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12 Fantasies Women Crave

12 Fantasies Women Crave

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Published by 14215469
Fantasies Women Crave

Woman women dating Sex How to Fantasies Women Crave
Fantasies Women Crave

Woman women dating Sex How to Fantasies Women Crave

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Published by: 14215469 on Feb 19, 2013
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Top 12 Sexual Fantasies Women Crave Most
What tickles your fancy? Women have a rich, diverse world of fantasies - more than most of their lovers or friends realize. This guide will show you what's going on in women's minds, but also inspire you to create new worlds for yourself orwith your lover. Following each description is a brief passage of a fantasy from one of Tickle Kitty's readers. So start your imagination engines - and have fun!1Power exchange: sex with men in uniformUniforms equal power and authority, but also men who serve the public and
women! This form of role-playing often involves a woman being rescued and ravished by aman who can take charge in bed - firemen are popular. On the other side of the power coin, some women fantasize about taking control and commanding the authority figure to have sex with them or to perform specific acts.Barbara of Los Angeles wrote, "He comes upstairs to where I've been stranded, breaks down the door and enters to see if I'm OK. He is gentle and kind, but alsoprofessional, strong and very handsome. He insists that he needs to check my physical condition before I can be transported to safety. His powerful hands beginto caress my body and I reach out to him, feeling his hard chest under his t-shirt. Gently, he bends down a kisses me deeply, his lips tasting of smoke and sweat
"2Strangers in the night: sex that always feels like the first timeFor many women, great sex involves liberation from inhibitions or separation from the identities of their real lives. By losing identity in a fantasy, sex losesboundaries and creates the fresh buzz of being with someone for the first time.A woman can dream of doing anything with anyone and under any conditions. Common to these fantasies is the notion of spontaneity, where the woman and her loverconnect at random or mysteriously in darkness.Jacqueline in Seattle wrote, "After eyeing each other from across the room for awhile, I excused myself from the conversation and looked over to see if he would take the hint. When I looked back to see him following me, my heart jumped - Iwas really going to do this! I went to the end of the hallway and crept into the study, quickly turning out the lights and leaving the door ajar. When he entered, I didn't even say a word, I just let my desire run wild, kissing him deeplyand grinding my body against his
"3Body and soul: bisexual or lesbian fantasiesFantasies of sex with other women focus on tenderness and sensuality. They oftenfulfill missing elements of sex with men, where the woman feels what it is liketo be with another soft, gentle lover who knows just how to set her passion onfire. In addition, many women find a fantasy in which both lovers can achieve multiple orgasms to be an extra turn-on. These fantasies are filled with romance and involve a deep, intuitive, nurturing, spiritual connection between lovers.Sarah of San Diego wrote, "There was so much tenderness and caring in the way she massaged my shoulders and neck that I just relaxed back into her. I could feelher warm breath right next to my ear for a moment before she leaned forward andkissed my cheek gently. Tingles of pleasure and excitement cascaded through mybody and she lay me back on the bed, smiling. Without a word, she slowly moved over me and kissed my lips deeply. She smelled so sweet and felt so soft, so loving. Her beautiful, plump breasts nuzzled against mine - I felt myself rising toembrace her, pouring my soul in to hers
Tie me up, fuck me hard, and set me free: non-consensual sexSometimes known as "rape fantasies," these are not about violence but about a woman compelled to experience pleasure against her will. Held captive or physically overpowered, a rough, attractive stranger will drive her to orgasm or coerce her into performing acts she might normally never perform. The key issues at handare power and responsibility; being swept away by a man's physical strength over her, she can find release from responsibility for her actions or desires. Relieved of this burden, her desire can run wild, unlocking new levels of pleasure with abandon.Samantha of Truckee wrote, "In the confusion and darkness, I'd lost any sense ofwhat was really going on. Having been asleep when he came in, I was still groggy as he yanked me up and bound my wrists with piece of rope to the handrail at the top of the stairs. 'Straighten your legs and bend over, bitch!' I suddenly realized that the voice wasn't Rick's. A cold streak of panic suddenly ran throughme - was this all part of the plan? I tried to pull away from the ropes as my sleepy mind tried to remember the safety word to stop, but he was already in me,thrusting his big cock into my pussy. At least I knew it was really him, but I couldn't believe the power of his body as he took control of me, bucking and grinding against the railing
"5Master and servant: the erotic power of dominationFor some women, power is the most potent aphrodisiac of all, where they can takecommand of their environment in ways they may not feel are possible in their normal lives. By commanding a man to perform certain acts, such as cunnilingus, she gains the extra pleasure of orgasm without the need to reciprocate. In a similar way, domination fantasies can focus on a certain person over whom the woman seeks to be powerful, making him beg or giving him a thorough spanking.The same principle of power can work the other direction, where the woman is forced to do things against her will, yet rewarded with pleasure. Similarly, receiving discipline in this power relationship can be turn-on, where she gets spanking herself or is tied up and pleasured to her limit. By removing her responsibility from sex, she can lose any feelings associated with experiencing "guilty pleasures" or being a "naughty girl."Elizabeth of Denver wrote, "I may not have been wearing a black latex body suitor cracking a whip, but I felt like a dominatrix all the same. I put one of my shiny red pumps on the back of neck as he crouched down in front on me in worshipand said, 'roll over, meat puppet.' He obeyed instantly. I was thrilled to havethis power over a 6'4" 220-pound man - too bad my older brothers never behavedthis way when I was growing up! I crouched down and teased him by barely rubbingmy pussy against his face. 'Lick me, you fool, - slooowwwwly.' He stuck out hislong tongue and began delicately licking my outer labia. I was thrilled with the combined power and pleasure of this ritual - it was totally intoxicating."6Screaming for more: the turn-on of having an audienceWhether with a single, passive voyeur or a stadium of cheering crowds, many women fantasize about being watched. It is an opportunity to be seen for her true womanhood - open, wild, uninhibited, sexy - and loved for it. Better yet, the power that comes from the ability to arouse others is a tasty ego boost. In a numberof scenarios, such fantasies evolve into complete audience participation, all revolving around the woman as she presides over her subjects as a grand sexual goddess.Alexis of Lake Tahoe wrote, "We were already groping and kissing furiously whenthe ski lift gondola stopped half way up the mountain. It was a bit nerve-wracking to have foreplay hanging a thousand over the valley, swinging in the wind, bu
t it didn't seem to slow him down. It was only when he pulled my sweater off andstarting licking and fondling my nipples that I suddenly noticed the other gondola car stopped opposite ours. Inside were about six or seven people - all trying to hide how fascinated they were in watching us. When I showed Jack what was going on, I transformed into an animal, pulling down my ski pants for him. 'Put it inside of me now, baby!' I loved flashing my sweet ass at the group, now plastered against the windows of their gondola. Our windows were steaming up as Jackstarted pumping me harder and harder, just before the cars started moving again
"7Give me your latex love: strap-ons and wild, erotic toysA wild and fun fantasy category, strap-on sex and related toys often work in twodirections. First, women see themselves penetrating their male lovers, thrivingin the power of an erection and seeing his vulnerability as he gets a dose of his own medicine. Second, many women who have lesbian fantasies see themselves screwing their girlfriends, either vaginally or anally. Either way, strap-ons become a source of delivering both power and pleasure. Toy fantasies specifically tend to be highly personalized and tailored to a woman's unique turn-ons, whetherwith a lover or solo. Toys are a very powerful way for a woman to re-create manydifferent types of fantasies and can stimulate incredibly powerful orgasms, sothey are worth exploring!For more information on dildos, vibrators and other toys, see chapters 8 and 9 of Tickle Your Fancy, Also see the online store at www.ticklekitty.com for a complete selection of toys.Katrina of London wrote, "When she came back in the room, I couldn't believe myeyes. It was such an odd contrast to have this gorgeous woman's body standing there with this big rubber dong hanging between her legs. I stroked it in amazement, almost giggling with excitement for what was next. I could see that the otherend of the toy was already inside her so she would get off too. 'Lay back, baby, I have something to show you' was all she whispered to me. Having already beenmaking love for an hour, her body was musky and sweaty, as her breasts swung down to greet my hungry mouth. When she entered me, it was unlike any man, not just for being a toy, but because she brought a totally different motion to me. Werolled together in delight, both of knowing the best part - this could go on forhours and hours
"8Some like a crowd: threesomes and group sexA very popular fantasy category, three-way encounters and group sex tend to fallinto a few broad areas. With threesomes, some women fantasize about double penetration, while others envision penetration while another man performs cunnilingus. In any such scenario, the woman's pleasure is paramount, with the men dedicated to serving her every desire.With groups, women often fantasize about several men (football teams, motorcyclegangs) who adore her and complement her sex appeal as they ravish her in turns.Alternately, groups can include more participatory, active scenarios, such as wild, romantic orgies that include both men and women experiencing all pleasuresof each other's bodies. These fantasies often include opulent settings, elaborate rituals and outlandish characters, almost like a grand opera of sex!Jasmine of Santa Barbara wrote, "I couldn't believe where all these people camefrom - there must have been a dozen hunky guys and super tasty girls in the living room - all of them naked and focused on me. This big stud knelt down near me,offering his organ for me to fondle and suck, while two of the babes smiled upat me as they gently kissed my inner thighs and began lapping up my honey as itflowed out of me. There was even a couple that began sucking on my toes, sending

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