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Interview With My Nephew

Interview With My Nephew

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Published by James Bradley
Short talk with a ten-month old young man, and his view of the events and happenings around him...a honest view.
Short talk with a ten-month old young man, and his view of the events and happenings around him...a honest view.

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Published by: James Bradley on Feb 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An Interview with my Nephew
Kanook – Tlingit NationApril 21
, 2010
 The first item on our agenda was the status of all our worldgovernments and how Mr Nephew feels about the direction– he smiled and said, “look I am little bit short on teeth tobe worried about what is going on around me, but as Iwatch the news I can’t help but chuckle over the stupidity Isee in the adults – relax I say, have asuck on a good bottle of milk andgives thanks you’re alive!”He gave me a stern look the otherday, “you know what I said the otherday I meant, come on guys put a plugin it and get a grip, you are reallymessing with my future and yourshenanigans are getting a bit out of hand.”“You know, when you think about itmy future although it might not betoo bright, is still my future. Me, today, I enjoy a goodlong ride in an automobile, a quiet night watching TV with my dad and mom, with a hot bowl of popcorn…and just maybe think about yesterday, focusing ontomorrow what else is a 10-month-old man supposed todo, worry about what happened or look forward to thenext day and a fresh cut of cheese or a chilled bottle of milk? So you see, life is simple,but you folks are making it a bittoo complicated.”“Don’t get me wrong, I, just like the rest of you enjoy alittle serious thinking from time-to-time, but yala, I don’tlet it overwhelm my daily activities, you know like taking alook at a pretty flower once in a while or some kids playingtag or hide and seek simplegames, none of these shoot’em-up bang-bang TV games for me –I might do a car race or two, but Idraw the line.”I asked him how he liked Morocco, “well,” he said, “mymom’s family lives here now, and I have her brother‘Tarik’, my uncle who is a bit crazy, but like the man saidmany years before me, ‘you can pick your friends, but you
can’t pick your relatives’, in Tarik I have a true friend – and we get along prettygood – at times we both get pretty nuts.” You like Morocco? “Well as you know I’m Lebanese,and in my country the leaders more than us in thestreet are having a difficult time deciding who they are,to me this is more than confusing but very disruptive toour entire society I’m not sure how this all cameabout, but for me having one parent raised as aChristian and the other as a Muslim, I’m sure that as Iget older the discussions at the dinner table will get abit animated from time-to-time, albeit my mother whois Muslim has a pretty open mind as does my father itwill still get wild.” “I love my dad too much, and heand I mix it up whenever we’re together – one of thesedays I will win one, but who’s in a hurry?”“I tend to relax with a goodpiece of bread and bottle from time-to-time, my Mom worriesthat I drink too much water, me I shine it on and enjoy. Mywants are pretty simple, compared to the person who wantsa 2 story large home full of stuff, me, I’m happy with anempty box or a card or two from a brand new deck tocrumple up, this really cranks my parents – but what theheck, I’m quiet and cards arecheap!Watching the news theother day I was set back byall that stuff coming out of that mountain, although Iknow little about flyinghaving only flown one time, my Uncle Jim explainedto me all the mess it was causing in Europe, myimmediate reaction was to wonder if I was going toget back home to Beirut. As it turned out, theplanes are flying once again and it seems themountain has calmed down a bit. You caught me at a badtime, as I like to do most of my thinking while takingcare of nature’s business –but that’s okay. You ask about environment, as I progressmy Mom’s trying get me to stop using diapers – she saysit’s good for the earth, me it really doesn’t matter that isuntil I’m walking around with a load in my britches than Iwonder about all the fuss about the environment – try myproblem onfor size.After agood snoozewas in orderso we
broke off the talk for a bit. It is true I have an opinion, but most adults don’tunderstand what I’m talking about!My Aunti Nadia (“Ya-Ya”) and I have a lot of conversations, some confuse me but I just thinkit’s our different personalities, she is kinda of kicked back and relaxed whereas I like to stay onthe go – but you know I give her the benefit of theaction since sheseems to needmore rest than I.Her and Momganged up andme and decided totrim my nails,normally I’m against this sort of thing, but my Aunthad a strong hold on me and I figured fighting itwould only get my finger cut-off. So what the hey,enjoy I say!We took a ride the other day, the “grown-upswe’re talking about some politics, and you knowhow that bores me too tears, made it known andmy Aunti informed the “others” and they begandiscussing food,my favoritesubject.Dad took us tothis Moroccoeatery thatappeared tohave a prettygood selection, when he gets in the mood foodfor him jumps to the head of the list weordered!Dad let me taste the vino, wasn’t that bad sohim and Uncle Jim ordered the whole bottle,Aunt Nadia tried it once and it sat there andturned moldy – I guess she didn’t like it.After lunch wedrove around abit, tell you thetruth I think Dadgot a bitconfused buthey its astrange placeand he is fromwhere the drivers cruise on the white-lines and not

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