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A Peculiar Pentad

A Peculiar Pentad

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Published by: Juan Luis Garcia Santos on Feb 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Peculiar Pentad
ll  of th ulh u
A Peculiar Pentad
Jeff Grubb, Gwendolyn F.. Kestrel, Jeff Quick, John D. ateliff, and Tomas . eid
Creative Director:
Editing and Typesetting:
. Hyrum avage
Cover and Interior Art:
aron cevedo
 he names, descriptions, and depictions applied to this supplement are derived rom workscopyrighted by and include trademarks owned by Chaosium, nc., and may not be used or reused without its permission. ll characters, character names, and the distinctive likenessesthereo are trademarks owned by uper Genius Games. his material is protected under the copyright laws o the nited tates o merica. ny reproduction or unauthorized use o the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited withoutthe express written permission o uper Genius Games.
Call of Cthulhu®
is a registered trademark o Chaosium, nc. his product is a work o iction. ny similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events ispurely coincidental.©2009 UPER GENIUS GAMES. ll rights reserved. ade in the ...
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A Peculiar Pentad
very book has a story, especially books within and about the
Lovecraftian Mythos.
n the case o 
 A Peculiar Pentad 
, that story goes back to the very frstbrainstorming session we ever had or
Super Genius Games 
. We were talking about how oten, in
Call of Cthulhu
scenarios, theinvestigators run across an obscure shop run by someone with knowledgethat is helpul in their current case but, once plundered or this specifctreasure, was never heard o or reerenced again. eally, we were joking abouthow plentiul these “obscure shops” are in the composite world created by allthese adventures.t would be useul, we realized, or anyone attempting to run anythinglonger than a one-off scenario—rom a short series o linked adventures toan ongoing campaign—to have a handul o businesses or the investigatorsto visit. laces that it would be useul to visit more than once, and wherethere was added beneft to be gained by becoming a regular customer.From that germ came the idea or the book you now hold—a collectiono occult-related businesses and their oten mysterious owners.
It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know
, as a Keeper, you’re endeavoring to create a setting that eels like itfts into the world created by H.. Lovecrat and the other architects o the
Cthulhu Mythos 
, then it’s important or the dark, orgotten corners or your cities to hide a small collection o unassuming, unimpressive shopsand businesses that deal in curiosities and services that will be useul tothe investigators. Tey will need places to go to research ancient items,rare texts, long-dead languages, and creatures that no respectable academicsources would deign acknowledge. Tey will need to know the places wherepeople “like them” go to meet one another, trade or sell inormation, andoccasionally even make pacts to join orces in the fght against the thingsman was not meant to know.
A Peculiar Pentad
hat i s  Thi s  Book ? 
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 By Stan!

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