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GF-4, Office Reports

GF-4, Office Reports

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Published by ray stern
MCSO Sex Crimes office reports
MCSO Sex Crimes office reports

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Published by: ray stern on Feb 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joseph M. Arpaio – Sheriff Subject
Policy Number
Effective Date
Related InformationSupersedes
GF-4 (10-09-92)
This Policy establishes procedures regarding the recording, reviewing, and distribution of reported incidents
The Office establishes guidelines to ensure the proper collecting, processing, and reporting of comprehensiveinformation into standardized formats to ensure that the Office is in compliance with all applicable laws, rules,and regulations.
Submission of Written Reports:
Office personnel will complete appropriate Office forms and reports inan accurate, concise, and thorough manner. All written reports will be submitted in a timely manner, andwill be neat and legible. Reports will be typed or written in black ink. All official reports shall include thelegible name and serial number of the individual writing the report.A.Incident Reports (IRs), Disciplinary Action Reports (DARs), Arrest/Booking Records, and trafficcitations shall be completed in accordance with office report writing guidelines.B.Traffic Accident Reports shall be completed to comply with the State of Arizona Traffic AccidentReport Instructional Manual and Glossary.2.
Common Types of Written Reports:
Written reports include, but are not limited to, the following:A.Arrest/Booking Records.B.DARs.C.Deputys Individual Activity Sheets.D.IRs and supplements.E.Field Interview Cards.
Policy GF-4,
Office Reports
F.Property Invoices.G.Traffic Accident Reports.H.Traffic or Criminal Citations.I.Warning and Repair Orders.J.Warrant or Civil Worksheets.3.
Situations Requiring a Written Report:
A written report will be initiated, or supplemented, when one or more of the following activities or actions occur:A.A crime is reported.B.A complaint is made which necessitates action being taken by law enforcement personnel.Complaints which involve employee misconduct shall be handled in accordance with Policy GH-2,
 Internal Investigations
.C.A detective, or other employee, is assigned follow-up investigative responsibilities, or is required totake some action at a later time.D.An officer determines that circumstances warrant a report being initiated after a request foassistance.E.An officer observes an activity which requires that a record be initiated and maintained for futureuse or reference.F.When an arrest is made without a warrant, or a criminal citation is issued.G.Whenever a record is necessary for the transfer of information concerning the management,administration, or internal operations of the Office.4.
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System:
The CAD system is capable of providing the Office with avariety of information, including, but not limited to, the following:A.An IR number, generated by the CAD system, which shall be assigned upon the request of anemployee. This computer generation ensures that all cases receive a unique, sequential number.B.A call (complaint) control number, generated by the CAD system, which shall be used to identifyand record each incident including, but not limited to calls for service, officer on-view activity,incidents adjudicated or referred to other agencies by Communications, and IRs taken by telephone.This number will serve as the basis for filing and retrieving subsequent reports of the incident,thereby providing a means for auditing the system.C.A separate and unique report numbering system can be used to identify each agency and each casenumber for other law enforcement agencies dispatched by Communications. This number system isalso generated by the CAD system.D.The CAD system automatically records and logs statistical information including, but not limited to,indexes of incidents by location and type. Management reports, as well as officer activity andincident history, can be obtained from the CAD system upon request.
Effective Date — 03-24-06
Requirements for All Written Reports:
All reports initiated by employees or volunteers associated withthe Office shall contain, if applicable, the following information:A.The date and time of the initial reporting.B.The names, home and business addresses, and telephone numbers of individuals requesting theservice, reporting the incident, or being a party to the incident. This information should also includedates of birth, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers, and distinguishable physicalcharacteristics.C.The nature of the service request or incident reported.D.The date, time, and nature of the action taken, and the disposition assigned by the employee takingthe information.E.Although Communications records much of the aforementioned information into the CAD system,this information is basic to any report writing endeavor, and shall be recorded on all applicablereports.F.Any report referred to the Juvenile Court Center for prosecution, or incarceration, will have attacheda notarized affidavit attesting to the report’s truthfulness. The affidavit will be signed by the officer who wrote the report, or has personal knowledge of the investigation. A liaison officer cannot beused.6.
Written Instruction for Completion of Reports:
Office report forms used to record criminal or non-criminal activity, and procedures to be followed in completing these forms, are outlined in office reportwriting guidelines and Office Policy. Employees should consult with supervisory personnel when a questionarises concerning the use of special forms that deal with special circumstances, such as personnel grievance procedures, or on-the-job accidents.7.
Supervisory Review:
All reports initiated by Office employees or volunteers which are used to recordincidents of crime, suspected criminal activity, traffic-related offenses or accidents, or other reportableactivity, shall be reviewed by supervisory personnel. Supervisors reviewing an Office report will ensure thefollowing:A.Reports are submitted in a timely manner and reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and clarity.B.Reports found to be substandard, or containing numerous spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or other major deficiencies are rejected, and personnel found to be lacking in report writing skills are provided with the necessary guidance or training.C.Supervisors shall legibly sign or print their name, rank, and serial number to the report indicatingthat they have reviewed and approved the report.8.
Further Review:
The supervisor reviewing and approving a case report, or his designee, will forward a photocopy of the report to the appropriate district or division detective supervisor who will also review thereport.A.Should the report contain inaccuracies as to procedural format, such as, a wrong criminal computer code, the appropriate corrections shall be made, and the information routed back to the firstreviewing supervisor and reporting officer for training purposes.

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