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Published by David Lhotak

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Published by: David Lhotak on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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# LITERAL1 specifies constantsHIGH LITERAL1 ConstantsLOW LITERAL1 ConstantsINPUT LITERAL1 ConstantsINPUT_PULLUP LITERAL1 ConstantsOUTPUT LITERAL1 ConstantsDEC LITERAL1 Serial_PrintBIN LITERAL1 Serial_PrintHEX LITERAL1 Serial_PrintOCT LITERAL1 Serial_PrintPI LITERAL1HALF_PI LITERAL1TWO_PI LITERAL1LSBFIRST LITERAL1 ShiftOutMSBFIRST LITERAL1 ShiftOutCHANGE LITERAL1 AttachInterruptFALLING LITERAL1 AttachInterruptRISING LITERAL1 AttachInterruptDEFAULT LITERAL1 AnalogReferenceEXTERNAL LITERAL1 AnalogReferenceINTERNAL LITERAL1 AnalogReferenceINTERNAL1V1 LITERAL1 AnalogReferenceINTERNAL2V56 LITERAL1 AnalogReference# KEYWORD1 specifies datatypes and C/C++ keywordsboolean KEYWORD1 BooleanVariablesbreak KEYWORD1 Breakbyte KEYWORD1 Bytecase KEYWORD1 SwitchCasechar KEYWORD1 Charclass KEYWORD1const KEYWORD1 Constcontinue KEYWORD1 Continuedefault KEYWORD1 SwitchCasedo KEYWORD1 DoWhiledouble KEYWORD1 Doubleelse KEYWORD1 Elsefalse KEYWORD1 Constantsfloat KEYWORD1 Floatfor KEYWORD1 Forif KEYWORD1 Ifint KEYWORD1 Intlong KEYWORD1 Longnew KEYWORD1null KEYWORD1private KEYWORD1protected KEYWORD1public KEYWORD1register KEYWORD1return KEYWORD1 Returnshort KEYWORD1signed KEYWORD1static KEYWORD1 StaticString KEYWORD1 Stringswitch KEYWORD1 SwitchCasethis KEYWORD1throw KEYWORD1try KEYWORD1
true KEYWORD1unsigned KEYWORD1void KEYWORD1 Voidwhile KEYWORD1 Whileword KEYWORD1 Word# operators aren't highlighted, but may have documentation+= IncrementCompound+ Arithmetic[] arrayaccess= assign& BitwiseAnd| BitwiseAnd,// Comments?:{} Braces-- Increment/ Arithmetic/* Comments. dot==< greaterthan<= greaterthanorequalto++ Increment!= inequality<< Bitshift< lessthan<= lessthanorequalto&& Boolean! Boolean|| Boolean- Arithmetic% Modulo* Arithmetic() parentheses>> Bitshift; SemiColon-= IncrementCompound# these are datatypes, but we've also defined functions to cast to themboolean KEYWORD2 booleanbyte KEYWORD2 bytechar KEYWORD2 charfloat KEYWORD2 floatint KEYWORD2 intlong KEYWORD2 longword KEYWORD2 word# KEYWORD2 specifies methods and functionsabs KEYWORD2 Absacos KEYWORD2 ACosasin KEYWORD2 ASinatan KEYWORD2 ATanatan2 KEYWORD2 ATan2ceil KEYWORD2 Ceilconstrain KEYWORD2 Constrain
cos KEYWORD2 Cosdegrees KEYWORD2exp KEYWORD2 Expfloor KEYWORD2 Floorlog KEYWORD2 Logmap KEYWORD2 Mapmax KEYWORD2 Maxmin KEYWORD2 Minradians KEYWORD2random KEYWORD2 RandomrandomSeed KEYWORD2 RandomSeedround KEYWORD2sin KEYWORD2 Sinsq KEYWORD2 Sqsqrt KEYWORD2 Sqrttan KEYWORD2 TanbitRead KEYWORD2 BitReadbitWrite KEYWORD2 BitWritebitSet KEYWORD2 BitSetbitClear KEYWORD2 BitClearbit KEYWORD2 BithighByte KEYWORD2 HighBytelowByte KEYWORD2 LowByteanalogReference KEYWORD2 AnalogReferenceanalogRead KEYWORD2 AnalogReadanalogWrite KEYWORD2 AnalogWriteattachInterrupt KEYWORD2 AttachInterruptdetachInterrupt KEYWORD2 DetachInterruptdelay KEYWORD2 DelaydelayMicroseconds KEYWORD2 DelayMicrosecondsdigitalWrite KEYWORD2 DigitalWritedigitalRead KEYWORD2 DigitalReadinterrupts KEYWORD2millis KEYWORD2 Millismicros KEYWORD2 MicrosnoInterrupts KEYWORD2 NoInterruptsnoTone KEYWORD2 NoTonepinMode KEYWORD2 PinModepulseIn KEYWORD2 PulseInshiftIn KEYWORD2 ShiftInshiftOut KEYWORD2 ShiftOuttone KEYWORD2 ToneSerial KEYWORD3 SerialSerial1 KEYWORD3 SerialSerial2 KEYWORD3 SerialSerial3 KEYWORD3 Serialbegin KEYWORD2 Serial_Beginend KEYWORD2 Serial_Endpeek KEYWORD2 Serial_Peekread KEYWORD2 Serial_Readprint KEYWORD2 Serial_Printprintln KEYWORD2 Serial_Printlnavailable KEYWORD2 Serial_Availableflush KEYWORD2 Serial_FlushsetTimeout KEYWORD2find KEYWORD2findUntil KEYWORD2

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