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Two Days Late,Countless Facts Short: Worcester T&G's Journalese

Two Days Late,Countless Facts Short: Worcester T&G's Journalese

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Published by Craig Shibley

The evolution of a news story about this community journalist's day in court. It's one Yellow Hole - Wonderland, MA 01005.

The evolution of a news story about this community journalist's day in court. It's one Yellow Hole - Wonderland, MA 01005.

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Published by: Craig Shibley on Feb 16, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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 Article published
Feb 15, 2013
(two days after the verdict)
Barre man found not guilty of assaulting police, awaiting trial for trespassing chargesBy Kim Ring, TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF
 EAST BROOKFIELD – A Barre man accused of assault and battery on two policeofficers who tried to remove him from a planning board meeting last summer wasfound not guilty.Craig P. Shibley, 45, of 151 Butterworth Road., Barre was charged with disturbing the
peace and two counts of resisting arrest after Administrative Assistant Mary AnnGendron called police from the third-floor meeting room above the police station in theHenry Woods Building to report that Mr. Shibley was giving the board a "hard time,"according to a police report.Police wrote in their report that they observed Mr. Shibley on June 19 interruptingboard members and attempting to act as a member of the planning board, though hehad not yet been sworn in. Police said he was causing a disturbance, and when herefused to leave, one officer placed his hand on Mr. Shibley, who tensed and became"actively resistant."The charge of disturbing the peace was dismissed several months ago, and Judge PaulMcGill found Mr. Shibley not guilty on the two remaining charges during a bench trialin Western Worcester District Court on Wednesday.Mr. Sibley is awaiting trial on trespassing charges brought recently after Police ChiefErik Demetropulos allegedly found him driving on public property. Mr. Shibley hadbeen served with a notice to stay off town property and out of town buildings except inspecial circumstances.
Contact Kim Ring atkring@telegram.comFollow her on Twitter @kimmring
http://www.telegram.com/article/20130215/NEWS/302159609/0/SEARCH&Template=printart ***Article published Jun 21, 2012 (appeared online June 20
Member-elect charged with disrupting Barre board meeting 
BARRE— A local political blogger who was elected to the Planning Board earlier thisyear by write-in votes but has not been sworn in was arrested Tuesday night after heallegedly disrupted the board's meeting, then resisted when police tried to remove him.Craig P. Shibley, 44, of 151 Butterworth Road, Barre, was arraigned in WesternWorcester District Court in East Brookfield yesterday on a charge of disturbing thepeace and two counts of resisting arrest.
According to court documents, Mr. Shibley went to the meeting on the third floor of theHenry Woods Building and sat at the board's table but refused to sign in.He allegedly began acting as if he was part of the board and was interrupting othermembers who felt he should not participate because he had not been sworn in.Eventually board members felt they could no longer conduct business and called police.Officers James M. Sabourin and Christopher Snow said they tried to ease the situationby allowing Mr. Shibley to speak for about five minutes but, according to their reports,he continued to be disruptive, and they asked him to leave several times.Mr. Shibley was arrested and released on payment of $40 personal recognizance bail.He was arraigned yesterday and again released on personal recognizance. He is dueback in court Aug. 23.http://www.telegram.com/article/20120621/NEWS/120629902/0 ***Reporter Ring’s lead on the Feb. 15
article is patently false. How a journalist (andeditor) can be so reckless with the facts remains a deep concern given the paper’shistory with respect to this community journalist and Wonderland.Assault and Battery, legally speaking, is not even remotely the same offense as ResistingArrest. An A&B denotes
not only the threat of some type of violence but also actualphysical contact itself. And this could either be a misdemeanor or felony; a convictionon either one would likely result in jail time in either a house of correction or state pen.Furthermore, the connotation of an A&B to the average reader who relies on a journalistto be fair and balanced creates a darker image of the alleged a perpetrator, especiallywhen two cops are involved.Given the fact neither police report nor any court document states I was
of A&B,this would constitute gross negligence on Ring’s part, especially considering the fact shehad at her disposal the archived story from June 21, 2012 (which I suspect she wrote)which at least gets the original three charges correct (and presumably the courtdocuments).http://www.scribd.com/doc/125375485/To-Catch-a-Muckraker-The-Barre-PD-s-Dirt-

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