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2013 6th Language Syllabus MF.doc

2013 6th Language Syllabus MF.doc

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Published by Mariana Ferrarelli

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Published by: Mariana Ferrarelli on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Colegio Superior de Lomas – Lomas High SchoolSenior Section – Planificación anual de LANGUAGE 6
Department: LanguageSubject: LANGUAGETeacher: Prof. Lic. Mariana Ferrarelli Year: 6thWeekly Modules: 5 (five)
Students are expected to develop their language skills and prepare for the new Cambridge Certificate in AdvancedEnglish (CAE) and the Reading and Writing Modules of the IELTS. They are expected to successfully cope with multiple-choice, gapped text and multiple matching exercises as well asIELTS-specific exam questions.
Improve their reading and writing skills, including pre-reading, skimming and scanning; editing, proof reading,etc.
Successfully deal with a variety of texts -newspapers, magazines, journals, books (fiction and non-fiction),promotional and informational materials- and to identify the main idea of a reading and/or writing passage
Develop their awareness of patterns of cohesion and coherence in texts.
Determine meaning from context and identify other features such as detail, opinion, tone, purpose, main idea,implication, attitude, text organization, exemplification, comparison and reference.
Colegio Superior de Lomas – Lomas High SchoolSenior Section – Planificación anual de LANGUAGE 6
Time:UnitActivitiesMaterials to be used
ContentUnit I
 Topics and main ideasDealing with unfamiliar wordsBuilding vocabularyParaphrasingScanning for a specific detailSkimming for general understandingMain ideas and supporting ideasParagraph structureCompound nounsReferencingImproving general reading skillsUsing context to guess the meaning of wordsUsing word form to guess themeaning of wordsSummarisingIELTS Mock papers & exam-typeactivities
Unit II
Predicting the contentUnderstanding argumentDiscussion of practice papers.Analysis of charts and tables.Reading in class.Analysis of literary and informativetexts.Planning of writing assignments inclass: argumentative essays andreports on charts and tables..Audiovisual textsPower Point PresentationsBooklet of the subject.
Colegio Superior de Lomas – Lomas High SchoolSenior Section – Planificación anual de LANGUAGE 6
CollocationsIdentifying the writer’s views andclaimsFinding the real you CAE Pt 3Festival in the desert CAE Pt 2 Themed texts CAE Pt 1Saviours of the seas CAE Pt 2IELTS & CAE Mock papers & exam-type activities
Unit III
An unhealthy obsession CAE Pt 3Superheroes CAE Pt 4 Themed texts CAE Pt 1Mean machines CAE Pt 3 The appeal of eBay CAE Pt 2 Themed texts CAE Pt 1Changing places CAE Pt 4CAE Mock papers & exam-typeactivities
Teaching & Learning Approach
Following Vygotsky’s constructivisttheory
the course is based upon theidea that knowledge is best achievedcooperatively and through scaffolding.Assessment will be carried out interms of the assessment criteria usedby Cambridge InternationalExaminations for IELTS.Unit-by-unit ExamsMock PapersDirect Observation of:
Appropriate compliance with
Vygotsky, L. S. (1962)
Thought and Language
. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

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