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1907 - Edgware Town Centre Parking review

1907 - Edgware Town Centre Parking review

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Published by MisterMustard
DPR1907 - Edgware Town Centre Parking review
DPR1907 - Edgware Town Centre Parking review

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Published by: MisterMustard on Feb 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edgware Town Centre Parking Review – Experimental introduction of ParkingChanges
 Control sheet All of the following actions MUST be completed at each stage of the process andthe signed and dated report MUST be passed to the Governance Service for publishing
All reports
1. Governance Service receive draft report Name of GSO DPR MailboxDate 15/01/132. Governance Service cleared draft report asbeing constitutionally appropriateName of GSO Chidilim AgadaDate 17/01/133. Finance clearance obtained
(report author tocomplete)
 Name of Fin. officer Collette SuttonDate 17/01/134. Staff and other resources issues clearanceobtained
(report author to complete)
 Name of Res. officer Not applicableDate5. Strategic Procurement clearance obtained
(report author to complete)
 Name of SPO Not applicableDate6. Legal clearance obtained from
(report author tocomplete)
 Name of Legal officer Chileme HayesDate: 18/01/137. Policy & Partnerships clearance obtained
(report author to complete)
 Name of P&P officer Andrew NathanDate 11/01/138. Equalities & Diversity clearance obtained
(report author to complete)
 Name of officer Andrew NathanDate 11/01/139. The above process has been checked andverified by Director, Head of Service or DeputyName Dean CohenDate 18/01/1310. Signed & dated report, scanned or hard copyreceived by Governance Service for publishingName of GSO Chidilim AgadaDate 21/01/1311. Report published by Governance Service to websiteName of GSOChidilim AgadaDate21/01/1312. Head of Service informed report is published Name of GSO Chidilim AgadaDate 21/01/1313. Expiry of call-in period DateNot applicable14. Report circulated for call-in purposes toBusiness Management OSC members &copied to Cabinet Members & Head of ServiceName of GSONot applicableDate
Subject Edgware Town Centre Parking Review – Experimentalintroduction of Parking ChangesCabinet Member 
Cabinet Member for EnvironmentDate of Decision18 January 2013Date of decision comes intoeffect18 January 2013Summary This report recommends the introduction of parking changeson an experimental basis following the completion of thereview of parking in Edgware Town Centre which wascarried out as part of the borough wide Town Centre andShopping Parades Review Officer Contributors Gavin Woolery Allen Senior Engineer, Traffic andDevelopment Section, Environment, Planning andRegenerationStatus (public or exempt) Public
Wards affected EdgwareEnclosures Appendix A – Edgware Town Centre Parking Review Location Map Appendix B – Edgware Town Centre Parking Review  Analysis of General Questionnaire Responses Appendix C – Edgware Town Centre Parking Review  Analysis of ‘Short Stay’ Pay By Phone Parking Bays Appendix D - Edgware Town Centre Parking Review Proposed Changes DrawingReason for exemption from call-in (if appropriate)Not applicableKey decision NoContact for further information:Serial No. 1907
1.1 Leader of the Council’s Delegated Powers Report 1727 of 9 July 2012 approvednew parking initiatives and charges in Environment Planning and Regeneration.1.2 Cabinet Member for Environment Delegated Powers Report 1847 of 5 November 2012 approved the introduction of parking changes on an experimental basisfollowing the completion of a North Finchley Town Centre parking review.
2.1 The three priority outcomes set out in the 2012/13 Corporate Plan are:• Better services with less money• Sharing opportunities, sharing responsibilities• A successful London suburb2.1 Introducing amendments to parking controls in the borough will contribute to thepriority “A Successful London Suburb” by keeping traffic moving.2.2 The London Mayor’s Transport Strategy also addresses these areas through:“Proposal 30: The Mayor, through TFL, and working with the London boroughs andother stakeholders, will introduce measures to smooth traffic flow to managecongestion (delay, reliability and network resilience) for all people and freightmovements on the road network, and maximise the efficiency of the network.These measures will include c) “ keep traffic moving ” , e) Planning andimplementing  improvements to the existing road network,  to improve trafficflow on the most congested sections of the network, and to improve conditions for all road users.
3.1 It is considered that the issues involved are likely to give rise to policyconsiderations as failure to sustain and enhance Barnet’s town centres will impair their key contribution to the social, economic and environmental well-being of theborough.3.2 The proposed measures and reductions in tariff have been designed to cater for local trading demands and to encourage a higher patronage and turnover of spacesin the Edgware area. There is a theoretical risk that the reduced parking tariffs maynot improve turnover and patronage to achieve the increase in parking income. Thishas been assessed against existing generated income, which is currentlysignificantly below the level predicted for the current financial year. Should incomenot match currently achieved parking revenue, then a recovery plan will bedeveloped by the Environment, Planning and Regeneration directorate to mitigatethe loss in revenue.3.3 The proposals have been formulated having given serious consideration to thecomments contained within the questionnaires, (see paragraph 8.5-8.10 below),
those made at meetings with local stakeholders and council priorities. Theintroduction of the measures on an experimental basis will allow the Council to

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