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importance of Teaching English Pronunciation

importance of Teaching English Pronunciation



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this is a small work at the imporatnce of pronunciation teaching (english) do comments please.
this is a small work at the imporatnce of pronunciation teaching (english) do comments please.

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Published by: Sayyed Abdullah Shah on Feb 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AssignmentTopic: The importance of teaching pronunciation and give suggestions forteaching it.Subject:Phonetics and Phonology.Submitted to: Sir Rao Kashif JaleelSubmitted by: Muhammad Abdullah BokhariProgram:M.A. English (Evening) 1st SemesterNational University of Modern Languages,(Regional Campus, Egerton road, Lahore.)Abstract:Communication is the most important component of any human society. In thisaspect, they adapted English language as the local language of the world. So, tocommunicate properly we need correct pronunciation, because pronunciation affectsvery much on the understanding of the meanings of the words. If the sound of wordis differing it may lead the listener to some other meanings, and if this happens,it is very much obvious that its not a proper communication. This is, in fact,confusion. To avoid such kind of problems we need to let know every speaker,correct pronunciation and I don't think we need to try to turn people intosounding like native speakers, but at least we do need to get them to be capableof being understood by a variety of listeners and this goal can not be achievedsince you must provide students the best teachers.Introduction:Now a day, all regions of world coming closer to each other and world isglobalizing. Naturally, all the masses and people are getting more familiar andmore near to each other. This way, they collectively effect each other in allaspects of life. Specially, it is the language, which is effected more. And, as itis said that English is local language of the world. So, it has immense number ofpeople around the globe to speak it up. Every one of them has its own way to dealwith it but it's quite sure that Language is not that kind of abstract art whichcan be dealt in one's own way like any abstract painting. "Language is humankind'sdistinctive feature. Whether we think of rationality or sociability, we arethinking of language.It is language that makes us different from other species." And especially whenone talk about speaking of English or learning to speak English, he must replacethe saying: "Seeing is believing" with "Hearing is believing" because speech istherefore the basic form of language. This leads to the conclusion that speechshould be emphasized accurately. As it is confirmed that "without some degree ofaccuracy, speaker could end up producing unrecognizable or incomprehensiblelanguage.
I don't think we need to try to turn people into sounding like native speakers,but we do need to get them to be capable of being understood by a variety oflisteners, which involves a degree of approximation to the core sounds." So, it isquite important to teach the right pronunciation of English to the learners, sothat they may communicate exactly what and how they want to communicate.Importance of teaching English:It is very much necessity to teach correct pronunciation because it is thecommunication, by which we form our society and get near to the people, andcommunication is the tool which is the basic content to perform every job in thesocial sphere. And it is very much clear that communication is nothing but thecorrect pronunciation. "Pronunciation involves far more than individual sounds.Word stress, sentence stress, intonation, and word linking all influence the soundof spoken English, not to mention the way we often slur words and phrases togetherin casual speech. 'What are you going to do?' becomes 'Whaddaya gonna do?'English pronunciation involves too many complexities for learners to strive for acomplete elimination of accent, but improving pronunciation will boost selfesteem, facilitate communication, and possibly lead to a better job or a leastmore respect in the workplace. Effective communication is of greatest importance",so we should choose first to work on problems that significantly hindercommunication and let the rest go initially. We should remember that students alsoneed to learn strategies for dealing with misunderstandings, since nativepronunciation is for most an unrealistic goal."A student's first language often interferes with English pronunciation. Forexample, /p/ is aspirated in English but not in Spanish, so when a Spanish speakerpronounces 'pig' without a puff of air on the /p/, English may hear 'big' instead.Sometimes the students will be able to identify specific problem sounds andsometimes they won't."It is often, difficult for a student to reach the exact pronunciation by spellingsbecause English phonemes are not much in that order in which the spellings are inpractice. So only a teacher can move away student from spellings to phonemicscript to learn correct pronunciation. Teaching pronunciation is also neededbecause learning the phonemic script involves not just getting to know the symbolsbut also making sure you can say the right sound for each one, lots of help by ateacher is needed very much.Major problems of Pakistani learners in speech and pronunciation:Being Pakistani English learners we often face various problems in speech andpronunciation. As we do not have very much education in our country and Englishteachers are not so well trained all over the country so they just let know thestudent what the English is?? But very much of them are not well aware of correctspeech and pronunciation so it is very much obvious that Pakistani Englishlearners linger behind in this field.Moreover, various languages of Pakistan, influence English learning process.Usually languages in Pakistan have strong phonemes like /p/, /t/, /d/ and so on,approximately all sounds are vigorous than that of English sounds. Pakistanistudents also do not have very much sense of stressed sounds as major Pakistanilanguages are un-stressed languages.Pakistani students also make difficulties by following every word's spelling. Andone more thing affects Pakistani students and that is American influence onPakistani media and they actually confuse British and American accent of English.

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