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The Forever Familiar Stranger

The Forever Familiar Stranger

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Published by Lady NightFlame
A short story about a familiar stranger.
A short story about a familiar stranger.

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Published by: Lady NightFlame on Feb 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Forever Familiar Stranger
A young girl sleeps in her bedroom. Her hair was long and light brownin color and a bit messed on her pillow. Her hazel eyes although closed werefilled with innocence and youth. She doesn't know much about the world yet,she does not yet know the troubling events that will take place in the years tocome. She sleeps soundly and worries little about the future.
Oh how i wish it were like that again.
Thought the teenaged girl peering through the window.She looked into the room with the same eyes as the young girl, only thoseeyes have lived through things to come, her eyes showed her sleeplessnights with dark circles. Her hair still long but now dyed dark she wore apiercing in her eyebrow. She walks into the room straight through the walland kneels beside her bed.
God i hardly recognize the place.
She thought asshe looked at the child. M
ust be about 10 or 11 now... You think you knowthis world
, she laughed at her thought,
oh..kid you've got a lot of learning todo
. She moves to put her hand on her shoulder but then decides against it.She turns on the bedside lamp and leans closer careful to keep her distanceat the same time."Hey, I need you to wake up." She whispers in the child's ear. The girlwakes, sits up and rubs her eyes."What? Who are you? How'd you get in my room?" The teenager puts afinger to her own lips and shhes her."I need you to look into my eyes, you'll understand everything if you just look into my eyes." She stares into the girl's eyes hoping she will shewhat she cannot say
Seconds pass and wonder began to pass through thegirl's eyes, ever the open minded one she believed who she appeared to be."How?" The teenager responded by cutting her question off and shhingher again."Don't say it. Just listen to what i have to say and don't forget a singleword." Her eyes looked at her with worry and regret. "You have lived your lifeso far sheltered, in a few years, things will start happening. You will have nocontrol over these things. You cannot stop them, you cannot change them. You can't change the past... No matter what happens, No matter how hardyou think it is. You must know that the hard times will pass. Everything will beokay.... everything will be okay." She repeated the second time almost toherself. "I promise you, you can survive." Tears pass down her face as shesuddenly looks up, light shining on her face. "Time's up. Be strong." The lightspreads through her body and she slowly disappears from the room takingthe light with her. The child lied awake that night wondering what willbecome of her. As the years pass memories of the event fade, eventuallyremembering it as a dream and nothing more and yet anytime life wouldbecome almost unbearable she stands still and breaths, whispering toherself, "Be strong, you can survive." She lived through the many years of 
hardship, never thinking anything of it. Until one day in her mid teens shecaught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she didn't remember, she just had afeeling. She looked at herself closely,
the forever familiar stranger,
she calledherself as she stared into her reflection's eyes. "You will survive." She toldher herself.Nearly a decade later, the girl, now walks down the street as a woman.Her hazel eyes carefully studying her surroundings, her hair cut short nowback to her natural brown now darker than when she was young. Under herhood as the winter snow falls, her eyebrow pierced with a stud, her lips withtwo rings. She sits at a bench and looks into the horizon.
Such a beautifulday 
.. She thought."Beautiful day isn't it?" A sudden voice came from next to her startlingthe young woman as she looked over to her. Her face covered by a hood toescape the cold chill of the snow."Oh sorry i didn't even see you there." She said politely. The womanwas older, nearly middle aged. She was dressed in a thick grey jacket andwore sunglasses, but did not look directly at her as she was looking out intothe horizon as well. "Yes it is. I was just thinking that.""Great minds think alike I suppose." The woman smiled and laughed.Her face had laugh lines and she looked quite happy when she laughed. "Aday of peace and calm. There are a lot of days like this one, you just have tolook up every now and then." The woman half turned, hood covering her faceas well."Sometimes in my life that's like looking at the sky when you'restrolling through a minefield." The girl smiled halfheartedly. The womansmiled back,
Such a familiar smile
. She thought."You'll survive, dear.. Your heart and your head will see to that." Sheturns more looking directly at the young woman now. She lowers herreflective sunglasses revealing her eyes.
Her eyes
... The same hazel eyes shesees everyday were looking back at her, but not in a mirror, memories cameback to her. As the woman laughed. "You forgot didn't you. It's alright, we alldo. Don't be scared. You aren't sleeping and this isn't a hallucination, or a daydream. To be quite honest I'm not sure myself what it is." She smiles at theyounger woman as removes her glasses completely. Her eyes were aged.Wisdom and the beginnings of crow's feet were noticeable on her face. Shehad lived so much despite still being so young. "I will not be telling to toprepare for a sorrow this time." She said as tears welled up in her eyes. "Ipromise you. You will live a great adventure, you will go farther than you everthought you could. You will have survived everything. Everything will hasalways turned out okay. It hasn't been easy, we both know... but the world isabout to change for you. Don't be afraid of love." Tears were now streamingdown the familiar stranger's face as a light starts to shine on it she looks up."Time's up... for good this time. My path may end here..." her voice catches in

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