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Final Script

Final Script

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Published by KatyFosdike1
Unit 3
Unit 3

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Published by: KatyFosdike1 on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BallsWritten ByKaty Fosdike
1INT. FUNERAL DIRECTORS - DAYTIME As the bored Undertaker stared down at this man wrapped in ahot air balloon, his mind became curious. How does someonedie with a bowling ball lodged into his stomach? Theuninterested Undertaker, amused by this man’s death, beginswork on removing the bowling ball.INT. BOWLING ALLEY - DAYTIME A man goes to bowl a bowling ball down the lane but slips onthe surface and loses grip of the ball. As it hurtlesthrough the waiting crowds who have to duck for their lives,the ball crashed free through the glass door and rolls itsway into the construction site that is in the nearby park.EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE - DAYTIMESpinning itself through the concrete construction pipe, thebowling ball, carries on its journey through the bustlingconstruction site. Rolling itself unknowingly onto ascaffolding pole, it continues its exploration into the skyand across the pole, dropping itself off the end, itplummets itself through the scaffolding below and into aU-bend pipe that propels it once again into the air and freeover the fence of the construction site.INT. HOUSE - DAYTIMEEscaping to the other side of the fence, the bowling ballfinds itself falling and bouncing off of a water bed andcrashing through an upstairs window. Bouncing on themattress just below the window, the ball bounces once more,not caring that it just landed on a man’s foot, possiblybreaking it, it crashes to the floor and rolls down thehallway at speed, running over the cats tail, causing thecat to yelp and look for safety at the top of the curtains.EXT. ALLEY WAY - DAYTIMEwe rejoin our bowling ball that is currently falling downthe side of the house and rebounds on a market stallcovering, flinging itself down between the houses, gettingitself caught up in all the washing lines, wearing a bra onesecond, then a shirt, a towel like a cape and finally somebig underwear belonging to the fat lady in flat 5B. Thebowling ball finds itself with a trail of washing wrappedaround it as it carries on its journey between the houses,until it finds itself smacking into a hot air balloon andpopping it, falling down, the ball crashes through thebasket and carries on its descent. With the balloons ropesentangled around the bowling ball, the balloon is pulleddown along with the ball.

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