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What's to love.

What's to love.

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Published by john Waine

Twisted thoughts on society's behavior.

Twisted thoughts on society's behavior.

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Published by: john Waine on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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People tend to say that when you find your truesoul mate can finally live life to the fullest,enjoy the moments in a more complete way,enjoying every second, every minute, every hour,every day, every year, just because you have theperson you think you love and worship, the rightperson for you, by your side.
What the hell is all this? What kind of petty,sad and depressing thought is that? What life canwe expect from these people? It's ridiculous. Noone should expect for anyone to be happy. Nobodyshould see their idyllic life based on thethought that someone will appear and will changeour life from day to night.
People are sad, their thoughts are hideous.Would not it be better to out, bang three, four,five, six chicks, how we please and the next daydo the same, going out, drinking, smoking, know?What is love? It is a lame excuse for those whoare alone and afraid of taking risks. It is thedire need of attention, care and affection. It isthe cry of desperate need. People no longer loveeach other. People use and abuse if they are tohave what they want right away. Want to fuck?Love someone. Need attention? Love someone. Wanta friend? Love someone. Is it so fuckingimpossible to love someone just for his smile? Isit so fucking impossible to love someone just byhis look? Is it so goddamn difficult to givevalue to who deserves to be recognized for simplyliking us? We live in a society built up byusing tricks and schemes. So we should know thatnobody in this pigsty wants to know about what wefeel, think or belive. And that's exactly whatmakes so special the ones who write, who think,the ones who have their own mind. Because at theend of the day, these people are not waiting forlove. They are not expected to give it the amountdue and deserved.
No. What we really hope is to reach the end ofthe day without being eaten or crushed by thisvile mouth, that swallows souls, dreams, butmostly the good values that once prevailed in theworld, but that now have been despicably replaced
by predominance of evil and corruption. Nobodyloves no one. Everyone loves what they want. Heloves money, loves sex, loves cars, loves power.And what is the ultimate goal in life of each ofus? It's to reach the materialistic climax thatmake us more and more addicts. Nobody loves noone. We all love the idea of having someone. Weall love the references we created in ourtroubled mind ready to consume one more sniff.It's like a drug. All believe in eternal truelove because in our darkest nightmares, we arealone, with no one to hold our hand in our deathbed. Because at the end, we fear the most simpleand pure human instinct. We fear oblivion, wefear the end of our memory.
We believe we have a purpose in here. Ourdeepest beliefs lead us to think that we are herefor a reason. We'll be able to change some one'slife. We''ll make someone happy. We'll helpsomeone. We'll grow old and look back with prideand happiness because we helped to build ageneration. We were part of something big thatleft a trail of success and happiness. Bullshit.Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Nobody can changethe world alone. Fuck, if we need a men and awomen to procreate, how can we even think that asingle individual will be able to changementalities and narrow a society sunk in vicesand bad habits, unable to see that it's chokingon its own emesis. What is dying due to lack ofcare she had with her own when she was young andvirile.Civilization. It never stopped to thing aboutits true essence. How is it possible that, duringits best years, when society could have reallymade something of itself, by itself, it lookedaway, we looked away, pretending it saw nothingwhen all participants were defiled andcorrupted. When these were applauded by the blowsthey gave. When they enriched and enriched, whileothers poor and unintelligent landed on their ownshit and just asked for a way to get out of wherethey were.Nobody loves no one. Each uses whoever is

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