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High Purified Phosphoric Acid Investment Looms in China

High Purified Phosphoric Acid Investment Looms in China

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Published by Clair Lin

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Published by: Clair Lin on Feb 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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High purified phosphoric acid investment looms in ChinaSummary
: High purified phosphoric acid investment looms in China. With the maturity of thephosphorus industry in traditional area in China, phosphorus enterprises have to find newways to drive their development.
: Phosphorus industry, Industry adjustment, Although the falling export and increasing output pushed up the domestic supply of phosphatefertilizer as well as other prime phosphorus products, China still witnesed a rising sales inphosphate fertilizer in 2012. According to the data from China Petroleum and ChemicalIndustry Federation (CPCIF), 98.1% of China's produced phosphate fertilizer was sold. Itmeant that there're only 347,897 tonnes of inventories in China by the end of Nov. 2012,nearly 105,831 tonnes less compared to that of the same period of last year.Thanks to the newly launched capacity of phosphate fertilizer, the production of majophosphate fertilizer products continue to rise in 2012. By the end of Nov., China hascumulatively produced 14,096,171 tonnes of DAP and 13,183,284 tonnes of MAP, increasingby 17.42% and 24.4% year on year respectively. The output of phosphate fertilizer (calculatedby 100% P2O5) reached 18.77 million tonnes in the first eleven months of 2012, up 32.34%year on year. As well as phosphate fertilizer, yellow phosphorus also saw an increase in production—thetotal output amounts to 759,313 tonnes by the end of Nov. 2012, increasing by 10.46% year-on-year. However, the rising yield mainly resulted from China's weak economy in 2012, whichprovide yellow phosphorus manufacturing with sufficient supply of electricity, to ensure stableproduction.The booming production of phosphate fertilizer and yellow phosphorus jointly promoted theproduction of phosphorus ore. China exploited 87.04 million tonnes of phosphorus ore fromJan. to Nov. of 2012, 13.08 million tonnes more compared with that of the same period of lastyear.High purified phosphoric acid investment looms in China. With the maturity of the phosphorusindustry in traditional area in China, phosphorus enterprises have to find new ways todrive their development. Before 2012, the investment in phosphorus industry was mainlyconcentrated in phosphate fertilizer industry. While in 2012, phosphorus enterprises startedto look to high purified phosphoric acid.
Comparison of China's fertilizer firms' performace in prime business between the first tenmonths of 2011 and that of 2012
Data Source:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Reportis a monthly publication released byCCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Phosphorus marketdynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Major columns include market dynamic,company dynamic, raw material supply, price update, import & export analysis, consumptiontrend & competitiveness.

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