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Observations From Walking Dead Episode 310 "Home"

Observations From Walking Dead Episode 310 "Home"

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Published by Anthony Ventarola
My personal commentary on the latest Walking Dead episode "Home", which aired 2/17/2013
My personal commentary on the latest Walking Dead episode "Home", which aired 2/17/2013

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Anthony Ventarola on Feb 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Weekly WALKING DEAD Commentary
Episode #310 “Home” Aired on Feb 17, 2013
(Once again there be spoilers here, so watch the show first before you dive in)
Governor is full of crap when he talks of rescinding leadership - he doesn
t want to abdicate.True,
he likes Andrea’s abilities, but h
e's just trying to see how she will respond.
Merle is the first guy (or girl) on this show to piss on a tree
how appropo!
Merle shouldn
t have told Daryl about the Gov
plans to attack the prison. That sealsDaryl's mandate to return.
Daryl admits he originally planned on robbing the camp in season 1.
It’s an i
nterestingrevelation, and one that may be used against him later.
Glenn is rapidly yet somewhat expectedly asserting himself as a leader. He did nearly die tosave the prison-crew, after all.
Were all you fine viewers thinking that Ghost-Lori, once Rick ran up to her, would actually turnout to be a walker or something?
Why is there a prison breach? Didn't Rick fully walk the perimeter about 3 times in the firstepisode (according to Herschel)?
The new chick on the Woodbury wall is pretty hot. And tougher than Haley. Why didn
t theybring her out before? And has the Governor nailed her yet?
Speaking of Woodbury, it's kind of funny but does this place only have one wall? I mean, theguards are always on that one side with all the stacked tires.
There’s three more sides to the
place!! Can't somebody just sneak in the other end, or along the sides? If there ARE guards onthose three sides, do they also have hot women among them?
Ghost-Lori is pretty hot in white (even dead)
What happened to Tyreese and company after they ran out last week?
Glenn wanted to hear Maggie say the Gov raped her, so that he'd be able to harbor more angeragainst the Gov and want even more to return to Woodbury and attack him.
The Carol/Axel courtship continues (albeit briefly)! Carol loves them troubled souls.
Is Merle perpetually annoying or what? And still racist apparently...
When Herschel asks Rick "Do you see him [Shane] now?", when asking about his personaldemons, I prayed Rick would say no. The last thing we need is for Rick to conjure up a vision of Herschel as Shane and blow his head off.
Hilarious how Axel says prison life was "simpler".... and then he gets his head blown off.
Funny: the actor who plays Axel is Lew Temple...and Axel was shot in the temple. Yep...
That one-eyed Bastard Governor is an awfully good shot for a guy with no depth perception!
And he's clearly braver during this battle than he was in that firefight in Woodbury, when hecowered like a pussy.
How'd that dude get into the guard tower? And did he also have an eye patch on as well? Orare those bad sunglasses?

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