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Published by Jacob Abraham

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Published by: Jacob Abraham on Feb 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AttitudeAttitude is our mind setFive factors that influence your mind set are:1.
Our familial circumstance
not hereditary but created.Familial circumstance is a particular air maintained traditionally by a family. The attitude of elderscreates a mind set in younger ones. It transfers to the younger ones. Thus the family keeps certainhereditary characteristics.What our elders speak of poor people, how our elders behave to poor people, how much our elders careor deny the poor wretched people, creates a mind set in younger ones. This becomes our familytradition.2.
Our immediate society
people we meet, mingle, talk, care for etc.Each society has a story of its own about everything. Those stories usually end with a moral. A moral is asoft warning.3.
Our religious awareness
stories of religious and pious people lived before.Religion wants followers
aims at creating followers.Religion is always didactic
never has an aim to entertainOne thing good about true religious spirit is a love for humanity.4.
EducationWhat we learn for examination never create a mind set. What we learn while we study our text bookscreate a mind set.5.
Our experiences in everyday life has a major role in creating our mindsetEveryday experience leaves behind a psychological feeling or impression (good and bad)Let us define attitude as below:Attitude is the psychological response to a situation, place or person on the basis of the mind set.Attitude is personal. Our attitude is ours alone. It is how we understand, accept or reject and respond toa place or situation or person.Attitude is not something provided by an outside source. A place, person or circumstance cannot give usan attitude. It is our way of approaching things.So our attitude towards the same place or person or situation can be changed or determined by ourself.Our Attitude towards a place is our response to that place
not the response of the place towards us.Our Attitude towards a situation is our response to that situation
not the response of the situationtowards usOur Attitude towards a person is our response to that person
not the response of the person towardsus.Broadly speaking Attitude can be positive or negative; creative or destructive.

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