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Biology 10-10 Essay

Biology 10-10 Essay

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Published by Edward Egan

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Published by: Edward Egan on Feb 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Eddy EganOctober 10, 2006TuliszewskiPeriod ½ Nitrogen Nitrogen was discovered by chemist Daniel Rutherford in 1772 when he foundout that a portion of air did not combust. It was discovered to be inert and lifeless whenanimals died in it and it smothered flames; but is most important in things like food andexplosives. Due to this inertness of the gas, planes, racecars, trucking, and NASA havetires and chambers filled with nitrogen to reduce the risk of fires and to asphyxiateoxygen from fires. Other uses of Nitrogen include things starting from gunpowder andfertilizer to cryopreservation and as a cooling agent. A common everyday use is thatnitrogen is present in all living tissues and is a key part of amino and nuclei acids all of which are needed to sustain life. Nitrogen has the atomic number of four and has a massof about fourteen amu. The nucleus is consisted of seven protons and seven neutrons withtwo energy levels around it, two in the first level and five in the second. Other importantfacts about nitrogen are that it is the main element found in our air making up aboutseventy-eight percent of it by volume. In oxide forms it has many more uses as in NitrousOxide, which is also known as laughing gas and is an anesthesia, Nitric Oxide is used to produce sulfuric acid. If you have ever seen what smog looks like you are actuallylooking at an excited nitrogen molecule that oxidized with oxygen which is also called Nitrogen Dioxide. Another example of Nitrogen was demonstrated during the OklahomaCity Bombing when a seemingly safe fertilizer was used as an explosive which killedhundreds even when it wasn’t even used in the form of Nitroglycerin, the principleexplosive in dynamite.

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