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INNER SILENCE (Tensegrity, Carlos Castaneda)

INNER SILENCE (Tensegrity, Carlos Castaneda)

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Published by Pragna
Inner silence, self-evolution/transformation technology, Mexican shamanism, Castaneda, don Juan
Inner silence, self-evolution/transformation technology, Mexican shamanism, Castaneda, don Juan

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Published by: Pragna on Feb 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Fourth Group:
 Inner Silence
(see Shambhavopaya for an additional perspective @ http://universalshaivafellowship.org/usf/teachings_01ch05.html)
Don Juan said that inner silence was the state most avidly sought by the humans of ancient Mexico. He defined it asa natural state of human perception in which thoughts are blocked off and all of man's faculties operate from a levelof awareness which doesn't require the utilization of our daily cognitive system.Inner silence has always been associated with darkness, for the shamans of don Juan's lineage, perhaps becausehuman perception, deprived of its habitual companion, the internal dialogue, falls into something that resembles adark pit. He said that the body functions as usual, but awareness becomes sharper. Decisions are instantaneous, andseem
o stem from a special sort of knowledge which is deprived of thought, verbalizations.Human perception functioning in a condition of inner silence, according to don Juan, is capable of reachingindescribable levels. Some of 
hose levels of perception are worlds in themselves, and not at all like he worldsreached through dreaming. They are indescribable states, inexplicable in terms of the linear paradigms that thehabitual state of human perception employs for explaining the universe.Inner silence, in don Juan's understanding, is the matrix for a gigantic step of evolution: silent knowledge, or thelevel of human awareness where knowing is automatic and instantaneous. Knowledge at this level is not the productof cerebral cogitation or logical induction and deduction, or of generalizations based on similarities anddissimilarities. There is nothing a priori at the level of silent knowledge, nothing that could constitute a body of knowledge, for everything is imminently now. Complex pieces of information could be grasped without anycognitive preliminaries.Don Juan believed that silent knowledge was insinuated to early man, but that early man was not really thepossessor of silent knowledge. Such an insinuation was infinitely stronger than what modern man experiences,where the bulk of knowledge is the product of rote learning. It is a sorcerers' axiom that although we have lost thatinsinuation, the avenue that leads to silent knowledge will always be open to man by means of inner silence.Don Juan Matus taught the hard line of his lineage: that inner silence must be gained by a consistent pressure of discipline. It has to be accrued or stored, bit by bit, second by second. In other words, one has to force oneself to besilent, even if it is only for a few seconds. According to don Juan, it was common knowledge among sorcerers that if one persists in this, persistence overcomes habit, and thus, it is possible to arrive at a threshold of accrued seconds orminutes, which differs from person to person. If the threshold of inner silence is ten minutes for a given individual,for instance, then once this threshold is reached, inner silence happens by itself, of its own accord, so to speak.
was warned beforehand that there was no possible way of knowing what my individual threshold might be., andthat the only way of finding this out was through direct experience. This is exactly what happened to me. Followingdon Juan's suggestion, I had persisted in forcing myself to remain silent, and one day, while walking at UCLA, Ireached my mysterious threshold. I knew I had reached it because in one instant, I experienced something don Juanhad described at length to me. He had called it stopping the world. In the blink of an eye, the world ceased to bewhat it was, and for the first time in my life, I became conscious that I was seeing energy as it flowed in theuniverse. I had to sit down on some brick steps. I knew that I was sitting on some brick steps, but I knew it onlyintellectually, through memory. Experientially I was resting on energy. I myself was energy, and so was everythingaround me. I had cancelled out my interpretation system.
After seeing energy directly, I realized something which became the horror of my day, something that no one couldexplain to me satisfactorily except don Juan. I became conscious that although I was seeing for the first time in mylife, I had been seeing energy as it flows in the universe all my life, but I had not been conscious of it. To see energyas it flows in the universe was not the novelty. The novelty was the query that arose with such fury that it made mesurface back into the world of everyday life. I asked myself what had been keeping me from realizing that I had beenseeing energy as it flows in the universe all my life."There are two issues at stake here," don Juan explained to me, when I asked him about this maddeningcontradiction. "One is general awareness. The other is particular, deliberate consciousness. Every human being inthe world is aware, in general terms, of seeing energy as it flows in the universe. However, only sorcerers areparticularly and deliberately conscious of it. To become conscious of something that you are generally aware of requires energy, and the iron-hand discipline needed to get it. Your inner silence, the product of discipline andenergy, bridged the gap between general awareness and particular consciousness."Don Juan stressed, in every way he was able, the value of a pragmatic attitude in order to buttress the advent of innersilence. He defined a pragmatic attitude as the capacity to absorb any contingency that might appear along the way.He himself was, to me, the living example of such an attitude. There wasn't any uncertainty or liability that his merepresence would not dispel.He reiterated every time he could that the effects of inner silence were very unsettling, and that the only deterrent tothis condition was the pragmatic attitude which was the product of a superbly pliable, agile, strong body. He saidthat for sorcerers, the physical body was the only entity that made any sense to them, and that there was no suchthing as a dualism between body and mind. He further stated that the physical body involved both the body and themind as we knew them, and that in order to counterbalance the physical body as a holistic unit, sorcerers consideredanother configuration of energy which was reached through inner silence: the energy body. He explained that what Ihad experienced at the moment in which I had stopped the world was the resurgence of - my energy body, and thatthis configuration of energy was the one which had always been able to see energy as it flowed in the universe.THE MAGICAL PASSES THAT AID THE ATTAINMENT OF INNER SILENCE
36. Drawing Two Half-Circles with Each Foot
 The total weight of the body is on the right leg. The left foot is placed half a step in front of it, and it slides on thefloor, drawing a half-circle to the left; the ball of the foot comes to rest almost touching the right heel. From there, itdraws another half-circle to the back (fig. 189). These circles are drawn with the ball of the left foot. The heel is keptoff the ground, in order to make the movement smooth and uniform.The movement is reversed and two more halfcircles are drawn in this fashion, starting from the back and going tothe front.The same movements are executed with the right foot after the whole weight of the body is transferred to the leftleg. The knee of the leg that supports the weight is bent for strength and stability.
37. Drawing a Half -Moon with Each Foot
 The weight of the body is placed on the right leg. The left foot goes half a step in front of the right one, drawing awide semicircle on the ground around the body from the front, to the left, to the back of the body. This semicircle is
drawn with the ball of the foot (fig. 190). Another semicircle is drawn from the back to the front, in the samefashion. The same movements are executed with the right leg, after transferring the weight to the left leg.Fig. 189 Fig. 190
38. The Scarecrow in the Wind with the Arms Down
 The arms are kept extended laterally at the level of the shoulders with the elbows bent and the forearms danglingdownward at a strict ninety-degree angle. The forearms swing freely from side to side, as if moved by the windalone. The forearms and the wrists are kept straight and vertical. The knees are locked (fig. 191).
39. The Scarecrow in the Wind with the Arms Up
 Just as in the preceding magical pass, the arms are extended laterally at the level of the shoulders, except theforearms are turned upward, bent at a ninety-degree angle. The forearms and wrists are kept straight and vertical(fig. 192). Then they swing freely downward to the front (fig. 193) and upward again. The knees are locked.
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Noun: Inner Silence 1. a sense of alert awareness experienced when mental activity is absent 2. a state of mental quiescence characterised by awareness without thought or emotion 3. a gateway to possibilities beyond the scope of your human senses and mind

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