ing along with the "<amily ro'p" s'b4pattern, while re5'iring one of ea+h "/ho+k", with a 4, "/ho+k *attern". %/o the "/ho+k *atterns" were %a ">irrored") 
,4, 4,
, followed by the %"/ho+k" free) third "*rogressive *attern", followed by a 4,, indi+ating that the "/ho+k *attern" of the ne(t "*rogressive *attern" will be ,4, ">irroring" this +'rrent one %and with these two ">irroring" the first two).) %8lso, this $,$,# pattern +ondenses to the 9 %$$#2#%9)), +ontin'ing that s'b4pattern as well.)%/o the "<amily ro'p" s'b4pattern is now ,!,!,7,,$,$,#, with both of these first two "<amily
ro'ps" presented in the same order. -e(t, the 01; "/ibling1Co'sins" will on+e again represent the 0,;,9 "<amily ro'p" in a slightly different manner %the same manner as they did for the "3ne /tep *rogressive *attern").)/o ne(t, is the "<ive /tep *rogressive *attern", whi+h is shown below.
 ; ; 0 0 0 ;
8nd above, we see %a shifted %and ">irrored") variation on) the same 0,0,0,;,;,; "/ibling *attern" in the val'es of the +hanges of this "<ive /tep 0,0,01;,;,; /ibling *rogressive *attern", along with the same "/ho+k *attern" of ,4 %whi+h +onfirms that ">irrored" "/ho+k *attern" s'b4pattern). 8nd again %obvio'sly), these val'es of +hange all +ondense to the 9 %000;;;27%9)). 8nd this almost +ompletes the established "<amily ro'p" s'b4pattern, whi+h still re5'ires one more -'mber, whi+h is yielded by the final %"-o Change") "*rogressive *attern"./o, ne(t is the final %"/i( /tep") "*rogressive *attern", whi+h is shown below. %/in+e there are only si(  -'mbers in this "epetition *attern", this "*rogressive *attern /et" therefore only +ontains si( "*rogressive *atterns".)
8nd above, this lone val'e of +hange is the one -'mber whi+h has been absent so far from this s'b4 pattern, and that -'mber %fittingly) is the 9. This 9 is yielded by the %"-o Change" pattern of the) "-ine /tep 14? *rogressive *attern", and was in+l'ded here to +omplete the "<amily ro'p" s'b4 pattern whi+h is shown %+ompletely) below.
8bove, ea+h -'mber in the s'b4pattern is highlighted in its respe+tive "<amily ro'p" +olor %e(+ept the bla+k 9). 8nd as s'+h, they reveal a ">irrored" s'b4pattern %whi+h is broken 'p between repetitions  by the 9), with the aforementioned ,!,7 and ,$,# "<amily ro'ps" showing 'p ne(t to ea+h other %in the middle of the s'b4pattern, showing +on+entri+ "/ibling ">irroring"), with their respe+tive +enter digits do'bled. 8nd on either side of those +enter "<amily ro'ps" are the members of the 0,;,9 "<amily ro'p", whi+h form a "/ibling >irrored" pair of bookendimg patterns %with the 9 a+ting as a "/elf4/ibling1Co'sin", landing between repetitions of the s'b4pattern, and +ompleting the 0,;,9 "<amily ro'p").>oving on, tho'gh maintaining the +onne+tion to the 0,;,9 "<amily ro'p", this "epetition *attern" +an also be +ondensed down to a +omplete 0,;,9 "<amily ro'p" %'sing pairs of -'mbers), as is shown  below.

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