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MBA Research Proposal

MBA Research Proposal

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Published by aku011987
MBA Research Proposal in Template (1)
MBA Research Proposal in Template (1)

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: aku011987 on Feb 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Back ground of research
Since 2001 the information technology industry has undergone several downturns and upturns. The structure andstrategies in the information technology industry has changed during this decade such as new information companiesare established in the Asian and South American region, western organizations invested in the developing economiesaround the world, new products have been developed and revenue of the organization has increased. Some of theestablished organization such as Qwest, 360networks, Boo.com went bankruptcy and closed. One of the reasonsbehind this downturn is because these organizations gave more importance to the technology than the customer or market requirements. The dotcom bubble in the US lead to the creation of many new players and also led to theannihilation of so many technology companies
(Chesbrough, 2003)
Company profile
Zoho Corporation is established in 1996. It is considered as a highly profitable and successful software solutions anddevelopment organization with more than 3000 customers. Zoho corporation invested in the research and development
department for producing innovative software products. The New York Times reported, “The best online word
processor, however, may be the one from a tiny company, Zoho, a nimble innovat
http://www.zohocorp.com). ZohoCorporation develops cloud based office productivity and business tools for the customers.
 Rationale for Choosing Topic
One of the reasons for selecting this topic is due to the increased number of SMEs in the IT industry all over the world.Some of them are competing with established organization such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle etc. The marketingstrategies used by these SMEs are unique in nature in most of the cases but also implements traditional marketingstrategies for gaining competitive advantage. With the engineering background in computer science the researcher hadsome direct and indirect experience about the software industry. The interest of doing a research on this particular topichas increased due to the phenomenal success of the IT organization in the recent years. Researcher is an aspirant inthe IT industry and wants to pursue his career in IT industry. This research will help to understand how the medium andsmall scale organizations are marketing their products which are not unique in nature and competing with other organizations. Even though the established organizations have a competitive advantage in the market, neworganizations and medium scale organizations are replacing the other organizations in the recent years. According to
Eric Viardot (2004)
, some of the highly successful technology companies share some commonalities. So this researchwill help to understand and analyse the innovative marketing strategies are used by the SME (small to medium
enterprise) to compete efficiently with the established organizations.
Literature review
 According to the
Douglas and Craig’s (1992)
opinion, any research conducted on the marketing strategies withoutunderstanding the current or traditional theories of the marketing strategies will be flawed and incomplete. This will helpthe researcher in the exploration of the marketing concepts, discussion of competitive advantage, marketing strategiesmarketing mix and the exploration of the techniques and tools for efficient marketing. In the studies of 
Jakki J. Mohr etal (2010)
on IT companies and marketing strategies explores that to develop an effective marketing strategy for ITorganizations, they should construct their marketing strategies on their core competencies and core resource. 
explains how IT companies can use internet as a tool for marketing. 
alsoexplains the benefits of using cloud computing for the marketingFrom the
Liljedahl (2001)
point of view the researcher can see the importance of the marketing strategies in anorganization, he says that companies employ marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage over their competitorsin the market have more likely to grow and influence the market. These marketing tools helps the organization to
improve the strengths of the company and define goals depend upon the customer needs.”Marketing strategy is a
planned process that helps a company to enhance and use its strengths to satisfy the requirements of the market and
the customers.”
Farrel and Hartline (2002)
To explore and analyse the marketing strategies used by the medium scale IT companies to attain competitiveadvantage in the international market through a case study.
 Objectives of the Research
1.To find out the marketing strategies used for the international market by the medium scale companies such as Zohocorporation.2.To find out the link between competitive advantage and the international marketing strategies.3.To explore the marketing strategies used by the medium scale companies to gain competitive advantage over anestablished organization.4.To compare the traditional and online marketing strategies.5.To recommend new marketing techniques for the medium IT organizations such as Zoho Corporation
Research questions
What are the marketing campaigns used by the Zoho corporation to increase the brand awareness among newcustomers?What are the unique marketing methods used in the Zoho Corporation?How competitive advantage related to the marketing techniques or methods used by the organization?
What are the steps taken by Zoho Corporation to make the enterprise users comfortable in using cloud computing?
(Details of techniques, data collection, data recording, etc.)
Research Philosophy
Considering all the factors, it leads to a research approach called realism. In this research approach the researcher should be value aware and able to triangulate any perception which is being collected about the Zoho Corporation andmarketing strategies and methods. By taking Zoho Corporation as a case study will help to give a realistic edge to theresearch.
Research Technique
The technique is used for this research is given below:1.Mixed researchThe mixed research approach includes both qualitative research and quantitative research.
Data collection
There are two types of data collection..1.Primary data collectionFor the primary data collection methods the researcher uses comprehensive interviews with managers, surveys with thecustomers and questionnaire with the employees of Zoho Corporation. This kind of data is collected by interviewing thehigher level officials in the organization, conducting surveys and distributing the questionnaires to the lower levelemployees. CEO of Zoho Corporation is willing to provide relevant data for this research but the researcher will not beable to access some confidential data of the organization. Partial customer list has been received and the customer listincludes Sony, Fujitsu, Ford etc.2.Secondary data collection:Secondary data collection method also followed for the data collection. This method is done by reviewing the existingliterature and empirical data collection. This kind of data collection also includes collecting the existing data related tothe topic such as Zoho Corporation Fact sheet, Video interview with CEO of Zoho in internet, newspapers articles andinternet articles about the Zoho Corporation etc.
Guaranteed access to primary data
The CEO of the Zoho Corporation, Sridhar Vembu
is willing to provide some of the organization’s information which will
help the research.
One of the problems which may affect the research is that the detailed data of some clients and marketing strategiesused by the organization may not be available for the research.
Ethical issues
One of the main ethical issues of this research is the level of voluntary involvement of the employees in the research.

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