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Published by labradore
Internal media monitoring report of the November 2012 Muskrat Falls loan guarantee announcement.
Internal media monitoring report of the November 2012 Muskrat Falls loan guarantee announcement.

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Published by: labradore on Feb 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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M••.Falls Media Analysis
PrepaNd FrId8y November 30
CcMrtnc from evenInI of Thursdlly Nov 29 to end of day Friday, Nov 30There has been a sllniftcant ~ of Muskrat Falls media ooverale over the pest 24hours, almost entirely dedicated to the announcement of the federallo8n .uaf1lntee.Early Thu..c:tay evenin& media startin. reportln. the possibility of the Io8n lUaranteebeinlannounced in HIIppy Valley-Goose Bay on Friday. Media reported that PremierDunderdale did not seem to be aware of the announcement durinl her post-QP
Rumours were swtrIina in the media and social media that talks had hatted,back
etc. but
Friday momlnl It was belnl confirmed that an announcementwould tJlke place in Labrador tDday, with PrIme Minister Harper, Premier Dunderdaleand Premier Dexter In.attendance.Coverqe of the announcement was carried
all local media, as well as nationalmedia outlets including
Newsworld. Reports have focused on how this winsignificantly reduce borrowing costs for the project and the significant environmentalbenefits.Lorraine Michael did a serum pbst announcement at the Confederation BUlldin&-Shewas not pleased with the announcement She called the terms of the loan"problematic"' because we don't know the amount of equity the· province would beresponsible for, Impact of cost overruns. etc. She said that the Premier should beembarrassed over not being aware of the event until after PMO announced
andquestioned the level of involvement of the Premier/ProvIncial Government In thenelOtiations. finally, she questions govemment for "rushing ahead· with the projectwithout regulatory review.Media coverage has not been clear on how much the loan002 or 003 figure. Reports are varying.
ergina: Federal loan lUarantee:Impending sanctionEmerging: House of Assembly Debate / Filibuster' Oppositionparties have been in the mediathreatening to filibuster.The Uberal party's allegation that someHolding: Immigration Investor Fund or all of the funds may be used tosupport Muskrat Falls ined somemedia traction.
Holding: NunBtslawt Government'sconcerns and call for Nalcor to assist intheir further researchHoldin&: Wind and small hydro as poweroptions tor Labrador coestHoIdin&: NunatuK8vut CommunityCouncil and Sierra Qub court chalten,esHoldin&: MQO Poll results / PUB/ government handling of projectHoldln, Cost analysis results not bein,made ublicHoldin&: private companies and mlninJcompanies investlnl in MF In order tomitil8te the risk on rate payers/taxpayersHolding: Buying power from QuebecHolding: interest durinJ constructioncostsThis remains in the media with littleupdate after the weekend. While the polshowed support for the project.
a.found &reat support for PUBreview and areferendum (slim majority). _ 45 million for construction work. Thishas been clearly addressed by thePremier and Minister Kennedy (and Mr.Martin In the past) but It has
momentum In the media andMr. Martin's messaglnJC-&eneratlonal-nature of the project means it shouldbelonl to the province, not privlltecorporations) on this was stronThis has come up In the media a couple
times In the st day or so andThis was raised In the media a couple oftimes over the weekend. It was also partof Gordon Well's reasonlna on C8C Hereand Now yesterday on why final costsunknown.Gordon Welllndfcates that the ProvincialGovernment has not revealed final costs,Y Jones says Nalcor will not release costsof contracts already awarded, Vardy andPenney questioning the interest onconstruction and the Impact of thefederal loan uarantee on the final costs.
Holding: labour Issues - potentialshortaaes and what the ProvincialGovemment Is doing to addressHoldln Benefit to mining companiesHolding: PRcampaignHolding: Water ri&htsDissipating: Premier meeting withPremier MaroisDissipating: CRApoll: Supportive ofProjectThere Is ongoing discussion In the mediaabout the tone of the materials and thecost. Fair level of twitter activ about
Focus of an article In the Weekendtelegram. Provincial Governmentannounced$2 million towards aJourneyperson Mentorshlp Program onWednesday. Not mucfl pick up at thistime.This has been brought up twice
Wan andThis seems to come and go. Keymessa es have been effective andGilbert Bennett was very clear In Nalcor'sposition that It Is not a concern.'This had some media traction however, ItIs likely over.
Evening Media .All media outlets - radio, online and television - reported the possibility of thefederal loan guarantee being announced In Labrador Friday. The only other Muskratitems that appeared In the media were calls to VOCM Nightllne, as below:Brad Cabana called to discuss his court challenge. He explained the challenge andhow the New Dawn Agreement allowed Inuit people to vote on this development, butIt was not offered to other people of the province. He also stated that the provincecannot operate the dam without the permission of Hydro Quebec. so there is no wayit can work.Jim Feehan was also a caller. He said that the loan guarantee Is Important because
affects the rate at which Nalcor will borrow for and It will be Important to know whatthe terms are. He also commented on the need for a final formal review.

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