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To Water instead of Blood: The Story of Serapis to Jesus Authored by Clinton S. Clark

To Water instead of Blood: The Story of Serapis to Jesus Authored by Clinton S. Clark

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Published by Vishnu Arya
To Water instead of Blood:
The Story of Serapis to Jesus

To Water instead of Blood:
The Story of Serapis to Jesus

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Published by: Vishnu Arya on Feb 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An Article, from the online study of “The Nature of Jesus” entitled:
ToWater insteadof Blood:The Story of Serapis toJesus
 Authored by Clinton S. Clark
Copyright © 2004 Clinton S. Clark. All Rights Reserved.
The Gospel Writers
We are all related, every one of us. We come from thetribe of Australopithecines. Later on in history, this tribedeveloped into two major groups. One group flourishedout of Dmanisi, near the Caucasus Mountains, not toofar from Mt. Ararat, and migrated south to Ucagizla andUgarit in 6,500 BCE and eventually became theCanaanites (the Semites) in and later on thePhoenicians. The other group flourished out of the areasof Cyrene, Libya and Alexandria, Egypt.
 As the Greek Empire developed, there began to be aninvisible line that developed between the two groups inthe area of Caesarea, Tyre, and Samaria near Jerusalem in Judea. This line would become even more
pronounced during the Roman Empire. This is their story.
Our ancestral group that flourished out of Dmanisi, wewill call the Thecines for now. And, our ancestral groupthat flourished out of the areas of Cyrene, Libya and Alexandria, Egypt, we will call the Hermeticus now. Boththe Thecines and the Hermeticus became experts in theZodialogical Science of Astrology. The stars would helptravelers on land and sea find their way during their  journeys away from home. This science would alsoassist them in agriculture and other significant parts of their daily lives. In the evenings, at or away from home,these groups of Thecines and Hermeticus star viewerswould get together in the evenings and exchange storiesabout what was happening in the Heavens. It was atime, during each day, when they could get together,relax, and entertain each other with Oral Traditions(parables). It was also a time to exchange ideas and toadd to each other's knowledge.
The earliest group of parables centered on "El" and "Re(Ra)" along with the families of each god. The parableswere amazing and reflected life on the ground, with oneexception. In the parables of the gods, the parable godswould come back to life after a severe conflict. They hadto. If gods died permanently, the parables would endand so would the night's entertainment.
This life-death-life cycle reflected life on the ground too;summer-winter-summer. One could always look forwardto a beautiful summer after the death of winter.
The common ground of "El" and "Re (Ra)" was Seth.Seth, the god of chaos, could be added into any "El" or 
"Re (Ra)" parable to stir things up as needed, and tokeep the parable interesting.
The Greeks brought a new group of god families into themix with the god Apollo (Helios and as in Heliopolis).The parables became more advanced intellectually, andcreated a gap between the literate and the illiteratemajority. "El" and "Re (Ra)," with their families,continued to develop equally along side of Apollo andhis family up to about 720 BCE.
Jerusalem had always been a very magical place withits volcanic activity at Golan Heights (a volcanic plateau)and with the Dead Sea (on top the Jordan Rift). It was aplace of great power and mystery. The salt content of the Dead Sea is so high (creating a mystical buoyancyeffect) that one could almost walk on top of the water.
The Exodus
In 720 BCE Pharaoh Bocchoris, in the midst of a terribleplague of acute and chronic Trichinella and/or Schistosomiasis, had no choice but to cast out thevictims who had contracted the disease. TheseHermeticus, lead by Iuput II, made their way toJerusalem in hope of being healed there.
"They traveled on for six days without a break, and onthe seventh they expelled the previous inhabitants of Canaan [Judea and Samaria and], took over their landsand in them built a holy city and temple."
SOURCE:The Jews (2 -13) The Histories by CorneliusTacitus - Book Five

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