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Shelf Life

Shelf Life

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Published by MeganHowett
Original Script
Original Script

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Published by: MeganHowett on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shelf LifeWritten ByMegan Howett
1EXT. THE JOKE SHOP - EVENINGSoon before closing time, the camera pans down street to thejoke shop. Pans through the door.Title appearsFADE:INT. THE JOKE SHOP - CONTINUOUS A rubber chicken is asleep in an empty box of party poppers,on the top shelf. A hand moves into shot and lifts thechicken away. The chicken wakes, panicked.CUT TO: A child stretches and twists the chicken, then drop it onthe floor.While the camera focuses on the chicken,feet are seenwalking past. The chicken's eyes can be seen darting fromside to side.CUT TO:The shop keeper walks to the door, turns over the 'open'sign. Walks to the door at the back of the shop, turns offthe light and leaves.CUT TO:INT. THE JOKE SHOP - MOMENTS LATERThe chicken suddenly jumps up and looks around, panicking.She looks up at the top shelf and squawks. She is clearlynervous and distressed as she begins to finds a way to climbback up.CUT TO:On the first shelf, the chicken encounters a closedjack-in-the-box. As she tries to sneak around, Jack jumpsout, scaring the chicken.Jack advances until the chicken uses her rubber texture andspringy limps to jump over the toy and reach the next shelf,she continues up.CUT TO:The next shelf is covered in spilled fun snaps. The chickenbends and stretches to make her way across the shelf without

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