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Letting You Go

Letting You Go

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Published by awright_72

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Published by: awright_72 on Feb 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Letting you goIt came out of the blueSomething I didn't know,My feelings were trueYou said "let me go."I'm so confused nowYou threw us away.I don't understand how,Don't know what to say.I just want to stayAnd make this love lastBut now there's no way,You've made me your past.The minutes pass bySince we've been apart,My eyes, they cryYou've broken my heartYou don't want to hurt meThis much, I knowBut its killing me to seeI must let you go.
BetrayedI trusted you more than anything,And claimed you as my friend.But I made the biggest mistake,And you lied to me in the end.I believed you, I trusted you,I cared for you, and at times I cried.But in the end I didn't get the real truthAnd for so long you lied.I can't believe I was so stupid,I believed all your lies.I made the Biggest mistakeAnd now my heart cries.So now I'm asking you why?Why did you hurt me that way?I called on you when I needed help.But in the end I was betrayedI did everything in my power,To make you suceed,to achieve your goals.
Then you turned your back on me,And now my heart is filled with holes.I helped you with problems,The secrets that only you and I sharedYou took the guy I was in love withWe called each other, I told you "I cared"I told you my problemsAnd at times I would cryI told you my feelings for himAnd in the end the feelings you denied.And now I'm the foolI believed you, I trusted youNow you say you are sorry!!!Is that all you have to say????But it doesn't matter any moreCuz in the end I was still betrayed.Mar 9, 2008Feel SomethingI hate you right now!!I dont want to hurt you with my words or even my fists

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