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Planet Earth Caves Worksheet

Planet Earth Caves Worksheet



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Published by James Dauray
A worksheet of questions following the Planet Earth episode on caves. Includes topics such as erosion and the unusual adaptations of troglobites -- organisms that only reside within the darkness.
A worksheet of questions following the Planet Earth episode on caves. Includes topics such as erosion and the unusual adaptations of troglobites -- organisms that only reside within the darkness.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: James Dauray on Feb 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Planet Earth
What is the single biggest
limiting factor
for life in caves?2.
List two adaptations the cave glow worm has for capturing prey in a cave.3.
What is the single biggest challenge for living organisms in caves?4.
What is limestone made of? How is it possible that limestone can be found in areas of dry land?5.
Water has the ability to dissolve and carve itself into limestone. What environmental process is this?
Deer Cave, Borneo
Borneo is an island that is partly controlled by Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. It is located at 1°N,114°E. Mark it on your map on the last page.7.
Deer Cave cannot support photosynthesis, as not enough sunlight is present. In spite of this, it still has acomplex food chain. What is the energy foundation of this food chain?8.
What would be the correct ecological classification for the cockroaches?a.
Producers b.
Primary consumersc.
Secondary consumersd.
Scavengers / Decomposers9.
Would the bats be considered a keystone species for this ecosystem? Explain.10.
What behavioral adaptation do the wrinkle-lipped bats possess that helps them evade the rufous-belliedeagles, peregrine falcons, and bat hawks?11.
Which bats do the falcons seem to target the most?
Gomatong, Borneo
What physical adaptation do cave swiftlets have to navigate through the dark caves to their nests?a.
How do they build nests without any materials in the cave to use?13.
What is the name for the calcite formations that hang from the ceilings?14.
What is the name for the calcite formations that grow from the floor?
 Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
This is a large peninsula that reaches into the Gulf of Mexico from the southern part of Mexico. It can be found at 18º North, 89º West. Mark it on your map on the last page.16.
As this part of Mexico has no lakes or rivers, what did the Maya use as a source of fresh water?17.
What is the relationship between the cenotes and the lush forests at the surface?18.
The mixing saltwater and freshwater form layers because the saltwater is ( more / less ) dense.19.
Saltwater does not dissolve limestone like freshwater. How then, are sea caves formed?20.
How are the Big Eyes similar to bats?21.
 Neither the bats nor the cave snakes are able to actually see in the cave. Explain what special sensoryadaptation each has to allow it to navigate through the darkness.22.
What are troglobites?23.
For each of the troglobites shown, describe what unique adaptations they have evolved specifically for the cave environment.a.
Cave angel fish
Texas cave salamander 
Evolution can result in the development of new adaptations, as well as the loss of vestigial structuresthat are no longer useful. What vestigial structures have been lost by the troglobites?
Villa Luz Cave, Mexico
Why is the water flowing out of this cave colored white?26.
What is the poisonous gas that bubbles up from below the cave?27.
“Snottites” are colonies of bacteria. These bacteria are often classified as
Why is this anappropriate term?
Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico, United States
The exact location of Lechuguilla is not published. Only scientists and mappers are allowed in the cave,in order to maintain its pristine condition. It is part of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, located in New Mexico. The park can be found at 32°N, 104°W.29.
Many of the crystal formations in Lechuguilla are made from a mineral called gypsum. What rock is thesource of this mineral?30.
Lechuguilla is an unusual cave because its limestone was not carved away by water. What wasresponsible for creating its caverns and crystals?

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