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War is an Essential Evil

War is an Essential Evil

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Published by Shivangi Dutta
is war really essential? is it of any help to mankind? this articles is an articulation of the writers thoughts about wars.
is war really essential? is it of any help to mankind? this articles is an articulation of the writers thoughts about wars.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Shivangi Dutta on Feb 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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War is an essential evil
History holds the names and dates of numerous wars that took placearound the world.The usual reason behind a war to take place was to determine who themore capable ruler was, the one who could overpower the other was totake hold of the place and it was then governed according to him.On the papers it might seem to be a fair play because this is what evenhappens today, by testing the abilities of one another through a small test, be it mental or physical, it usually helps in deciding who is better or whois more deserving. But one of the most major differences between a war and a small test is that the later by and large doesn’t involve bloodshed,loss of own flesh and blood, at times even our own identity.Wars are not just a part of history but take place even in the contemporaryarena, specifically now on an increasing basis. The superpower countriesand the not so powerful but rich in resource countries would have warsfrequently and this would go on and on until the not so powerful countrycollapses with loss of human resource, economical imbalance, even theloss of the country’s identity which might have to collaborate with someother nation. What would happen anyways in the end apart from watchingone of the countries loose the battle? These wars would lead to deaths,not just from the country which loose but even from the ones who win,deaths not just at the battle field, but deaths due to starvation, due toexplosions, due to mental trauma. It would lead to more widows, whomight not be capable enough to feed her newborn child without thesupport of the one she needed the most then. This would lead to morechildren who won’t have a father to drop them to school or play withthem on weekends. This would lead to loss of skilled human beings whohad to meet god before their dreams were fulfilled. Even the ones whomanaged to get through the wars, do you think after watching the bloodshed, the firing, watching their own friends, their own people die,would they be able to lead a normal life again? So what good do the warsreally bring??Stop for just a moment and think about what a war could mean. For human beings. A country with less excess to technology and a weak leader might almost go extinct fighting with another country that is waytoo powerful. The conditions become more tenuous, the population keeps blowing off. Is this really what we want to do? Kill ourselves off completely? In the hopes that--what? Some decent species will inherit thesmoking remains of the earth? Or is this a strategy that the superpower countries have built to keep a control on the over booming population! At

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