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VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!

VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!

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Published by vrzone
VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.
VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for the geeks.

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Published by: vrzone on Feb 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 15th, 2013Published by:VR-Zone1
VR-Zone.com | Tech News for the Geeks!
 VR-Zone | Stuff for the Geeks is a bi-weekly publication covering the latest gadgets and stuff for thegeeks.
Crysis 3 beta downloadedmore than 3 million times
Source:http://vr-zone.com/articles/crysis-3-beta-downloaded-more-than-3-million-times/18983.htmlFebruary 15th, 2013
Crysis 3 is almost here and the newly released beta has beendownloaded 3 million times. The projected sales are lookingpretty good as well.Crysis 3 is getting released next week and so far, the game's beta has been downloaded over 3 million times. This isgood news for EA, and one can assume a good deal of the beta players will be purchasing the full game. Crysis 2,coincidentally, sold 3 million units after it's 2011 release. Of course, it was also the most pirated game of that year, so thefinal sales figures could be difficult to predict.
Crysis 3 gives new meaning to "Urban Jungle" 
 What is possible to see however, are the pre-orders, whichare up quite a bit for the latest installment in the series. According to EA's end of January financial report, the pre-orders for Crysis 3 were a whopping 40% higher than forCrysis 2. Even today, a week before release, that number isstaying comfortably high at 35%.Crysis 3 will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC onFebruary 19th in North America, February 21st in Australiaand Europe, and March 7th in Japan
Airbus pulling Li-Ion batteryoption from A350
Source:http://vr-zone.com/articles/airbus-pulling-li-ion-battery-option-from-a350/18982.htmlFebruary 15th, 2013
 After the recent issues with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner'slithium Ion batteries, Airbus is now pulling the batteriesfrom the options available on their A350 jetliners.Over the past month, Boeing has been dealing with therather serious issue of the Lithium-Ion batteries catching fireon the 787 Dreamliner. The 787 planes have been grounded while Boeing tries to investigate the causes of, and potentialsolutions to the problem. One rather central problem is thatLithium-Ion batteries are more reactive than many other batteries, and thus are more likely to combust. They store alarge amount of energy in them, and if they are damaged oroverheated, that energy can be released violently.
The charred remains of a Lithium Ion battery from the 787 
Because of the nature of the Li-Ion batteries, and due tothe effects already seen on Boeing's jetliners, Airbus hasnow announced that they are pulling the battery type fromtheir A350 series jetliner, opting instead for the less reactiveNickel-based batteries which have been the standard in theairline industry until recently. Boeing has stated previously that they will not abandon the Li-Ion batteries, and indeed, if handled correctly, they should not pose any threat. However,one can't really blame Airbus for adopting a "rather safe thansorry"approach. Of course, dropping the battery type alsoensures that Airbus distances itself from any potential badpress due to Boeing's problems.
February 15th, 2013Published by:VR-Zone2
Meteorite impact in Russia,hundreds injured
Source:http://vr-zone.com/articles/meteorite-impact-in-russia-hundreds-injured/18980.htmlFebruary 15th, 2013
 A meteorite impact has occurred in Russia, causinghundreds of injuries, ranging from light to severe. The rock, which broke apart mid-air, scattered across the Chelyabinsk Oblast, before landing in a lake a kilometer outside of thecity of Chebarkul. At 9:15 am local time, in the Ural mountains of Russia, alight streaked across the sky blindingly bright. This light was a meteorite, which had entered the earth's atmosphereat approximately 54,000 km/h (33,500 mph, or 44 timesthe speed of sound). The rock, which was estimated to weigh 10 tons exploded (also known as an airburst) about10 kilometers from the surface and then scattered acrossthe Chelyabinsk region. The main body of the meteoriteeventually impacted in Lake Chebarkul, one kilometer fromthe city of Chebarkul.
Check out this compilation of videos from the impact.
The reports are still coming in, and depending on your newssource you can get a wide range of figures pertaining tothe damage the meteorite has caused, but several hundredpeople have been reported injured. So far, the higherestimates are around 950 injured people, including two"gravely injured" and over 150 schoolchildren who werecut by the glass of their classroom window shattering fromthe airburst. So far, around 100 have been hospitalizeddue to the incident. The majority of the damage indeedseems to have been caused by the airburst's shockwave, which shattered glass in many buildings and may have beenresponsible for the collapse of a factory roof.Russia's Prime minister Dimitri Medvedev confirmed ina public announcement that there had indeed been ameteorite impact, and that it proved that the world, as a whole, is very much exposed to this kind of disaster. Healso proclaimed the need for a system that could protect theplanet from meteorites and asteroids.The impact happened with suspicious timing, consideringthe asteroid which will be passing earth at close proximity later today, and astronomers are conflicted as to whetherthe two events are connected. However, since the meteorite was traveling in a different direction and nearly 500,000 kmaway from the asteroid, there is a distinct possibility of thetwo events being unrelated.
Tesla's CEO fires back at theNYT, says the review on their Model S is a big lie
Source:http://vr-zone.com/articles/tesla-s-ceo-fires-back-at-the-nyt-says-the-review-on-their-model-s-is-a-big-lie/18974.htmlFebruary 15th, 2013
The New York Times recently wrote a very negative review of the Model S Sedan from Tesla saying it didn’t keep a charge.Tesla’s CEO fired back with data logs proving the writer liedabout the car’s ability.In case you missed the recent Tesla Model S story fromthe
 New York Times,
one of their writers recently did anindependent review of the all-new Tesla Model S Sedan. Thestory was written by a John Broder and titled,
 Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway
”.To say it was a negative review  would be putting it mildly. Broder began the article right off in the negative saying that the car under performed and thathe was forced to turn off devices in the car just to make it tothe charging stations.Now Tesla has fired back at Broder's review andis questioning the statements he made in his story.Furthermore, Tesla has all GPS data and other highly detailed computer logs on the car showing Broder made uphis claims about the car's inadequacies. In fact, it looks likeBroder lied about the ordeal with the car just to make it look  bad in the first place.Tesla disproved Broder’s claims by showing the detailedsystem logs found in the car. In particular, they went over therecharge status alerts, cabin settings and driving style that were made by Broder.Tesla’s blog article found on their homepage debatingBroder's claims is titled,
 A Most Peculiar Test Drive” 
and was written by Tesla's CEO Elon Musk. In it, Musk pointsout very clearly that Broder had it in for the Model S from themoment he was given the opportunity to drive it and took theopportunity to tell the world that it wasn’t worth the money and possibly dangerous to drivers..
February 15th, 2013Published by:VR-Zone3
“You may have heard recently about an article written by John Broder from
The New York Times
that makesnumerous claims about the performance of the Model S,” writes Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “We are upset by this article because it does not factually represent Tesla technology, which is designed and tested to operate well in both hot andcold climates.”Tesla brings up numerous bullet pointed facts when the car was in Broder's hands. Firstly, the data on the car showsthat Broder never ran out of energy at any point of his testdrive. In one of the more detailed bullet points, Tesla showsthat Broder’s first recharge was only made up to 90%. Atthe second ‘Supercharge’ performed by Broder, Musk writes,"he deliberately stopped charging at 72%.” The facts go onto prove that when Broder supposedly ran out of energy heactually stopped charging at 28%.Tesla’s CEO concluded his review on the story by askingthe readers to look over the data supplied by Tesla. Thecar company has made a formal request to the NYTto investigate Broder's facts. Musk writes, “You are anews organization where that principle is of paramountimportance and what is at stake for sustainable transport issimply too important to the world to ignore.”
Juice up your devices withSanyo's wristband batterypack
Source:http://vr-zone.com/articles/juice-up-your-devices-with-sanyo-s- wristband-battery-pack/18973.htmlFebruary 15th, 2013
Sanyo Transport releases a portable battery pack that canconveniently charge your device while in use, as it is strappedaround the user's wrist.Portable battery packs come in different shapes and sizes.However, with the exception of phone case-type battery packs, all of them require you to leave the device for a while,or carry both battery and unit uncomfortably. Sanyo (nope,not that Sanyo) Transport solves this problem by moldingthe battery pack into something that can be easily worn.The EEA-YW0845 is a new portable battery pack that ismade to be worn around the wrist. This might seem justanother fancy way of designing a portable battery pack, butthe proximity of the battery to the hand technically allowsit to stay connected to the unit even when use, thereforeallowing the user to both charge and use the unit at the sametime. When not in use, the EEA-YW0845 camouflages as anordinary, rigidly-designed wristband. When the properconnector is plugged in it, it turns into a convenient extrapower source for almost any kind of portable gadget that youmay have. All in all it has 8 different connector adapters,some of which include an Apple dock connector, miniUSB,microUSB, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP charging connectors.Charging the EEA-YW0845 unit itself is done via USB, witha four LED indicators telling the user its state of charge.It has a top charge capacity of 1500mAh, and a maximumcurrent output of 750mA at 4.5~5.5V. It is available at SanyoTransport'sE-Supply online storefor 3,780 yen (41 USD).Source:MyNavi(JP)
Analoggaming nostalgia withElecom's new iPhone 5 cases
Source:http://vr-zone.com/articles/analog-gaming-nostalgia-with-elecom-s-new-iphone-5-cases/18970.htmlFebruary 15th, 2013
The PS-A12PVGM is a new product line/series introduced by Elecom for the iPhone 5. Aside from its brightly coloredfeatures, each product version lets you play a differentanalog game on it.Games of today sure have made most analog games of thepast obsolete by current standards. This does not mean thatthey are now completely and utterly boring however, as whatthese new iPhone 5 cases seem to try to prove.

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