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How to Win Lottery Joseph Murphy

How to Win Lottery Joseph Murphy

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Published by vtraj33
joseph murphy
joseph murphy

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Published by: vtraj33 on Feb 19, 2013
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How to win the lottery --yes, you read thatcorrectly --by visualizing it
 Andrea Chalupa
May 22nd 2009 at 12:00PM Text SizeA
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Make Money Fast
Celebs & Money
During that long, lonely summer between high school andcollege, I was completely devastated after getting dumped bymy high-school sweetheart. (It turned out there was nothingsweet about him.) My older, wiser sister told me to get overhim by fantasizing about my ideal guy. So I spent thesummer eating and serving fro-yo at a TCBY, fantasizingfrom behind the counter that this Abercrombie & Fitch modelwas going to come in and sweep me off my feet. And lo,once I started college, I met a guy who met my A&F criteria:a hot pre-med football player, whom I dated for four years.Ever since that summer, I've been a big believer in the powerof visualization: you attract what you focus on. Los Angelesphilanthropist and film producer Cynthia Stafford
won thelottery
thanks to visualization!Well, it was either visualization or just dumb luck --but she swears by visualization, and she won the lottery! You think visualization is hooey? Let me ask you this: have
won the lottery? Show of hands, please? That's what I thought.But Stafford wants you to know that you, too, can win the lottery. "Even if it seems that nothing is going yourway, in regards to your goals, you are going to reach them," she says. "Have strong beliefs. Everything youwish to have will happen."A few years ago, Stafford was a single mother living in bullet-pocked East L.A., taking care of her brother's fivechildren after his death in a car accident. To find the strength, she says, she worked on herself, reading booksabout positive thinking by Divine Science minister Joseph Murphy. (Divine Science, which teaches that onlyGod is in all things, and that evil is only real because people choose to believe in it, flourished during the GreatDepression.) Through Murphy's teachings of self-healing and visualization, Stafford says, she set her mind on winning $112million. (She chose that number because Murphy taught that your visualization needs to be as specific aspossible.) She wrote the figure "$112 million" constantly, slept with the number under her pillow for weeks,meditated on it, and imagined how excited she would be once the money finally came into her life. After fourmonths of obsessive focus --the first couple of weeks took considerable discipline, she says --she stoppedand let go. "Once you're in the flow of the energy," she says, "it's going to happen."
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Pag 1 of 4How to win the lottery --yes, you read that correctly --by visualizing i12-0-201http://www.walletpop.com/2009/05/22/visualiz-you-way-t-millions/...
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And it did. In May 2007,
Stafford won $112 million
in California's Mega Millions lottery.In her post-lottery life, she's a patron of the arts who
donated $1 million in cash to the Geffen Playhouse
.When David Geffen phoned her to thank her, Stafford told him she wanted to start a film studio. The billionaireco-founder (with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg) of DreamWorks --and possible savior of 
The NewYork Times --
told her that starting a studio would take hundreds of millions of dollars. "Well, I'm going to do itdifferently," she told him.And she did. With her new Queen Nefertari Productions, Stafford is adapting Don DeLillo's breakout novel
White Noise
, and an indie film,
Polish Bar 
, is currently in development. At the time of our interview, she waschecking her watch so she could look into buying a plane ticket for the Cannes Film Festival.Stafford doesn't have an endless supply of good luck --she invested poorly in a shaky web start-up, and herprevious financial planner turned out to be a bad egg, she says. But that doesn't mean she's afraid of squandering her share of a $67 million cash pay-out she split with her brother and father, the way other lotterywinners often seem to do. "The ones who blew it also said they were going to blow it," she says. "They said itbefore it happened. It's what you believe. They
that." She goes on: "We have two choices in life. Wecan choose to see the best situation in our lives, or bemoan why things are not working."Right now Stafford believes she's going to sell her TV show, now indevelopment, to a major network. It's going to be a reality-based series,she says, profiling the newly, suddenly rich, like young athletes, aboutmanaging their money.And she says she's going to keep playing the lottery. "I definitely wantto continue in that flow of energy," she says.
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Pag 2 of 4How to win the lottery --yes, you read that correctly --by visualizing i12-0-201http://www.walletpop.com/2009/05/22/visualiz-you-way-t-millions/...
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Five Stepsto Get Out of Debt in Record Time: The
Pag 3 of 4How to win the lottery --yes, you read that correctly --by visualizing i12-0-201http://www.walletpop.com/2009/05/22/visualiz-you-way-t-millions/...

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