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Platinum Gazette 22 February 2013

Platinum Gazette 22 February 2013

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Published by Platinum Gazette

Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province, South Africa

Local newspaper for Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad and surrounding villages in Limpopo Province, South Africa

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Published by: Platinum Gazette on Feb 21, 2013
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Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad
Platinum GazettePlatinum Gazette
0832719151 (Editorial); 0835431676 (Advertisements)
0865549031/013-231 7147
22 February 2013
Burgersfort, Morone CentreBurgersfort, Morone CentreBurgersfort, Morone CentreBurgersfort, Morone CentreBurgersfort, Morone Centre
Shop whereSouth Africa shops!
 T T T T Tel: (013) 231 8090 or 087 151 1491el: (013) 231 8090 or 087 151 1491el: (013) 231 8090 or 087 151 1491el: (013) 231 8090 or 087 151 1491el: (013) 231 8090 or 087 151 1491
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Taxis, large bakkies, and inner city taxis who thought that the heavymachinery were making a new traffic shortcut to Steelpoort and thecentre of town when congestion grips Burgersfort on a Fridayafternoon, are wrong, but not entirely wrong.What is actually happening next to Themba Garage up themountain past Calvin College is land were cleared so that pipes forwater reticulation can be installed.As far as could be determined, the pipe network will eventuallylink up with reticulation from the De Hoop Dam and link up with thepipe network already installed next to the R 37 road to Praktiseer.Pipes will also be connected to a new reservoir (the first of aneventual three) that will supply Burgersfort and its developingenvirons with water. This first new reservoir will be build adjacentto the existing town reservoirs (just a little bit higher up) where theland has already been cleared to start construction. The target datefor completion of this initial phase of the project is October this yearand will cost R53 million. Sekhukhune District Municipality givesthe money and Esorfranki Pipelines do the work.The road you ask? Will eventually be a bypass from the R 555from Steelpoort to Burgersfort Town, but will not enter the R 37 pastCalvin College at Themba. That clearing is just for the pipes(Please, please do not try to drive there, you will go nowhereslowly).
Pipingfor thefuture
Registered Debt Counsellor & Administrator 
(Reg No: NCRDC 487)
Get the help you need
Visit a Debt Counsellor when you realise that you are over indebted.This is an alternative remedy to over indebtedness than thetraditional methods such as Administration and Sequestration.
Next to Toyota, Burgersfort.Tel: 087 151 1034E-mail: gmcadmin@telkomsa.neWebsite: www.gmcdebtsolutions.co.za
Step 1:
Provide details of your income, monthlybudget and debt commitments to the Debt Coun-sellor. You will need copies of your pay slip, IDand the latest statement of all your debt.
Step 2:
The Debt Counsellor will do an initialassessment to check that you are over indebted,then the Debt Counsellor will set up aconsultation with you.This could be a face to face consultation.
Step 3:
During the consultation the Debt Coun-sellor will verify your budget and your existingdebt commitments. A new budget will be agreedand the amount available for debt repayment willbe determined. The Debt Counsellor will also pro-vide you with details of all the costs as well as aninterim repayment plan. this is when you officiallyapply for Debt Counselling..
Step 4:
The Debt Counsellor will contact all yourCredit Providers as well as the Credit Bureaus toverify your debt. You will also be listed on theCredit Bereaus that you are under debt counsel-ling. This listing will stay there until you have paideverything off, then it will be completely removed.The Debt Counsellor will, where possible,negotiate a proposal with all your CreditProviders.
Step 5:
The Credit Providers may accept the pro-posals and if all of them do then a Consent Order
Step 6:
The Debt Counsellor will provide youwith a final repayment plan and this repaymentplan is also submitted to a Payment Distribu-tion Agency (PDA). The aim of this is to collecta single payment from you and ensure that thecorrect amount is paid to all Credit Providerson a monthly basis. This will continue until thedebt has been repaid.A Debt Review will protect the consumer from losing crucial assets and keep the Credit Providersfrom taking legal action on accounts that was lawfully included in the debt review. When visiting aDebt Counsellor the process will be as follows:will be obtained from a Magistrate Court. If oneor more of the Credit Providers do not acceptthe proposed repayment plan the Debt Coun-sellor will submit a proposal to the Magistratefor a decision.
On 15 January an Ethiopian owned shop inRutseng village, Leboeng was robbed.An undisclosed amount of cash as well as airtime was taken at gunpoint.The police was called immediately after therobbery and the SAPS chased after thesuspects. With the help of the communityone suspect was arrested and a firearmconfiscated. Two suspects are still at largeand the SAPS advised the community not totry and arrest them, but rather phone thepolice.The SAPS is looking for Mr EmmanuelMashailane who they believe will be able toassist them in their investigation.The arrested suspect appeared in theLeboeng Magistrate’s Court and he willremain in custody until 26 February when anofficial bail application will be lodged.The Leboeng SAPS thanks the community ofLeboeng and spesifically of Gankoana fortheir support.Anyone with information can contact Capt.Moholane on 082 565 7135 or DetectiveConstable Petja on 079 809 9194 or theLeboeng SAPS on 013 769 9099.
(Information: Constable Andrew Sibatana,Leboeng SAPS)
Suspected robber arrested in Leboeng
Maepa Primary School near Ohrigstad receiveda new corrugated iron roof on their old buildinglast weekend.Three weeks ago, the roof on the newlyconstructed classrooms as well as the oldersection was stolen.Hannah Game Lodge,the sponsors of thenew block ofclassrooms assistedto have the newsection fixed as soonas possible.However, after aSenior DistrictManager from theDepartment ofEducation told theschool to fall in the linefor funds to fix the roofHannah Game Lodgestepped in again.They with the help ofConstruction 2YKfixed the old building’sroof last weekend.The school howeverbecame a target ofcrime again earlierthis week. OnTuesday eveningthieves tried to gainaccess to an officewhere donated foodwere stored. Asecurity guard left onthe premises byConstruction 2YK alerted the police inOhrigstad. The criminals fled upon the arrivalof the police. They fled on foot and did not takeanything. By the time of going to press nobodyhas been arrested.To date the school has not received any supportfrom government in general or the Departmentof Education. Cheap-Cheap Butchery inBurgersfort last week donated food for theschool’s feeding scheme and the school wouldlike to thank them and all the other donors fortheir assistance. Their principal Mr StevenMkhabela also thanked Hannah Game Lodgeand 2YK for their continued support.The school has now moved their donated foodsupplies to another location. Anyone who wouldlike to assist the school with donations towardsthe feeding scheme or assist any other waycan contact the principal on 072 418 0200.
Maepa Primary School gets covered up
But they remain a target for criminals - another attempted break-in this week
Career exhibitionheld at Ga-Maroga
A career exhibition was held by the PulanaMaroga Community Trust last week Friday at theMaroga Community Hall adjacent to ASA Metals’sDilokong Chrome Mine and Smelters.Learners from a large number of schoolsattended.Response from schools to attend wereoverwhelming, and those who could not find aplace in the hall, gathered in the shade next tothe building, under a large tent and underumbrellas. They did not miss anything as theproceedings in the hall were relayed outside byloudspeakers. Representatives from the privatesector (mines etc.) government spheres andeducational institutions (Sekhukhune FETCollege) addressed learners about future jobs,and their own hard work and part they shouldplay to secure a future.

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