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Courage, Child

Courage, Child

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"Jesus said to the paralytic, 'Courage, child'"


"Jesus said to the paralytic, 'Courage, child'"

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Feb 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BY JOHN EDGAR M'FADYEN"Jesus said to the paralytic, 'Courage, child'"Of all the words of grace that proceeded out of the mouth of Jesus, few are more precious thanthose which He spoke to the man that was sick of the palsy. There the unhappy man lay, stretchedupon his couch, sick at heart, and weak in body,a burden alike to himself and to his friends, unableto move unless they chose to move him. For himthe future could be but one long stretch of misery.There was only one hope : if Jesus could but seehim and touch him ù the wonderful Jesus, who hadalready shown such strange love for sick folk andsuch mysterious power over the diseases that vexedthem ù perhaps he might yet be made well again.It may be that the man himself had no hope ; buthis friends hoped for him, and earnest friendshipavaileth much. They were in deadly earnest : and,though under the circumstances a meeting withJesus was hard to secure ù for the place was crowdedto the door and He was preaching ù they yet con-trived, with an ingenuity sharpened by affection,to bring their helpless friend right into the presenceof Jesus.'57158 THE CITY WITH FOUNDATIONSWhat a contrast between the serene and simplemajesty of the great Speaker and the helplessmisery of the man before Him. If his physicaltrouble was due to his sin ù and that seems to beimplied by the story ù how abashed he must havefelt before the pure gaze of Jesus, as those eyeslooked into the depths of his soul. What will Jesussay ? It is a great moment, as these two mensilently confront each other, the living embodimentof Helplessness and Power. The eyes of all areriveted on Jesus ù the people with curious expect-ancy, the four friends with beating hearts and des-perate hopes, the scribes with a scowl upon theirfaces and hate in their hearts.What will Jesus say ? He was deeply cheeredby the faith the friends had shown, and He wouldnot let such faith go away disappointed. So, turn-ing to the helpless man upon the couch, He said,"Courage, child." He said more, but He beganby saying that. And we can imagine how thesetwo simple words, each in its own way, began to
touch the springs of life and hope in the wastedbody before Him. The man, if a great sinner,may have been accustomed to words of reproach,or to that cold and shallow consolation which stingsmore keenly than reproach ; and now he is told totake heart again. Here is One who speaks to himas if He believed in the possibility of his physicaland spiritual recovery, One who appeals to hisCOURAGE, CHILD 159slumbering hope and heroism. And so tenderan appeal, too! He calls him "child." Many ayear had passed since he had been anybody's"child "; and the tenderness of the speaker, no lessthan His first great, authoritative word, goes to theheart of the unhappy man. His inner world istransformed; a new life courses through his veins,and it will not be long till he will be upon his feet,and going upon his way rejoicing. In the presenceof this mysterious One, who speaks to him hope-fully, who bids him be brave, who assures him of the forgiveness of sins, and who calls him Child,old things are passed away, and a new day hasdawned.Doubtless this was one of the favourite words of Jesus. When the woman who had been ill twelveyears fell trembling at His feet, after touching thehem of His garment, He reassured her with thewords, "Courage, daughter." When the disciples,after a tempestuous night, were terrified by whatseemed like a spectral figure moving towards themover the waves, their fears were met by a familiarvoice, "Courage, it is I : do not be afraid." And,when by their Master's death, those same discipleswere to be launched upon a still more stormy sea,His parting message to them was the same :"Courage : as for Me, I have conquered the world."And this was the message with which He still con-tinued to brace and visit men, after He had risen160 THE CITY WITH FOUNDATIONSfrom the dead. When His servant Paul was indanger of being torn to pieces by a fanatical mob,from whose hands he was only rescued by theforcible intervention of Roman soldiers, "the fol-lowing night the Lord stood by him, and said,Courage " ; and the intrepid career of Paul is theproof that His Master's call to courage kept forever ringing in his heart. He knew well that thefierce activities and persecutions of his missionarylife were killing him, and once and again, on sea
and on the land, he had been face to face withdeath. "Nevertheless," he says, "we are cour-ageous at all times; yes, we are courageous, I say "ù twice over ù "and well pleased to leave our homein the body, and to go away to be at home with theLord." Death had no terror for this man, he facedit with good courage; for it but took him into thenearer presence of his Lord.These experiences, sickness and sorrow, anxietyand death, lie before us all; and in them how canwe be better cheered and heartened than just by thekindly word of Jesus, "Courage, child." In ourgospels, as we now have them, the words were firstspoken to a weak man and to a sick woman. Suchwe have always with us; and to the world's weak and sick folk those are the words of Jesus for ever."Courage," He said to those who were tossed uponthe sea; and still He says "Courage" to all who aretossed, to all who are sailing through a black andCOURAGE, CHILD 161stormy night, made more awful by the presence of spectres. The spectre which strikes a chill into ourhearts is but Himself disguised by the mists. "Itis I," He says; and the moment we are sure of this,we may well take heart again. "Courage, it is I,do not be afraid."Yes, we are discouraged by a hundred things ùby the agony of a prolonged sickness, by thebrutality of competition, by the sense of our ownfailure, by the sudden uprush of the storm into ourquiet life, by the desolation of bereavement, by thefear of death. In hours like these we need someone who will call us "Child," and put heart in usagain. And who can do this like Jesus? He whoso gently bids us be brave has Himself been in thethickest of the fight. All of weakness and sorrowthat life has to yield, He has Himself been through,and more. Hunger, disappointment, temptation,misunderstanding, treachery, death ù He knows itall : for us He faced it all, and came back vic-torious. "I have overcome the world." It is Onewho has Himself conquered the world who bids ustake courage, and who has such a right to bid usas He? It is His word, far more than any otherword that ever fell from human lips, that puts us ingood heart again. It is through fellowship withHim that His courage passes into us, and thevictory that was His will be ours.Courage, then, for God is good. Courage, forM

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