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2013 James Beard Foundation Semifinalists

2013 James Beard Foundation Semifinalists

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Published by mramos6179
List of semifinalists for the James Beard Award
List of semifinalists for the James Beard Award

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Published by: mramos6179 on Feb 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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167 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011
2013 James BeardFoundation awards
Rsaran an C Aar Sfnass
BeSt New ReStAuRANt
Bl, ChcgBBl, Bvly Hll, CaBlb, iplBg, n olBch & h B, mplC Hll, aleplló Cc, nYCFq, m, wiGc, ChcgHg & Hy, mphKhg rv H, m Bch, FLLckl tbl, nhvllm tp, dh, nCm C by Jé aé  d Bch, rz-Cl rv, d, Prm Plc, whg, d.C.th oy, Chl, sCox, Pl, oroxh, HPb  F s Hl BlP & Cpy, Cbg, march tbl, s Fccshk, sls B Pv, s Fcct & r, s mc, Cathy ac, Jy Cy, nJublly, HVck F & dk, Phllphth whl w, slZcc tc & tql, albqq, nm
th abb’ Cll, s Fccavl B & rg, Hth avy, ChcgB agcl, s Fccth B  h nm Hl, nYCth Bk shk, m Bch, FLBy’ Cckl Lg, mlkC, slth C scl, dll
167 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011
Cly C, Pl, orCk & B Pblc H, PvcC, n olth Fkl mgg & iv C., Phllphth Hh, BHgh w dlly & sl, Pk Cy, utHl & Fch Pblc H, almvl B, mplPg Clb, nYCth P B B, alr ev, alx, Varv, L aglth Vh, L aglth Vl H, Chcgwll & Gh, dvwby Kch, Bl
OutStANdiNg Che
s Bck, mcCy’, Chl, sCa Cll, Lc V, nYCdv Chg, mk nl B, nYCty Cl, uch, a  HGy dk, r Gy dk, s Fccsz G, Lcq, w Hlly, Cam H, tlh, slPl Kh, Blckb, Chcgdv Kch, m, L G, Cadl Lk, Hb, n olBb Lych, n. 9 Pk, Bt mcK, L Bll V, mplVly Ply, Ply’ Plc, Pl, orsph Pyl, sph Pyl r, dlla Q, Bcchl, alJl s, Pc  Bllg, L Vgncy slv, Pzz mzz, L aglmchl sy, Ll, Clvlmchl tk, Qc, s Fccmc V, V, Phllph
OutStANdiNg PAStRy Che
dq al, dq al Bky, nYCa Ch  a ep, a BlgP, Phllphml Ch, azz, s Fccelzbh dhl, n, m, wim dk, th Gh tv, ClvlPck Fhy, sx  tp Hl ChcgK Fkh, K’ a Bky, Pl, orHy Glh, mchl’ G F & dk,mK Hfl, th syc Kch, L aglBk Hly, dl P, nYCsv H, rc Bky, mplm Klpck, ol, Cbg, maPhb Ll, scch, dh, nCwll L, Bky nv, slty mcic, Bch & Bly, whg, d.C.Chyl m  Jh sv, Hgy GhB, nhp, maa rll, r eg, alL sck, L C, at wk, ahly’  h Cpl Hl,Ll rck, arwll w, C  wlv, s Fcc
167 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011
OutStANdiNg ReStAuRANt
ag, n olBl Hll, nYCCl, slF s, Pl, meFg C, s FccG r, s FccHghl B  Gll, Bgh, aLJl, whg, d.C.Jl Bk, nYCL, Chpl Hll, nCLc’ r, mplmél, s mc, Canh, Chcgol, Cbg, maP, L aglth sl d, s Fccspgg, Chcgt, s. Hl, CaVl, whg, d.C.Vc  Clbck, Phx
OutStANdiNg ReStAuRAteuR
nck Bv (Flv Hk, o-s Kch,t  t, c.), dllahk Bjj, Kghbg r Gp(th Bby Clb, th ovl r, rk, c.),whg, d.C.K B (Bb, By-Lk Bl,r sg sppclb, c.), mplrg Bkz, Lgl s F, BFk B, B Ccp(mz, o mc, B, c.), dvGg F (C, djg, sh u BCé, c.), d m, ias Fx, Fx r Ccp (olv & ivy,t F Kch, Zbg, c.), PhxF Fy, rck F r(th op, JCt Kch, n. 246), alLv G, G Cpy r(G Cpy s, G Cpy tq,G Cpy BBQ, c.), Hmh Hv, Pch (Pch, P Ch,npl, c.), iplJh H, Jh H r Gp (Jh Hsk, s r  r B), Bllv, wamk Klk  e Hz, tq l sl,almgy L Cz, L B, nYCd m, o o Hply Gp(Blckb, avc, th Pblc, c.), Chcgnck Phk, J ‘n nck’ B-B-Q, Bgh, aLP slvgg, Vl r Gp(Vl, Vl V B), s mc, Camk sk  t sk, sk rly r(wll’ w B, m’ r & B, wll’s & r B, c.), s r/Hlbg, Casph s, s r (th dl,tll’ G, Pc, c.), PhllphCl sy (Lcq, tv, a.o.C., c.),w Hlly, CaPhl sz, sz r Gp (aBC Kch,J Gg, ~50, c.), nYC

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