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Table Of Contents

Nonphysical Dimensions
Traditional Dimensional Theory
The Real-Time Zone
The Astral Dimension
The Etheric Body
Etheric Body Projection?
Three Basic Aspects of the Projectable Double
Astral Reflection
Astral Body Proper
The Reflecting Nature of Hind
Portrait of the Mind-Split
Shadow Memory
Double Trouble — Experience
Separation Point
Astral Feedback
OBE Success and Failure
Mixed Projection/Dream Memories
Higher-Level Mind-Splits
Remote-Eye Projection
The Missing Link
Related Factors
Paralysis Memories
Ways to Break Paralysis
Unwanted Projection Symptoms
Blindness and OBE Perception
Objective Real-Time Perceptions
Subjective Real-Time Perceptions
Mind's-Eye Visual Ability
Using Your Imagination
Nonsighted Adjustment
Increasing Sensitivity
MBA Exercise
Learning Tactile Imaging
Stirring Exercise
Stimulation Notes
Using Tactile Imaging
Awareness Hands
Awareness Hands Exercise
Splitting Awareness Exercise
Visibly Detecting Awareness Hands
Five Separate Circuits
Energy Flow
Secondary Energy Centers
Energy Exchange Pores
Storage Centers
Five Awareness Actions
Preliminary Stimulation Work
Toe Work
Sole Work
Feet and Sensations
Leg Work
Hand and Arm Work
Finger Work
Palm Work
Arm Work
Energy Bounce Techniques
Awareness Resistance Factor
Bounce Testing
Arm Bounce
Spinal Bounce
Full-Body Bounce
13. Raising Energy
Leg Energy Raising
Arm Energy Raising
Full-Body Circuits
Arms and Legs
Two-Part Storage Circuit
Full-Body Storage Circuit
Joining Arms into Full-Body Circuit
Energy Flow and Effort
Energy-Movement Sensations
Common Sensations
Side Effects
Continuing Energetic Demands
Energy Center Spin
Etheric Wrap
Daily Energy-Raising Time
14. Stimulating Primary Energy Centers
Starting with Primary Centers
Primary Center Stimulation Process
Base Center
Genital Center
Navel Center
Solar Plexus Stimulation Site
Heart Center
Throat Center
Brow Center
Extra Brow Center Stimulation
Crown Center
Continuing Primary Stimulation
Primary Center Breathing Circuit
Development Session Times
Primary Center Sensations
Most Common Energetic Sensations
Mental and Emotional Imbalance
Increased Sexual Desire
Chakra Wonder-Workers
Posture and Comfort
Relaxing Muscle Groups
Awareness Hands Massage
Thought-Control Exercises
The Deeper Mind
Relaxation and Concentration
Single-Object Awareness
Spot Focus
Afterimage Retention
Breath Awareness
Color Breathing
Self-Repeating Thought Patterns
Falling Asleep during Trance
Inability to Enter Trance
Falling into Trance Too Easily
Trance and Deep Physical Relaxation
The Projection Reflex
Separation Pressure
The Famous Vibrations
Health, Fitness, and Projection
Position and Comfort for OBE
OBE or Lucid Dream
Projectable Body Loosening
Bounce Loosening
Breathing Loosening
Quick Sequence
Tips and Summary Notes on the Rope Technique
Variations on the Rope Technique
Alternative Exercises and Techniques
Helping Other Projectors Out
Calling and Meeting Other Projectors
Alarm Clock Aid
Climbing Problems
Torso Energy Surge
Cobwebs — Energetic Sensations
Primary Center Pressure
Localized Pressure
Tight Band around Head
Breathing Problems
Stuck to Body during Exit
Exit Cramps and Pain
Jewelry and Watches
Magnetic North?
Lunar Cycle
Saliva Problems
Sexual Arousal
Defective Astral Vision
Disorientation and Subtle-Body Misalignment
Working around the Mind-Split
Shadow Memory Trigger Phrases
Recording Keywords
Reentry Trigger Words and Phrases
Position and Comfort
Trance State Familiarity
Astral Sight Exercise
Conscious Reentry
Ultrashort Projection
Running Commentary and Affirmations
Planned Missions
Working with the Mind-Split
Astral Feedback Download
Reentry Torso Energy Rush
Reentry Falling Sensation
Flicker Tape Reentry Technique
Physical Body's Part
Lucid Dreaming
Hunger and Thirst
Remembering a Lucid Dream
Exit Symptoms within Dreams
Position Effects on Lucid Dreaming and OBE
Lucid Dream Projection
Lucid Dream Projection — Experience
First Virtual Reality Projection — Experience
Creating a Virtual Reality Realm
Entering a VR Realm
A Mind of Its Own
Astral Momentum
Learning to Walk
Learning to Fly
Passing Through Solid Matter
Speed, Distance, and Limitations
Instantaneous Travel
Long Distance Travel
Outer Space and Distance Limitations
Privacy, Ethics, and OBE
Part Five The Akashic Connection
Astral Subplanes
Lower Astral Subplanes
Astral Realms and Kingdoms
Silver Cord Location
Silver Cord Sighting
Death and Etheric Matter
Projecting to Akashic Records
Entering an Anomaly
Viewing Records
Tuning in to Areas of Interest
Metaphorical Imagery
Associations and Predictions
An Experience of the Akashic Records
Elemental Akasha
Natural Purpose of Projection
Astral Wind Experience
Interpretation Protocol
Journal Layout
Abstract Nature of Symbolism
Avoiding Reality Fluctuations
Confusing Astral Effects
Melting Body Parts
Vision-Reversal Problem
Real-Time Anomalies
High-Level Technique
High Level Experiences
Rainbow Level
Mystical Level
Spirit Level
The Summerland
Astral Ceremonies
High-Level Contact
Sending Out a Request
Projection Method
Asking for Directions
The Priest and the Curse — Experience
Thought Form or Nonphysical Life-Form?
Lower Subplane Wildlife
The Many Colors of Fear
Heavy Exit Sensations
Excitement and Anxiety
The Unknown and the Darkness
Mind-Split-Generated Fear
Primal Gut Reaction
Dweller on the Threshold
Astral noises and Other Things That Go Bump in the Plight
Astral Voices
Two Possible Causes for Astral Noises
Dealing with Astral Noises
Clutching Hands and Other Annoyances
OBE Hitchhikers
Overcoming Fear
Religion and OBE
Astral Matter
Created Thought Forms
The Creative Act
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Astral Dynamics

Astral Dynamics

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Published by bawcock
Gives a good background of astral world for one who wants to do astral travel.
Gives a good background of astral world for one who wants to do astral travel.

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Published by: bawcock on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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