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M&M - Power Profile-Size and Mass Powers

M&M - Power Profile-Size and Mass Powers

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Published by El Cuenta Cuentos

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Published by: El Cuenta Cuentos on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
Contrary to what they say, size
matter, but not neces-sarily in the ways you might think! From powerful giantsto mighty mites,
Size & Mass Powers
looks at the verybig and the very small, along with changes in mass anddensity and all the things you can do when you see theworld from the perspective of a different size.
Size DeScriPtorS
“Size” is the key descriptor for the powers in this profile,as they are based on a character’s size relative to normalhuman size.
 The effects of different size ranks are summa-rized in the
Size Rank Modifiers
table (page 224of the
) and discussed under
, following. Like many effects in
, size ignores a number of scientific reali-ties, from the square-cube law (which would make itphysically impossible for giant-sized humanoids) tothe conservation of mass and the question of wherea size-changer’s additional mass comes from or goesto when they change size. Like all values on the
Measurements Table
, size rank actually representsa range of sizes; so size rank 1 ranges between 31feet (just greater than rank 0) and 60 feet. Similarly,a size rank –5 creature is somewhere between 6 and12 inches tall. Size rank –2 (“normal” size) ranges from just over 3 feet to around 8 feet tall.
Since they primarily affect the user,most size powers are not especially useful in coun-tering effects other than involuntary changes in size.Clever players may come up with relevant applica-tions, such as using Growth to counter an Afflictionby “out-growing” its effects, for example
Size powersthat affect other targets may be more useful forcountering. A power like Shrink-Ray (see
) could potentially “reduce” another power toineffectiveness, while Mass Dispersal could “spreadout” another effect along with the character in asudden rush of expansion.
Size featureS
Feature effects associated with size powers include thefollowing. The GM may declare some of these default fea-tures of size powers in the setting, requiring no Featureranks.
You retain the ability to speak and hear normallyregardless of your size rank, in spite of the fact thatsubjects three or more size ranks smaller than youshould be difficult (+10 or more DC) to hear.
Up to 50 lbs. of carried items change size along withyou. Each additional rank increases mass rank by+1. The default feature may be limited to a specialcostume and devices; this Feature extends it to any-thing on your person.
Size effectS
 The primary size powers are the Growth and Shrinkingeffects from the
(pages 110 and 128, re-spectively), which describe the effects of different sizes oncharacters. Each effect is a “package” of pre-determined
1Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
trait modifications based on a change in size. For botheffects, modifications requiring a certain number of ranksonly apply for every full increment of that number, drop-ping any fractions. Actual changes in size are incrementalbetween size ranks: going from Growth 0 (normal size) toGrowth 4 (+1 size rank) involves proportional increases insize at the ranks between, starting with 6 ft. (normal size),then 8 ft. (Growth 1), 10 ft. (Growth 2), 12 ft. (Growth 3),and finally 15 ft. (Growth 4). Size rank modifiers are sum-marized on page 224 of the
With the exception of the circumstance modifiers to In-timidation and Stealth checks, the modifiers granted bysize effects are limited by power level; the GM may restrictcertain ranks of Growth or Shrinking or rule that theirbenefits are limited to the maximums for the user’s powerlevel.
Growth applies the following modifiers:
Every rank 
adds +1 Strength and Stamina rank (+1 Toughness for subjects lacking Stamina) and +1 massrank but applies a –1 circumstance penalty to Stealthchecks.
Every 2 ranks
adds a +1 circumstance bonus to In-timidation checks but subtracts 1 rank from Dodgeand Parry defenses.
Every 4 ranks
adds 1 to your size rank (starting fromrank –2 for normal human size) and adds 1 rank of Reach.
Every 8 ranks
adds 1 to your ground speed rank.
Confined Spaces:
One of the limitations on Growth isthe difficulty of using it to full effect indoors! If a growingcharacter reaches the limit of the available space andkeeps growing, make an automatic Damage ResistanceCheck for the material of the surrounding space againstthe character’s modified Strength rank. If the mate-rial breaks, the character bursts out of it and continuesgrowing. If the material successfully resists, the growingcharacter is compressed and must resist the material’s Toughness rank in damage. Check again each roundthe character grows until the material breaks or thegrowing stops (which typically happens if the characteris stunned or incapacitated).
Shrinking applies the following modifiers:
Every rank 
adds a +1 circumstance bonus to yourStealth checks and applies a –1 mass rank.
Every 2 ranks
increases your Dodge and Parry de-fenses by 1 and impose a –1 circumstance penalty toyour Intimidation checks.
Every 4 ranks
reduces your size rank by 1 (start-ing from –2 for a normal human) and reduces yourStrength rank by 1.
Every 8 ranks
reduces your ground speed rank by 1.
Shrinking and Stealth:
Greatly reduced size providesmuch more cover and concealment for hiding. Shrinkingcharacters can also benefit for the Hide in Plain Sight ad-vantage, and Gamemasters may permit it as a ShrinkingFeature extra as well as an advantage.
Microscopic Size:
The Atomic modifier on page 128 of the Hero’s Handbook is essentially an Alternate Effect of Shrinking, taking the character out of the arena of theordinary world altogether. A microscopic character hastotal concealment and is basically incorporeal (Insub-stantial rank 4,
page 114) where thematerial world is concerned. On the other hand, thecharacter’s ability to interact with the normal-sized worldis quite limited, with the exception of specific powereffects like Internal Attack (see
Offensive Powers
). Suchpowers may require the Affects Corporeal and Subtlemodifiers to reflect the microscopic character’s relativeadvantages.
 The following effect modifiers are particularly relevant tosize powers:
This is the appropriate modifier for aGrowth or Shrinking effect requiring additional timeto use. A further application of Activation limits thenumber of ranks the character can activate at once,in which case, each additional increment applies a–1 point flat flaw. For example, if a hero has Growth,but can only grow at a rate of 4 ranks per round,every 4 ranks after the first 4 applies a –1 point flatmodifier.
This modifier can reflect a character whoslowly returns to normal size after a size change, thenmust recover the size changing power.
Permanent duration Growth or Shrinking re-flecting a character’s normal size due to race, species,etc., should generally also be Innate, meaning itcannot be countered (although Affects Others andAttack effects can still change the character’s size).
A common 1-point Quirk for size-changingpowers is “maximum rank only” where the charac-ter can only assume the size created by the effect’smaximum rank and return to normal size, but notachieve any of the intermediate sizes. So a char-acter with Shrinking 8 can be normal sized or sizerank –4 (1 foot tall) but cannot stop at a size inbetween. A character’s Growth power might havethe Quirk: –1 Intellect rank per increase in sizerank, good for –2 points per size rank the charac-ter can enlarge, but resulting in a fairly dim-witted(but powerful) giant.
Higher ranks of Growth or Shrinking withthis modifier may represent the strain of achievingextreme sizes or a kind of “extended extra effort” asdiscussed in the flaw description.
2Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
DefenSe anD relative Size
A more accurate, but also more complex, way of deter-mining the active defense modifier is to compare the at-tacker and defender’s size ranks and apply a –2 modifierfor each rank the defender is larger than the attacker, anda +2 modifier for each rank smaller. So opponents of thesame relative size have no modifiers against each other.
A simpler approach drops the normal active defensemodifiers and applies circumstance modifiers: +2 defenseagainst an attacker one size rank larger, +5 for three ormore size ranks larger, –2 defense against an attacker onesize rank smaller, –5 for three or more ranks smaller.
Size anD area effectS
Although changes in size apply modifiers to Dodge andParry—making smaller targets harder to hit and largerones easier—they do not take into account changes inscale; an energy beam as wide as a normal-sized person’spalm is as wide as a size rank –5 character’s entire body!Similarly, a giant’s foot can be as big (or bigger) than aminivan when it comes crashing down.M&M Gamemasters wanting to take these changes intoaccount can apply the following guideline: An attackerthree or more size categories larger than a target maytreat attacks against that target as if they had the Areamodifier (
page 138), including limitingthe attack’s rank by power level. The base size of the area is the attacker’s size rank –3. Soa size rank 1 attacker creates a size rank –2 area againstnormal sized (size rank –2) targets. A normal sized humanattacking a size rank –5 opponent creates a size rank –5area (a 6 inch radius).
offenSive PowerS
Offensive size powers take advantage of relative differenc-es in size, or alter the size of attacks or unwilling targets!
Growth MoMentuM
You use the momentum of your increase in size to inflictadditional damage with a close attack, literally growing upunderneath your target. Take as many ranks as you expectto change size ranks; if you have Shrinking 16, you can haveup to 4 ranks of Growth Momentum damage (at whichpoint you reach your normal size rank and cannot grow anyfurther). The additional damage is still limited by power level.
Growth Momentum:
Strength-based Damage, Limited to
size rank difference between you and your target •
1point per2ranks.
internal attack
By shrinking down to microscopic size, you can attack your target from within, bypassing external defenses. Youmay vary the conditions imposed by the Affliction to suitthe type of attack, perhaps having an array of different Af-flictions or applying the Variable Condition modifier fromthe
Illusion Powers
Internal Attack:
Cumulative Affliction (Resisted andOvercome by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated),Affects Corporeal, Subtle, Quirk (Must use the Atomic
modifier on Shrinking, –1 point) •
A similar power is a Phase Attack: passing through thetarget in a near zero-density state and then partially so-lidifying for an instant, causing a painful disruption. Thistype of attack may be Tiring or have an unpleasant Side-Effect. It could also be a Damage effect rather than Af-fliction.
Phase Attack:
Cumulative Affliction (Resisted and Overcome by
Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Affects Corporeal •
MaSSive MiSSile
You can take a small object able to fit into the palm of your hand and throw it, causing it to grow as it flies, until itlands on your target as a massive area attack!
Massive Missile:
Burst Area Ranged Damage, Quirk 
(Requires objects to throw, –1 point) •
You project a beam that causes your target to shrink to atiny—and largely helpless—size. Drop the Ranged modi-fier if you must touch a target to shrink it. Apply a suitableArea modifier like Cone for a “wide angle” beam or Cloudfor a “shrinking gas bomb”.
Ranged Progressive Affliction (Resisted by Dodge,Overcome by Fortitude; Transformed – reduced to tiny size),
Limited (Third Degree Only) •
DefenSive PowerS
Size powers make characters more difficult to target orprovide defensive changes in mass, making it harder forattacks to affect their target.
DenSity DecreaSe
You reduce your body’s density to the point of becomingghost-like, unaffected by most forms of physical attack.
Density Decrease:
Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal) •
Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS
Power Profile: Size & MaSS PowerS

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