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Arc’teryx LEAF Knee Caps

Arc’teryx LEAF Knee Caps

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Published by TwobirdsFlyingPub

Review of Arc'teryx LEAF Knee Caps.

Review of Arc'teryx LEAF Knee Caps.

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Published by: TwobirdsFlyingPub on Feb 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Twobirds Flying Publication
Copyright 2013, Towbirds Flying Publication. All Rights Reserved.
LEAF Knee Caps
By: Sal Palma
I’m always amused when I see commentslike wearing knee pads “won’t make you atier one operator.”
They generally comefrom the closet commando, or air softcommunity as an expression of humility.
equally surprised to see how few activeduty military personnel wear knee andelbow protection while in the field andduring training exercises. Yet, it is asimportant as ballistic eye protection.
So, with this review of Arc’teryx Leaf KneeCaps I’d like to drive the point home.
Why should you wear knee and elbowprotection?
Here’s your
 Your knees are irreplaceable and can rarelybe repaired to the extent that your leg willfunction at 100%. Therefore, like your eyes,it is crucial that you protect knees andelbows.
In fact, I’d like to see the
DoDsource knee and elbow protection withballistic properties.After some reflection,
I’ve come to the
conclusion that soldiers and operators forgo
wearing knee protection because it’s
uncomfortable, and most of the designscurrently available simply slide down yourleg and end up at or near your ankles.
For quite a few years now, I’ve used Hatchknee pads and in all fairness there’s nothingthat’s really wrong with them except that
on my leg they simply will not stay in place,
Arc’teryx LEAF Knee Caps
Copyright 2013, Twobirds Flying Publication, All Rights Reserved
and usually end up at my ankles where theyare useless.Prior to writing this review, I was exploring
the Arc’teryx
LEAF line of apparel,specifically designed for Law Enforcementand Armed Forces. I was extremelyimpressed with the quality of the product.Even at its high price point there wasmeasurable value that went beyond its elitestatus.In the process, I decided to check out the
Arc’teryx knee
cap to see what it brought tothe table for the princely sum of $59;especially with competing products at the$18 to $25 price point.
The Arc’teryx knee cap geometry is
anatomically correct and conforms to theknee very naturally. Because the knee captends to cup or wrap around the Patella andupper portion of the Tibia, all of 
the knee’s
key components are protected. A secondarybenefit is stability with less side-to-siderotation on the leg, which ultimately startsthe downward slide on the leg.
Arc’teryx, next, takes an interestingapproach to the knee cap’s design. Rather
than using the same pad width from top tobottom, they slim the knee cap down as itextends past the knee and down over theTibia. To illustrate why this is a valuableconcept, please take a seat. Now run yourhand over your knee and down your legtowards your ankle. Note the spot justbelow your knee cap. See how it protrudes,this is your Tibia. By reducing the width of the knee
cap at this point, Arc’teryx has
designed into its product considerableflexibility; adding to both comfort andstability.The Knee Caps are secured to the leg viatwo straps that terminate in T-locks. Theupper strap is elastic and will not restrictyour movements. The bottom strap is non-elastic nylon webbing and does most of thework;
ensuring that the knee cap won’t
slide down your leg. Simply synch it uparound the back of your leg and the KneeCaps will remain in place for as long as youchoose to wear them.

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