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Mr Washee Script 1

Mr Washee Script 1

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Published by Matt Man
Draft Script
Draft Script

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Published by: Matt Man on Feb 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FinleyWritten ByMatt CowardVersion 215/2/2013
1SCENE 1 - INT. MORGUE - AFTERNOON(Introduction)Title text comes into shot. The first scene fades in andSoft, introduction music is being played over the top of thefilm. The title text stays on screen for 2 seconds and popsoff screen with a bubble popping sound effectThe first scene reveals the main autopsy table in an emptymorgue. On this table there is the wet body of an apparentWindow Washer with a fishbowl on his head. The camera slowlypans around the table from the bottom of it, round the sideof it before stopping at the head of the table. When thecamera reaches this point, the music fades out and the storytruly begins. There is a quiet pause. A subtitle appears afew seconds after saying "Earlier". (The story then goes onto explain how the Window Cleaner got there).Sound Effects: Soft instrumental music like it's coming froma radio/P.A System.FADE OUTFADE INSCENE 2 - EXT. PET SHOP(This shot isn't a continuos zoom, it cuts at certain pointsand is edited by being blended together where each shot iscut.)Camera fades in to scene 2. The camera slowly zooms incloser to the Pet Shop, a run down building with obvioussigns of cosmetic distress. The camera then travels throughthe door, sounds of (a dull knocking noise) distress andfrustration become increasingly louder and prominent thecloser the camera travels inside the shop. The shot showsthe interior of the now obvious run down pet shop, it laysin complete desertion. As the camera passes through the ruststained door you are inundated with the sheer isolation andrun down state that the shop now finds itself in. Echoesfrom the strange noise starts to fill the near empty room iscovered in a thick blanket of dust and specks of rustthat sparkle like a small haze of bright orange. The emptybird cages stacked on top of each other create a tower ofclutter on the floor. The camera cuts closer to a backroomin the depths of the shop. A big, lonely and dust blanketedfish bowl sits on the only intact table. The noise is comingfrom the murky waters of the bowl.Sound Effects: Thudding noise, clock ticking, outside noises
2of traffic, people, weather, birds etc getting duller as thecamera moves further inside the building.INT. FISH BOWLThe camera moves through the murky waters towards a faintshimmer of gold, specks of plants and small debris hit thelens of the camera. The shimmer is repeatedly knocking backand forth into the same spot, as the camera draws closer itbecomes clear that the shimmer is actually a living object.The inhabitant, Finley the Fish. He is very frustrated atsomething. It appears that we have come into the shot thevery moment AFTER Finley has done something which hasfailed. In the shot you can see the remains of a freshlysnapped noose laying on the dusty floor of the bowl. Finleyis staring longingly at a poster that resides on the glassof his fish bowl, a poster of utopic paradise. A utopicparadise filled with fish, piercing blue sea, golden sands,brightly coloured formations of coral reef which lace thewhitish blue shallow depths of the seabed. (describe theparadise)Camera cuts to close up of his face - His eyes widen as theydart from left to right, trying to see as much of thisbeauty as possible, hoping that he might possibly have thechance of happiness and freedom. (describe his facialexpression) His eyes are sodden with emotion and his mouthis slightly open. The camera cuts to a 3/4 side mid shot ofthe fish, poster and bowl to show the present surroundingsof the fish compared to the poster. He looks down at hisfins and bows his head. His eyes sadden and he lookscompletely dejected.Sound Effects: Thudding noise again, Water splashing.EXT. FISHBOWL (INT. PET SHOP)The camera pans out to show the sheer isolation of the fishbowl, a dim light flickers around the room and slips in andout of the debris and old cages.INT. FISH BOWLFinley gets angry at his incarceration and starts tofuriously swim around his bowl, splashing water over thesides and smashing into his bowl repeatedly. Suddenly hisattention is captured by a poster on the floor - (The Cameracuts to a close up of the poster and the phone number on the

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