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URBAN WAR Supplement

URBAN WAR Supplement

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Published by Sterling Archer
Urban warefare Supplement
Urban warefare Supplement

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Published by: Sterling Archer on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beamstrike core rules 1.0 t
Photos by
1.2 required to use the material in
eil Cooper 2007eil Cooper and Ian Garbu
this booklet.
Urban war is a rules supplement for Bearulebook, but all together), ideas, game-plbuilt-up areas. The material in this book cphotos of urban tables are included for insp
relating to or conce
If troops are within buildings, although thtarget the building they are in with any wedemolition of the building. This is to simuland area/ suppressive fire is being pouredstart of the game and never moved or fired
If troops are firing from or up to very tall buof sight to the target and if the cover elemmay claim that cover level.
You may decide before a game toallow access into buildings, inwhich case simple floor plans maybe needed, or alternatively accessmay only be on the roof, in whichcase it takes one movement phaseto go from the roof to within 1inch of any door on the groundfloor. Note the rules on buildingdemolition. Ideally building models will havstrike, giving new rules (and including some ruly examples and background information for battlan be used for skirmishes in any era of the Beamiration!
rned with a city or densely populated area.
 enemy army cannot fire on the troops individuapon including off table fire support, with the aim oate the situation where troops were seen enteringinto that area. This is NOT allowed if the troops we(as the enemy just doesn’t know they are there!)When positioning troops at firing positiontroops may fire from each window (1/2 inchfire from a long (1 inch) firing slit in a bunfrom each doorway. Troops firing from a bcover bonus.Some buildings may form part of a player’sthe morale rules. Normal buildings count aswithin. Bunkers are specialised fortificationprotection for occupants (reinforced coverfiring points along most walls.ildings, the cover levels of troops may have to be aent obscures any part of the figures base from the
e removable roofs, allowing accurate placement of s present in the cores fought in cities andtrike timeline. Lots of ly, it is permissible tof causing casualties byhard cover/ buildingsre concealed from thes within buildings, 2width), 3 troops mayer. 2 troops may fireuilding, still get a fullmorale strength, seeHard cover for troopss providing maximum), but also allowing justed. Check the linefirers view, the target
TANK TRAPS (4 inch long sections)
Tank traps are devices employed to restrict the movement of ground vehicles whilst allowing troops to moverelatively freely. UA/ FI and LA troops treat tank trapped areas as open ground, PA and AD and wheeled bikes/trikes/ legged vehicles treat as difficult ground. Larger wheeled/ tracked/ hover vehicles cannot pass unless trapsdestroyed. Grav vehicles can move over the top of traps freely.Destroying traps: Of robust construction, may be destroyed by any of: Tank gun, Plasma gun, sun gun, HE or APgrenade/ missile hit, laser or bolt cannon. A KILL result against equivalent of Assault Dreadnought armour is neededto destroy a 2 inch section. Some very large vehicles may require a wider section than this to pass throughunhindered.
MINEFIELDS: (4 inch by 8 inch section)
Deployed in sections measuring 8 inches by 4 inches. Foot troops, wheeled, tracked AND hover vehicles affected(modern minefields use munitions which detect vehicles within 2 metres of the ground). Jetpack jumps (as long asyou clear the whole minefield), anti grav vehicles are unaffected. Note that minefields MAY NOT be placed on roadsor pavement/ sidewalks as there is nowhere to bury the mines. Minefields CAN be placed within rubble and ruins, ingarden/ shrubbery areas and of course woodland/ grassland/ sand etc.See page 42 of the core rules for more information on minefields.
BARBED WIRE: (4 inch long section)
Barbed or razor wire in Beamstrike uses monomolecular ribbons of wirewhich are razor sharp, very strong and seriously impede lightly armouredtroops. UA, FI and LA troops may not cross intact sections of wire, PA andAD troops throw 1d6 if they wish to cross. 1-3 Cross OK, 4-5 stuck, endmovement phase level with the wire, may move off next move phase.6 figure entangled and killed.Wire may be jet packed over without problem. Legged, tracked, grav, and hover vehicles are unimpeded by wire.Wheeled vehicles may cross, but throw 1d6. Roll of 1, vehicle passes through and destroys a 2 inch section of wire, 2-5 vehicle passes Ok, 6 means vehicle stuck for rest of game. Trikes and wheeled bikes throw as per PA/AD troops.Wheeled and tracked vehicles passing through wire destroy a 2 inch wide section.Destroying wire: A sapper (see troop characteristics) may make a 2 inch wide opening in wire if he spends his wholemove phase doing so (i.e. it is an ‘action’). Wire may be destroyed in 2 inch sections by a deliberate hit by any of thefollowing weapons: Any tank gun, Plasma gun, sun gun, HE or AP grenade/ missile hit. (Hit required only, automaticdestruction of a section)
BOOBY TRAPS (NEW scenery item, 3 points per small trap, 5 points per large trap)
You may allow the placing of booby traps as part of a tabletop set-up. Each booby trap costs 3 or 5 points(depending on the size of the charge), and is marked on the tabletop with a ‘hidden’ marker or similar. Any elementcoming within 1.5 inches of the marker must roll 1d6 to see if the trap has been detonated:Troop/ Vehicle type Trap triggered if you roll a……..Any unskilled trooper 5-6Any scout/ sapper skilled trooper 6Any vehicle 4-6

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