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M&M - Power Profile-Darkness Powers

M&M - Power Profile-Darkness Powers

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Published by El Cuenta Cuentos

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Published by: El Cuenta Cuentos on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Power Profile: Darkness Powers
Power Profile: Darkness Powers
Power Profile: Darkness Powers
Darkness—and the blindness that comes with it—is oneof the most primal fears, and command of darkness isone of the most primal powers. Darkness powers turnshadows into weapons and minions, allow you to turn outthe lights, or wield even more esoteric effects.
Darkness DescriPtors
 The following are important descriptors for darknesspowers.
Rather than a quality, darkness is techni-cally the lack of sufficient light.
& M
 describes lighting in terms of concealment (
page 186) with a low level of lighting(twilight, full moonlight, heavy shadows) providingpartial concealment and near complete darknessproviding total concealment, with all of the associ-ated modifiers. Various Senses effects overcome thisconcealment, either by enhancing vision or allowingother senses unaffected by visual concealment tocompensate.Darkness is still treated as a descriptor like anyother and many powers “create” or “generate” dark-ness rather than eliminating or reducing light. Somedarkness powers may tap into an extradimensionalor metaphysical source of darkness, such as a formof light-absorbing energy or matter—“dark matter”perhaps—or the mystic essence of darkness. Al-though darkness is often associated with evil and ma-levolence, this is not required. Still, even heroes withdarkness powers may have sinister reputations andcomplications associated with their powers (see
Dark-ness Complications
Darkness is often seen as a symbol of death:swallowing and smothering light and life. Althoughdeath is not a necessary descriptor for darknesspowers, there is some crossover between thesepowers and those in the
Death Powers
profile, par-ticularly the idea of “hungry” darkness feeding on thevital energy of living creatures.
A shadow is an area of reduced lightingcreated by an obstruction blocking a light source (in-cluding the sun) casting a darker area in the shapeof the obstruction. Shadows produce concealment,making them useful for hiding and stealth. They alsohave a great deal of folklore associated with them;shadows are often believed to mystically symbolizethe objects or individuals casting them, allowing asorcerer to influence the source using the shadow,for example. Shadows are also associated with con-taining the dark or sinister qualities of the objects or,especially, people casting them.
Darkness powers are naturally opposedto light effects and darkness may counter light andvice versa, with the more powerful effect over-whelming the other. Powers like Shadow Shroud (see
Offensive Powers
) are assumed to block out normalsources of light in their area as part of their effect. Forlighting to overcome the darkness, a specific coun-tering attempt is required.Darkness effects do not need countering checks toprovide concealment against visual senses. Likewise,Sense effects which overcome or counter conceal-ment do not need checks to do so, both occur auto-matically as part of the effect. A darkness effect pro-
1Power Profile: Darkness Powers
Power Profile: Darkness Powers
viding only partial concealment imposes penalties onvisual-based checks, as given in the Concealment ruleson page 192–193 of the
.Darkness powers may be able to counter othereffects, depending on other descriptors. For example,a solidified “dark energy” such as the Shadow Shapingpower can form constructs able to counter or containphysical forces. Metaphysical darkness with a colddescriptor could potentially smother a fire or othersource of heat or combustion.
Darkness features
Some Feature effects associated with darkness powersinclude the following:
Your control of darkness provides you withsome minor protection from intense light. You neversunburn or worry about glare, as if you were alwayswearing sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.
Shadow Puppets:
You can create minor “shadowshows” against a flat surface, shaping the shadows asyou wish to mimic different silhouettes and shapes,but otherwise causing no more effect than a circum-stance bonus to some interaction checks or uses of Expertise: Performance (or similar skills).
Shadow Suit:
You can cover your entire body withimpenetrable shadows at will, essentially “wearing”darkness as if it were clothing, “styled” however youwish, from a skintight silhouette to a swirling cloak or “garment” of shadows. You can similarly concealyour face with a shadowy mask (or a complete headcovering).
offensive Powers
Offensive darkness powers blind and confuse targets, ormake darkness manifest to strike, bind, and damage foesdirectly.
BlinDing Blast
A bolt of darkness strikes the target, covering or bindingthe eyes and temporarily blinding the victim. Cumulativeor even Progressive are common modifiers for this power.
Blinding Blast:
Ranged Affliction (darkness; Resisted by Dodge,Overcome by Will; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware), Limited to
Vision •
Dark Blast
A blast or bolt of darkness strikes your target, includingforce, cold, or life-draining damage. With the Variable De-scriptor modifier, your Dark Blast may be able to inflict anyof these types of Damage, as you choose. Life-drainingdamage may be resisted by Fortitude rather than Tough-ness (see the
Death Powers
Dark Blast:
Ranged Damage (cold, force, or life-drain) •
2points perrank.
night terrors
You invoke the primal fear associated with darkness, pro- jecting it on your targets and filling them with terror.For a version of this power that affects those your shadowfalls upon (rather than a target you can perceive), applythe Line Area modifier in place of Perception Ranged,perhaps with Reaction, if the effect occurs automaticallywithout any conscious effort on your part.
Night Terrors:
Perception Ranged Affliction (Resisted andOvercome by Will; Entranced, Compelled, Controlled),
Limited to fleeing or cowering in terror •
shaDow BinD
Ribbons or chains of darkness bind and trap your target.Some—particularly mystical—versions of Shadow Bindhave the Affects Incorporeal modifier.
Shadow Bind:
Cumulative Ranged Affliction (Resisted byDodge, Overcome by Will; Hindered and Vulnerable,Defenseless and Immobilized), Extra Condition, Limited
Degree •
shaDow Boxing
You can grab, damage, or otherwise exert your Strengthon a target by having your shadow “touch” theirs, ratherthan having to physically interact with them. This limitsthe effect to the distance your shadows extend and to theinteractions you can physically mimic (using your shad-ow’s hands to grab or punch, for example).
Shadow Boxing:
Damaging Move Object, Limited to Shadow
Interactions •
shaDow shrouD
You create an inky cloud of darkness, blocking out all light(and therefore vision) in the area. If you can only createthe darkness in a radius around you, remove the Rangedmodifier. Apply different Area modifiers for things like alingering dark mist (Cloud Area) or a spreading “black lightbeam” (Cone Area).
Shadow Shroud:
Ranged Burst Area Visual Concealment 4
Attack •
swallowing shaDow
You engulf a target in darkness and they simply disappear,banished to a shadowy nether-world. Additional ranks of the power after the first have the Limited to Resistancemodifier on their cost.
Swallowing Shadow:
Perception Ranged Movement(Dimensional Travel to a “shadow world”) Attack 
(Resisted by Will, base DC 11) •
2Power Profile: Darkness Powers
Power Profile: Darkness Powers
Defensive Powers
Defensive darkness powers conceal you from attackers orprotect you with a dark aura or shield.
Dark aura
A shadowy aura surrounds your body, with an effect like aDark Blast (previously) on anyone touching you, includingthe descriptors associated with the Damage (cold, force,or life-draining). Like Dark Blast, a Dark Aura may have theVariable Descriptor modifier.
Dark Aura:
Reaction Damage (to being touched; cold, force, or
life-drain) •
immunity to Darkness
Your power over darkness makes you immune to its directeffects upon you, although this power does not grant youthe ability to overcome or ignore the concealment createdby darkness effects (for that, see the Darkvision power).
Immunity to Darkness:
Immunity 5 (darkness effects)
immunity to light
Your darkness powers counteract the effects of most lightpowers, making you immune to light-based Affliction orDamage effects, for example.
Immunity to Light:
Immunity 10 (light effects) •
shaDow melD
You can appear to “melt” into the shadows, virtually invis-ible when you are in any area with concealment providedby shadows or darkness. Additional ranks of Concealmentcan affect hearing or scent, becoming truly shadow-like.
Shadow Meld:
Concealment 4 (Visual), Limited to areas of 
shadow or darkness •
shaDow shielD
A shadowy aura around your body protects you fromharm. Your Shadow Shield may be Impervious, althoughperhaps not against light-based attacks (see
Power Loss
Darkness Complications
Shadow Shield:
Protection (dark force), Sustained •
1point perrank.
movement Powers
Movement powers use darkness as a medium for flyingthrough the air or stepping through shadowy portals toemerge elsewhere, amongst other effects.
Dark flight
A dark aura or shadowy wings allow you to defy gravityand fly.
Dark Flight:
Flight •
shaDow BriDge
A bridge or platform of darkness supports you, allowingyou to glide above the ground.
Shadow Bridge:
Flight, Platform (shadow bridge) •
shaDow crawl
 Tendrils or limbs of shadow emerge from your body (ora dark aura around it) to carry you above the ground likethe legs of a giant spider. Elongation and Extra Limbs arecommon additional effects for this power.
Shadow Crawl:
Speed •
shaDow Door
You can use a shadow as a “doorway” to pass through thesurface it falls upon, as if you were stepping only througha shadow, and not a solid barrier. This is a much morelimited range effect than Shadow Walk (following); it endsonce you emerge from the other side of the object your“door” passes through.
Shadow Door:
Movement (Permeate) •
shaDow Projection
You place your consciousness into your shadow andsend it forth from your body, allowing you to sense andoperate through it at a distance. The normal Insight check to notice Remote Sensing (DC 10 + rank) is a Perceptioncheck to notice your separated shadow instead.
Shadow Projection:
Remote Sensing (visual, auditory, mental) •
shaDow walk
You appear to step into a shadow in one place and emergefrom another elsewhere. Teleport modifiers like Accurate,Easy, Extended, and Portal are common for this power.
Shadow Walk:
 Teleport, Medium (shadows) •
utility Powers
Power over darkness can be used for everything from ig-noring its effects and seeing through it to transforminginto it or shaping it into a semi-solid medium.
Power Profile: Darkness Powers
Power Profile: Darkness Powers

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