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100477378 95406611 Dahlia Rose Christmas With a Scoundrel IR

100477378 95406611 Dahlia Rose Christmas With a Scoundrel IR

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Published by Mallory Guest

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Published by: Mallory Guest on Feb 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Christmas with a Scoundrel
Copyright © January 2012 Dahlia RoseCover Art by For the Muses DesignISBN 978-1-936668-83-0All rights are reserved. No part of this may be used or reproduced in anymanner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.
Christmas with a Scoundrel Dahlia Rose
Chapter One
 Tyne sat tapping her foot nervously against the plush carpet of herboss’s office floor. Beside her sat her supervisor, one of the executive vicepresidents of Dodd and Tate Securities. Their eyes met for a brief instantand he gave her a cocky grin. In return she gave him the finger.
I’malready in trouble so fuck it,
she thought angrily. This mess startedbecause Miles Sweeten was a slimy disgusting cheating on his wife, son of a bitch. The Christmas party was going fine until he cornered her byherself in the break room and decided to get grabby.In the midst of her fighting off his advances, his secretary Diane camein. She wanted to be the one under Miles Hodges sweaty palms, so theincident was brought to the attention of Mr. Tate, she took up the charge todefend her boss when she knew the truth.
Stupid low class bitch!
Tynefumed, because now she was sitting in the big man’s office having todefend herself against the charge of interoffice romance, which was a no-no. All the other secretaries in the pool knew about grabby Miles and theywere all rooting for her. But none of them would stand with her. Shecouldn’t blame them, their jobs were just as important as hers and they hadfamilies to take care of.Ronan Tate walked into the room, tall and confident. The tailoredblack suit fit him to perfection and matched the color of his coal blackhair. Tyne estimated he was six foot two, easily. Even in his crisp suit, hehad stubble on his face as if he hadnt shaved for a day or two. That justincreased the sexiness of the man in Tynes opinion. If there was anyoneto have an office romance with it would be him. But the expression on hisface was serious, and Tyne turned her thoughts away from his looks to thematter at hand. She would defend herself and keep the job she so badlyneeded.Ronan Tate nodded briskly. “Ms. Sweeten, Hodge.“Mr. Tate,” Tyne responded quietly.
Christmas with a Scoundrel Dahlia Rose
This woman should be fired. She used her body to seduce me and mysecretary will back me up.” Miles Hodge didn’t even greet his boss. He just began his tirade sweat peppering his upper lip.
His name should be hog not Hodge,
Tyne thought mercilessly.“I think Ill hear from the lady first, Hodge. Be quiet.” Ronan Tatesvoice was soft but cold as steel demanding complete silence from hislower executive.
 Yeah shut up!
 Tyne smiled and began her story. “Mr. Tate this manhas been after me in a sexual way from the first time I was pulled from thesecretary pool and brought to work on the top floors. This time he caughtme unawares in the break room. He grabbed my tushie and my breasts andsaid I wanted it. Diane walked in and automatically took his side. Why?Because she wants what he can do for her.” Tyne took a breath. “There,that’s my story, simple and to the point.”“Tushie?” Ronan Tate asked with a raised brow.“Yes…you know, my posterior,” Tyne explained. When she saw hislips twitch with laughter she rolled her eyes. “Great make jokes at a timelike this.”She noticed that Mr. Tate went right along as if he didnt hear her. “Ithink I know your side Hodge. You say she seduced you and you justcouldn’t help yourself.”Hodge sat upright in his seat and straightened his tie. “Yes you knowhow these young girls can be trying to sleep their way up the ladder.Lucky for me I was just about to put her in her place when Diane walkedin.”“You pompous, low down, dirty son of a” Tyne began.“Please, Ms. Sweeten, control yourself,” Ronan said calmly.“Control myself? I have to sit here and listen to his bastard lie aboutme and my morals and you tell me to control myself?” Tyne askedincredulously.“See. No class at all. I tell you, Tate, someone should look into thehiring practices down in the pits,” Mr. Hodge said.

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