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Stop Paying for Shit! - The College Edition: A Mini-Manual of Scams, Cons, and Grifts to Exploit Higher Education

Stop Paying for Shit! - The College Edition: A Mini-Manual of Scams, Cons, and Grifts to Exploit Higher Education



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Published by DIzzIE
Just some scams to get free food, furniture, and more. By no means limited to college students, anyone can do this :).
Just some scams to get free food, furniture, and more. By no means limited to college students, anyone can do this :).

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Published by: DIzzIE on Jun 25, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The College Edition:
a mini
manual of scams
 and grifts to exploit highereducation
BY: DIzzIE [Dezember 2006]
With inspirational tunes by: Khan, Funker Vogt, Combichrist, Foetus and Yello
Table of Contents:
~Disclaimer~Demand for Distribution~Introduction~Free Food~Free Schwag~Free Furniture, Hardware, and other Crapola~Free Printing~Free Photocopies~Free Office Supplies~Free Graphing Calculators~Free Internet~Free Software~Free Miscellanea from Other Students [the joys of thievery]~Free Money, Clothing, and Food [donation scams]~Free Ebooks and Journals~Free Books from the Library~Free Textbooks~Free Money (again) [reselling rare books]~Free Basic Healthcare~Free Money and Healthcare (yet again) [doing research studies]
Certain parts of this guide may deal with activities and devices which could be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. I, DIzzIE, do notadvocate the breaking of any law(s) :-). Bend over and obey, it’s the only way! This text file ispresented strictly for informational and entertainment purposes only. I do not guarantee that anyof the information contained in this file is correct, workable, or factual. None of it has beencollected through any firsthand participatory knowledge whatsoever, and is in fact all based onhearsay and silly masturbatory speculation. The use of first and second person voice throughoutthis text is just that: a narrative technique to relay fictional accounts. I am not responsible for, nordo I assume any liability for, damages resulting from the (mis)use of any information in this file.Please sign here __________________ stating that you understand and agree to adhere to theterms presented in said Disclaimer before proceeding any further. You may not read the rest of this text if you do not provide a signature written in the freshest yak blood. Amen.
Demand for Distribution
 Ideas die by becoming forgotten. Post this guide on torrent trackers, usenet groups, other webforums or old school BBSs (drop me an email if you know of any existing textfile BBS!), IRCchannels, emule and KaZaA, and so on and so forth. Print it out and pass it around in school,leave copies in libraries and bookstores, street corners and newspaper machines. Whensomebody raises questions answered here, link them and toss them to the guide.Plagiarize, rewrite, cut and paste, have sexual intercourse with it without permission, andotherwise modify this text. As Free once said, “it's absolutely free because it's yours.
Think about it.
” And most importantly, discuss and build upon the ideas contained herein with one another.
What follows is a short compendium of scams, grifts, cons, and general recommendations for theperpetration of blatant thievery, all centered around the exploitable playground that is theUniversity. Yet this isn’t a guide just for college students. On the contrary, the majority of thetactics described herein are intended to be put at the disposal of anyone who sets foot on auniversity campus, particularly if it’s for the express purpose of defraudment. One doesn’t evenhave to be the exact ‘college’ age, as extended learning programs are becoming all the morecommon (though naturally blending in will be a touch more difficult). At any rate, certaincredibility props such as a backpack can serve to relay the impression that you are indeed astudent at the particular college you plan to hit.Those expecting newsworthy swindles akin to those seen in movies or sensationalist newsreports will likely be disappointed. The cons that follow aren’t grandiose grifts about how toscam free tuition or expropriate scholarship funds. Rather, these are practical, everydaytechniques that you can use to score some free grub, get a little extra cash, or procure some freebooks to read. The methods transcend the colour spectrum of legality, varying from the perfectlyabove-board activities, to shady gray zones of pseudo-legit operations, all the way down todownright illegalities.Similarly, the cons center around the exploitation of the university system and anyone affiliatedwith it. Students, professors, and other human gears of the higher education system are thus allimplicated as well. As such, you may find that some of the following methodology may conflictwith your delicate ethical palate. Fear not, the remedy is quite simple:
fuck off 
. If you don’tagree with anything below, don’t do it, and don’t read it. Close your eyes and pretend it doesn’texist. I’ve also tried to keep rants about my personal politricks to a minimum, but they inevitablyooze in through the cracks of my mental cogency, so once again, bear with me or glaze over it if you don’t agree with anything.Finally, realize that I don’t fucking know you (nor do I want to), nor do I know your localcollege.
of these techniques will probably
work at your local university, but
. This guide is custom tailored to the university system at large, not to your specific school.Further, realize that scams are inherently malleable, they’re
to be manipulated to suit your

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