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Volunteer Management Human Resources Manual Catholic Charities Fort Worth

Volunteer Management Human Resources Manual Catholic Charities Fort Worth

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Published by mpriceatccusa
Volunteer Management Human Resources Manual Catholic Charities Fort Worth
Volunteer Management Human Resources Manual Catholic Charities Fort Worth

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Published by: mpriceatccusa on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Catholic Charities is committed to excellence in stewardship with the resources entrusted to CatholicCharities by contributors. The purpose of this policy and corresponding procedures is to establish andprovide operational guidelines for the volunteer management process at Catholic Charities.
Catholic Charities will ensure that all volunteers have access to guidance and support throughout thevolunteer process, including recruitment, training, retention and conclusion of the volunteer commitment.Volunteer management policies and procedures will be established to comply with best practices in thevolunteer management field and to comply with standards established by relevant licensing andaccrediting organizations.
This policy and all corresponding procedures apply to all Board Directors, employees and volunteers of Catholic Charities. Failure to comply with the policy and corresponding procedures can result indisciplinary action, up to, and including termination.
Community Service Worker: An individual to whom a Court has offered or ordered alternative sentencingthat includes the requirement to perform community services or to work for agencies in the sentencing jurisdiction either entirely or partly in lieu of other judicial remediesandsanctions,such asincarceration or fines.Community service workers will be assigned non-direct services tasks and must be supervisedat all times.Criminal Background Check (CBC)/Background Check: The review of records containing informationstored in identified and selected criminal record, credit record, and driving record repositories. Theserecords may show pending arrests, previous arrests, ordered probation, ordinance violations, pleas,and/or convictions
Volunteers for whom a criminal background check is required may not have contactwith clients, case records, personnel files, or other sensitive organizational information prior to receipt of acceptable results on the criminal background check.Volunteer Liaison: The person within a program/work group who has been assigned responsibility for specific functional training and supervision of volunteers within the designated area.Volunteer: A person who offers service to Catholic Charities without financial compensation of any kindfrom any source.Group Volunteer: An individual who chooses to provide volunteer services to Catholic Charities or 
Catholic Charities’ clients as part of an organized group under the auspices of a corporation, faith
-based organization, service organization, school, or other community group. Due to the transient
Subject: HumanResourcesVolunteer Management
COA: HR 3.03, 3.05, TS 3.05
 Applies to: All Catholic Charities’
Board of Directors, employees andvolunteersEffective: June 27, 2007Revised: July 21, 2011
nature of group membership and participation, group volunteers will be considered occasional/casualvolunteers. Catholic Charities must ensure that the policies and procedures of sponsoringorganizations providing volunteers to serve in Catholic Charities shelter or foster care programscomply with the intent of rules relating to volunteers in the applicable Texas Department of FamilyProtective Services Minimum Standards. The procedures that follow have been written toaccommodate this requirement.Volunteer Categories:
Catholic Charities’ Volunteer 
Services are divided into three categories:
Direct Services: Activities designed to include direct contact with and service delivery toclients/service recipients, and include the types of activities or services to clients offered by paidstaff. At this time, volunteers are not utilized to provide child care services, treatment services, or other programmatic services as defined by applicable TDFPS Minimum Standards.
Non-direct Services: Activities in which the primary focus is not direct contact or service to clientsand that do not routinely involve direct contact with clients/service recipients.
Employee Volunteers:  An individual who is employed by Catholic Charities who chooses toprovide volunteer services to the agency. In order for the time employees donate to beconsidered as volunteer work it must
be outside of the employee’s normally scheduled work hours
and the type of work must be significantly different from the activities that the employee performsduring his or her work with Catholic Charities. Stages of Volunteer Engagement
Recruitment: Process of finding, attracting, and engaging new volunteers in any or all programs of the agency
Training: Orientation, initial and continuous education and instruction for volunteers of the agency
Retention: The process of continuous engagement and utilization of volunteers
Conclusion: The end or ending stages of the volunteer commitmentTB: Tuberculosis; a potentially contagious bacterial infectionUnsupervised Access to Clients: Unsupervised access to clients includes any situation in which anindividual not employed by Catholic Charities is left alone with a Catholic Charities client.
Recruitment and Training of Volunteers:
The staff of the Volunteer Program will solicit and maintain current information on volunteer needsand opportunities throughout the organization and prioritize volunteer needs based off of feedback bydepartment/program managers.
The Volunteer Program will regularly conduct volunteer outreach activities that include, but are notlimited to:
Call to action in The Advocate;
Speaking engagements at community functions, parishes, churches and schools; and
Communication with Catholic Charities’ existing volunteers and donors
All individuals who express an interest in becoming a volunteer must be directed to the Volunteer Program. No division, department, or program of Catholic Charities has authorization to engagevolunteers without the volunteer first completing the volunteer process as outlined below.
Upon expressing interest in becoming a volunteer, individuals will be requested to complete andsubmit the following documentation, as determined by the type of volunteer service, to the staff of theVolunteer Program:Individual volunteers:
All individuals expressing an interest to volunteer, are required to complete a Volunteer  Application (Form 1011-49) and an Authorization for Release of Information (Form 1011-06) andsubmit them to the Volunteer Specialist.
The Volunteer Specialist will contact the potential volunteers with dates of scheduled Volunteer Orientations. The potential volunteer will bring the completed Volunteer Application (Form 1011-49) and Authorization for Release of Information form (Form 1011-06) to the Volunteer Orientation and will complete the Acknowledgement and Disclosure Statement (Form 1011-14)and the Conflict of Interest Disclosure (Form 1011-02) at the end of the Orientation. TheVolunteer Orientation, will include but is not limited to:
Review of agency policies and procedures; and
 An orientation to the organization’s services.
Once the volunteer has completed the Orientation, the Volunteer Specialist will review thecompleted application and supporting documents and forward them to Human Resources for processing. The Volunteer Specialist will scan and email paperwork to Human Resources as wellas give the paper copy to Human Resources. Criminal background checks will be completed onall individual volunteers within four business days and initial results will be sent to the Volunteer Specialist.
Additional information may be required from a potential volunteer prior to approval, as determinedby best practice/minimum standards:
Direct service volunteers who express an interest in working with Catholic
Charities’ child
welfare services programs (such as the Assessment Center,Families First, or International Foster Care Program) may be required to submitadditional documents for a separate background check required by the TexasDepartment of Family and Protective Services. The Volunteer Specialist willinform the potential volunteer of the additional information needed and collect thenecessary documents.
Certain direct service volunteers may be required to also complete a TB test.Utilizing standards established by the Council on Accreditation and/or other relevant licensing organizations, and based on periodic consultation withlocal/state health departments to determine high risk populations, the Volunteer Specialist and Human Resources will make and document a determination as towhether or not the volunteer must complete a TB test. Annual re-testing may berequired for certain volunteers based on area of service. If the volunteer isrequired to complete a TB test, instructions will be provided. The TB test is at the
volunteer’s own expense. (See separate guidelines under the “Special Health
Community Service volunteers will be required to provide contact information for their court appointed supervisor or parole officer.
Upon receipt of the acceptable criminal background check results and TB test results, if required,Human Resources will send the Volunteer Application back to the Volunteer Specialist, noting thevolunteer is cleared to start. In the event that information obtained during a background checkprecludes volunteer service, Human Resources will send a letter of denial to the volunteer.
Human Resources will maintain confidential documentation on each individual volunteer. Theconfidential documentation will include, at minimum, the Volunteer Application; Authorization for Release of Information; CBC and TB test results, if required. The Volunteer Program will maintain

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