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FAQ: How student-test data will affect LAUSD teacher evaluations

FAQ: How student-test data will affect LAUSD teacher evaluations

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The answers to 22 frequently-asked questions on the Los Angeles Unified School District's new procedure for tying teacher evaluations to student test data.
The answers to 22 frequently-asked questions on the Los Angeles Unified School District's new procedure for tying teacher evaluations to student test data.

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Published by: Los Angeles Daily News on Feb 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE 20121.
SUPPL-2013 SCHOgeneral, woes this agrem not schedpplemental
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N PROCEDUabout? District-UTLation duringhool year?inistrator)? hers in my sd with an asshe principalctives for mto take? objectives? formance obing system? ssible extenith more thhis work? ear for evalhis new agren?er the evaluESevaluationthe 2012-20hat kind of 
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In general, what is the new Supplemental Evaluation Agreement about?
The new Agreement changes the current Stull Act evaluation process in important ways as mandated bythe Court in the
Doe v. Deasy 
matter, to explicitly incorporate inclusion and consideration of data of pupil progress into both the goal-setting phase (initial planning sheets) and in the summative process(final evaluation meeting and forms). LAUSD administrators must ensure that a student performancedata goal be incorporated into a teacher’s initial planning sheet AND that both classroom level studentoutcome data and school-wide AGT information be considered and used when determining a teachers’overall performance in making a final evaluation. This new Supplemental Agreement does not replacethe previous Article X of the District-UTLA Agreement. Both are now in effect.
Does this agreement immediately apply to all LAUSD schools?
The provisions of the agreement will immediately apply to all School-Based, Instructional Personnel andSupport Services Personnel. However, the provisions will most immediately affect School-Based,Instructional Personnel and Support Services Personnel being evaluated during the 2012/2013 schoolyear. Non-instructional, non-school based employees, such as Health and Human Services employees,are not covered by the Supplemental Agreement, and will continue to be evaluated solely under ArticleX of the CBA until further notice.
I’m not scheduled to be evaluated this year. How does the new District-UTLA evaluationsupplemental agreement affect me?
If you are not scheduled to be evaluated this year, the new agreement does not immediately affect you.The agreement between LAUSD and UTLA provides for transitional implementation steps during the2012/13 school year, followed by a fuller implementation in the coming years. Evaluation informationand training for subsequent years will occur later this year. Given the ratification date and timing of theagreement, the District is only able to initiate minimal implementation during 2012/2013.
To what extent will student outcomes count in a teacher’s evaluation during the 2012-13 schoolyear?
The teacher’s CST results for the prior year (e.g., 2011-12 if the evaluation is for 2012-13) will bereferenced in the objectives and/or attached to the final evaluation, and commented upon in the finalevaluation. If there is a data-based non-CST objective/strategy added to the 2012-13 evaluation, itsimilarly will be noted and commented upon in the final evaluation. Under the recent UTLA agreement,the assessment of pupil progress will not be the “sole, primary or controlling” factor in the final ratingdetermination, but is to be considered “an important, but clearly limited part of the overall evaluation of the employee’s performance.” In the District’s guidelines to principals, the assessment of studentprogress and other student data-driven results will carry a weight limited to 30% (i.e. not to exceed) of the total evaluation determination. Observed classroom performance and other similar factors willremain the primary and controlling factors.
Are individual teacher AGT scores a part of this agreement?
The District’s AGT model controls for factors outside of a teacher’s direct instructional influence, such asa student’s prior achievement or his/her demographics, in order to isolate the estimated impact of theteacher upon the students. In this way, AGT is a useful tool for teachers and evaluators to use ininterpreting and giving perspective to a teacher’s contributions to his/her students’ outcomes byseparating out the influence of factors outside of the teacher’s control. To that end, the agreement
provides that the teacher’s individual AGT data may be used “to give perspective” on and “to assist inreviewing” the teacher’s past CST results (See Section 1.3e of the Supplemental Agreement).Neither the performance objectives on the Initial Planning Sheet nor the final evaluation is to directlyreference individual AGT. However, school-level AGT results covering all teachers whose students takethe same test as the teacher being evaluated, can be used to form objectives and any other evaluationpurposes, including in the final evaluation of the teacher.
Where do I get the new initial planning sheets for the 2012-13 school year? What kind of process/protocol do I go through to complete this (with my administrator)?
The Initial Planning Sheet has not changed and your current planning sheets will remain in use.Additionally, your administrator will be meeting with you to develop a student progress data-drivenobjective/strategy to be added to your planning sheet, either by inputting it onto the current planningsheet with a dated entry, or by attaching a supplemental sheet.
Can I, as a principal, use the same data objectives for all the teachers in my school?
A teacher’s data-based instructional objectives should be an individualized look at their specific class’results and their specific course of study, and may also include consideration of common objectives toreflect issues common to a grade level or department. Some other data-based objectives andstrategies, such as student attendance and reduction of suspensions, and higher graduation rates, mayform group or school-wide goals.
Is the student data component something that can be completed with an assistant principal orcoordinator, or does it have to be approved and discussed with the principal?
Principals are responsible for evaluating teachers serving at school sites. For administrative units atnon-school sites, the immediate administrator is responsible for evaluating instructional personnelserving at or assigned to that site.The administrator may delegate portions of the evaluation process to a designee, but retains the overallresponsibility and personally must submit the final evaluation report through the online process.
What resources are available to teachers to help them meet data objectives?
Resources and strategies should be part of the discussions between individual teachers and their siteadministrators regarding the goals and objectives selected.
How much time is this additional 2012/2013 procedure expected to take?
It will vary by teacher. Some have already included data-based goals in their IPS and would require noadditional time. The initial 2012-13 implementation has been limited to a single objective and relatedstrategies in order to minimize the time required.
What if my administrator and I disagree about my performance objectives?
If there is disagreement concerning the objectives or any subsequent modifications to the objectives,then you may note on the form that the objectives were not the product of mutual agreement, and youmay also appeal the matter to the next higher administrative level in accordance with the District-UTLAAgreement, Article X, Sections 4.2 and 4.3. In such cases, your required signature indicates only receiptand acknowledgement of (not necessarily agreement with) the stated objectives.

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