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Bibliography of First Person Narratives of Madness, 4th Edition

Bibliography of First Person Narratives of Madness, 4th Edition



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Published by Sam Vaknin
Bibliography of first-person narratives, texts, and testimonies of mental illness, mental health disorders, and madness.
Bibliography of first-person narratives, texts, and testimonies of mental illness, mental health disorders, and madness.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Sam Vaknin on Feb 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bibliography of First-Person Narratives of MadnessIn English (4th edition)
This Bibliography is in four sections: (1) personal accounts of madness written by survivors themselves; (2) narratives written byfamily members; (3) anthologies and critical analyses of the madness narrative genre; and (4) websites featuring oral histories andother first-person madness accounts.Last revised in November 2008 with assistance from Cheryl McGraw, Catherine Riffin, and Moriah Silver.Please send corrections, additions, comments or inquiries to:Gail A. HornsteinProfessor of PsychologyMount Holyoke CollegeSouth Hadley, MA 01075 USAghornste@mtholyoke.edu
Personal Accounts of Madness by Survivors Themselves
A Late Inmate of the Glasgow Royal Asylum for Lunatics at Gartnavel [James Frame].
The Philosophy of Insanity
. London: Fireside Press, 1947(orig. pub. 1860).Abrams, Albert.
Transactions of the Antiseptic Club
. New York: E.B. Treat, 1895.Adams, Brian.
The Pits and the Pendulum: A Life with Bipolar Disorder 
. London: Jessica Kingsley, 2003.Adams, J. K.
Secrets of the Trade: Notes on Madness, Creativity and Ideology.
New York: Viking, 1971.Adler, George J.
Letters of a Lunatic: A Brief Exposition of My University Life During the Years 1853-1854.
New York: The Author, 1854.Agnew, Anna.
From Under a Cloud; or, Personal Reminiscences of Insanity.
Cincinnati: Robert Clarke, 1886.Aldrin, Edwin E. “Buzz,” Jr. (with Wayne Warga).
Back to Earth.
New York: Random House, 1973.Alexander, Rosie.
Folie à Deux: An Experience of One-to-One Therapy
. London: Free Association Books, 1995.Alexandra [Messenger].
I Speak for the Silent 
. Enfield, UK: Alexandra Press, 1984.Alexson, Jacob.
The Triumph of Personal Thought and How I Became a Mason.
Washington: Ransdell, 1941.Allan, Clare.
Poppy Shakespeare
. London: Bloomsbury, 2006.Allen, Rosealine.
It’s Happening to Me
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2005.Alper, T. G. “An Electric Shock Patient Tells His Story.”
Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology
, 43: 201-210, 1948.Altenberg, P.
Evocations of Love
(trans. Alexander King). New York: Simon & Schuster, 1960.Anderson, A. E.
Pain: The Essence of a Mental Illness.
Fort Lauderdale, FL: Exposition-Phoenix, 1979.Anderson, Dwight (with Page Cooper).
The Other Side of the Bottle.
New York: A. A. Wyn, 1950.
Anne. “Coping with Schizophrenia.”
Mind Out 
, 1979.Anonymous.
Autobiography of a Schizophrenic.
Bristol: J. Baker & Son, 1951.-----
Autobiography of a Suicide.
Lawrence, L. I: Golden Galleon, 1934.-----
Bedlamiana: or, Selections from the "Asylum Journal."
Lowell, for the Compiler, 1846.----- “A Chapter from Real Life. By a Recovered Patient.”
The Opal: A Monthly Periodical of the New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica.
4:48-50,1854.----- “Case VIII.
American Journal of Insanity.
1: 52-71, 1844.-----
Crook Frightfulness—By a Victim.
London: Moody Bros., 1935.----- “The Confessions of a Nervous Woman.”
Post Graduate Monthly. Journal of Medicine and Surgery.
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Five Months in the New York State Lunatic Asylum, by an Inmate.
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American Journal of Insanity.
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American Journal of Insanity.
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I Lost My Memory--The Case as the Patient Saw It.
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American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.
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I Question.
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Life in a Lunatic Asylum: An Autobiographical Sketch.
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The Opal: A Monthly Periodical of the New York State Lunatic Asylum. Edited by Patients.
5: 4-6, 1855.----- “Life on a Psychiatric Ward.”
, 1971.-----
A Madman's Musings: Being a Collection of Essays Written by a Patient During His Detention in a Private Madhouse.
London: A. E. Harvey,1898.----- “Ordeal in a Mental Hospital.
The Radical Therapist 
, 1974.----- “The Ohio Lunatic Asylum.”
The Journal of Psychological Medicine and Mental Pathology.
3: 456-90, 1850.-----
A Palace Prison; or, The Past and the Present.
New York: Fords, Howard & Hulbert, 1884.-----
The Petition of the Poor Distracted People in the House of Bedlam.
London: 1620.----- [Mrs. F.H.] “Recovery from a Long Neurosis.”
15: 161-77, 1952.-----
Scenes from the Life of a Sufferer: Being the Narrative of a Residence in Morningside Asylum.
Edinburgh: Royal Asylum Press, 1855.----- “Scenes in a Private Madhouse.”
Asylum Journal.
1(1): 1, 1842.----- “They Said I Was Mad.”
The Forum and Century.
100: 231-37, 1938.----- Special issue—“What It’s Like—From the Receiving End.”
Mind Out 
, 1974.----- “Wondering: The Impressions of an Inmate.”
Atlantic Monthly.
145: 669, 1930.-----
Out of It: An Autobiography of the Experience of Schizophrenia
. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, 2005.Ansite, Pat.
No Longer Lonely.
Van Nuys, CA: Bible Voice. 1977.Antonieta, Susanne.
A Mind Apart: Travels in a Neurodiverse World 
. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2005.Arisoy, Suzan.
Bi-Polar Recovery: Twenty Years of Manic Depression and Medication
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2008.Artaud, Antonin.
Antonin Artaud Anthology.
San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1965.Balt, John.
By Reason of Insanity.
New York: New American Library, 1967.Balter, M., and R. Katz.
Nobody’s Child 
. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 1991.Barlow, Brigit. “How I Conquered Claustrophobia.
” Mind Out 
, 1975.Barnes, Mary, and Joseph Berke.
Mary Barnes: Two Accounts of a Journey Through Madness
. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1971(reprinted, New York: Other Press, 2002).----- (with Ann Scott).
Something Sacred: Conversations, Writings, Paintings
. London: Free Association Books, 1989.Barnett, Francis.
The Hero of No Fiction
Memoirs of Francis Barnett.
Boston: C. Ewer and T. Bedlington, 1823.Barry, Anne.
Bellevue Is a State of Mind.
New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1971.Barrymore, Diana.
Too Much, Too Soon.
New York: Holt, 1957.Bassman, Ronald. “Overcoming the Impossible: My Journey through Schizophrenia.”
Psychology Today
, February 2001.-----
A Fight to Be: A Psychologist’s Experience from Both Sides of the Locked Door 
. New York: Tantamount Press, 2007.Bauer, Hanna.
I Came to My Island: A Journey Through the Experience of Change
. Seattle: Straub, 1973.B.C.A. (with an introduction by Morton Prince, MD).
My Life as a Dissociated Personality
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Beecher, Catherine.
Letters to the People on Health and Happiness.
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1855.Beers, Clifford.
A Mind That Found Itself.
Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1908.Behrman, Andy
. Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania
. New York: Random House, 2003.Belcher, William.
Address to Humanity, Containing
Letter to Dr. Thomas Monro; a Receipt to Make a Lunatic, and Seize his Estate and a Sketch of a True Smiling Hyena.
London: The Author, 1796.Benjamin, Bianca.
Madness at Midnight 
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2005.Benson, Arthur Christopher
. The House of Quiet.
New York: Dutton, 1907.-----
Thy Rod and Thy Staff.
London: Smith, Elder, 1912.Benson, Frederic.
Bi-Polar Dreams
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2005.Benziger, Barbara Field.
The Prison of My Mind.
New York: Walker, 1969.Bergen, Marja.
Riding the Roller Coaster: Living with Mood Disorders.
Kelowna, BC: Northstone, 1999.Berger, Marie.
From the Prison of My Mind: A Collection of Works
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2007.Berlow, Joshua.
Insanity Factory
. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse: 2000.Bernard, Susan.
Bi-Polar Depression Unplugged: A Survivor Speaks Out 
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2008.Berryman, John
. Recovery.
New York: Dell, 1973.Berzon, Betty.
Surviving Madness: A Therapist’s Own Story.
Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 2002.Black, Michael.
Angels, Cleopatra, and Psychosis
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2008.Blackbridge, Persimmon.
Sunnybrook: A True Story with Lies
. Vancouver, BC: Press Gang, 1996.-----
Prozac Highway
. Vancouver, BC: Press Gang, 1997.Blackburn, Lorraine.
Alive with Bipolar 
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2007.Blackwell, Sean.
A Quiet Mind 
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2008.Bly, Nellie [Elizabeth Cochrane].
Ten Days in a Madhouse; or, Nellie Bly’s Experience on Blackwell’s Island. Feigning Insanity in Order to Reveal Asylum Horrors.
New York: Norman L. Munro, 1887.Boisen, Anton T.
The Exploration of the Inner World.
New York: Harper and Row, 1936.-----
Out of the Depths.
New York: Harper and Row, 1960.Bojko, Annemarie.
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2007.Bowers, M. B.
Retreat From Sanity.
New York: Human Sciences, 1974.Brando, A. K.
Brando for Breakfast.
New York: Crown, 1978.Brandon, David. “Three Meetings with Madness.”
Mind Out 
, 1980.Brandt, Anthony.
Reality Police: The Experience of Insanity in America.
New York: Morrow, 1975.Brea, Alton.
Half a Lifetime.
New York: Vantage, 1968.Brinkle, Andriana P. “Life Among the Insane.”
North American Review.
144:190-99, 1887.Brinson, Jean Small.
Murderous Memories: One Woman’s Hellish Battle to Save Herself 
. Far Hills, NJ: New Horizon, 1994.Brocklesby, Anne.
Move Over Manic Depression, Here I Am!
London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2005.Brokenshire, Norman.
This is Norman Brokenshire—An Unvarnished Self-Portrait 
. New York: David McKay, 1954.Broughton, Stephen.
BIG DICK, little dick 
. London: Chipmunka Publishing, 2006.

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