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Sus4 Band Profile

Sus4 Band Profile

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Published by Aditya Vikram Singh
Band Profile
Band Profile

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Aditya Vikram Singh on Feb 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Music forms the eternal connect between humans and the supernatural. It has andalways will be thequintessentialfactor in theevolutionof humans both creatively and emotionally. Our journey is never complete until we have shared somethingworthwhile. Everybody has astoryto tell. So do we:
If you asked about the genre of music we play, our answer would be AP i.e.
  We draw influences fromPop, Funk,Blues, Rock andeverythingthat soothes and elevates human senses. Confining ourselves to just one genre would not do justiceto the varied potential, talent and creativity our band hasOurdiversityis reflected by the fact that we come across not only as amainstream coverband but also as abandthat plays as aninstrumentalband. This helps us to cater to the realm of instrumental masterpieces of the music world. There are always inspirations. Artistslike JohnMayer,Coldplay, RedHot Chili Peppers, Maroon5,Eagles, Beatles,Pink  Floyd, Jason Mraz, JohnScofield, Louis Armstrong, .... etc. Since the formation, the band has performed at various venues like TurquoiseCottage,
Pomodoro, Zorba, DLF Promenade, Roxbury,Reverbetc. Over time the band has learned how to make the audienceenjoyand gocrazy! Such a potent mixture of talent andexperiencealways creates some sparks and these very sparks are what set the stage on fire when we perform!!
At the age of 14 when usually people pick up gaming joysticksas weapons for shooting, Shubh picked up a very different kindof weapon: The Guitar. What followed was a series of eventswhich culminated into a maestro of melody and rhythm.Heavily influenced by rock, jazz, fusion, funk music Shubhpursued music as his only form of living. He was deeplyinspired by great guitarists like Joe Satriani,Steve Vai, AllanHoldsworth, Guthrie Govan and Shawn Lane. Apart frombeing a music prodigy, Shubh is also a well-respected Guitar Teacher at Bridge Music Academy (Delhi) and MusicTech(Gurgaon). He has played with bands like RockVeda, Dhun,Majesty,Trizya,Devotion etc. The metamorphosis of thisguitarist is complete and he is ready to unleash the melodiesthat will touch souls.
If you ever wondered who was the curly haired guy on stagewhose face you couldn't see. You must have seen Raoul Lopez!Music runs in his blood. Coming from a family of musicians fromGOA, Raoul has been deeply influenced by music. He has beenStudying Music for over a decade. He has attained Merits andDistinctions in Music Exams till Grade 5 from Trinity School of Music and ABRSM. Currently he is pursuing Grade 7 in WesternClassical Piano from ABRSM at Delhi School of MusicHis love for music is such that he has often been found sleepingbeside the old ground piano at his house, while hugging it!!!
Someone rightly said that experience is the mother of allteachers!!Being the senior most band member, Deepak is an ace bassguitar player and has been rocking the performances with hispowerful and mind boggling talent. His experience in the fieldof music makes him one of the most sought after bass playersin Delhi Music Circles. Deepak is trained in Indian ClassicalMusic and is currently pursuing his M.A. in HindustaniClassical Music. A man for whom playing all instruments is likea walk in the park. He is also professionally a Music Teacher.

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