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Roped In- Final Script

Roped In- Final Script

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Published by Emily Clarkson
The final script for my Storytelling and Commission project involving a cowboy clown with a lasso in a restaurant.
The final script for my Storytelling and Commission project involving a cowboy clown with a lasso in a restaurant.

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Published by: Emily Clarkson on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Roped InWritten ByEmily Clarkson AddressPhone Number
1EXT. A BAR AND RESTAURANT - AFTERNOONBeginning with a WIDE SHOT of a warm day. ZOOMING INTO thefront of a restaurant, 'DANDY ANDY'S DINER', the doubledoors open and another set of dissatisfied customers leavethe premises. The doors swing shut behind them. Through theexpansive windows it is clear to see the restaurant is notbusy.INT. OUTSIDE THE MANAGERS OFFICE/KICHENSWIDE SHOT of a dilapidated corridor with two chairs satoutside the Managers door. A clown sits, in Comedy Cowboyattire. The CLATTERING of utensil's is DISTANT. ZOOMING INto the Clowns face, a high pitch WHISTLE from a coffeemachine sounds.EXT. THE RANCH CIRCUS- OVERCAST (FLASHBACK)The clown FADES IN to a new background. A large westernSaloon gate is open behind him. A MAGICIAN and a JUGGLERwalk out looking dejected. The gate closes, PITCH UPWARD toreveal the title of the land above the gate. BILLY BOBBANDIT'S RODEO CIRCUS', across which is printed 'CLOSEDDOWN'BeatThere is a SMASH sound and an ANGRY SHOUTINT. OUTSIDE THE MANAGERS OFFICE/KICHENS- AFTERNOONClown jerks back to the present. View remains on Clownreaction. All is QUIET.BeatThe Manager appears and approaches the clown. The clownstands opposite, the pair in profile, SILENT. The Managerthrusts an apron out to the clown who takes it. The managerturns and continues back into his office. SLAMMING the doorbehind him.Beatthe clown jumps for joy.INT. BAR- AFTERNOONLONG SHOT of the clown in a Waiters uniform shows himadmiring himself.INT KICHENS
2LONG SHOT from the kitchen sideboard, the clown turns,balancing seven filled plates on his arms, shoulders andhead. He confidently walks up to camera filling the screen.INT BARThe clown and a set of glasses at opposite ends of the barin a WIDE SHOT. Note: He has replaced the regulation blacktie for a garish yellow one.He holds a Syphon and proceedsto fill the glasses with some accuracy.INT RESTAUARANTLONG SHOT of clown beside a table, across the room from thebar. He lasso's a drink from the edge of the bar to thetable using spaghetti. Note: the Clown now has enormousblack trousers replacing the regulation fit ones.INT MANAGERS OFFICEMEDIUM SHOT of manager looking at a chart of profit on hisdesk. He looks up displeased. A WIDE SHOT, OVER THE HEAD of the manager through the opendoor, frames the kitchen. The clown can be seen bumblingpast. The manager stands and walks over SLAMMMING the door. A poster of a critic and news articles is pinned to the backof the door. ZOOM IN to focus on this 'shrine'INT KITCHENS/RESAURANT A CLOSE UP of an identical poster wall reveals the Critic isnamed CAROLINE COLOSSUS and her ability at closing down foodchains. The clown walks past the poster.Beat.CAMERA TRACKS the clown through the restaurant aisle as hedelivers food and drink. A hand calls him over to take anorder. A LONG SHOT of the clown from the end of the aisle sees himproduce a glass from behind his back and pinching the gagflower on his braces, squirts water into the glass.INT RESTAURANT- FAMILY TABLELOW ANGLE LONG WIDE SHOT, cutlery is knocked off a table.The Clown whips out a string of sausages to lasso thecutlery. He catches it and flicks it upward. There is anaudible TWANG of impactBeat

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