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Question Bank Maths

Question Bank Maths

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Published by Rajesh Tiwari

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Published by: Rajesh Tiwari on Feb 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tutorial -1
Q1. Find the value of 
for the following distribution whose mean is 16.6.x 8 12 15 p 20 25 30f 12 16 20 24 16 8 4
Q2. A firm of readymade garments make both men’s and women’s shirts. Itsprofit average is 6% of sales. Its profits in men’s shirts average 8% of sales; andwomen’s shirts
comprise 60% of output. What is the average profit per sales
rupee in women’s shirts
.Q3. The mean of the following frequency table is 50. But the frequencies f 
, and f 
 in classes 20-40 and 60-80 are missing. Find the missing frequencies.Class 0-20 20-40 40-60 60-80 80-100 TotalFrequency 17
19 120Q4. The average dividend declared by a group of 10 chemical companies was18%. Later on, it was discovered that one correct figure, 12, was misread as 22.Find the correct average dividend.Q5. The mean yearly salary paid to all employees in a company was Rs.24,00,000. The mean yearly salaries paid to male and female employees were Rs25,00,000 and 19,00,000, respectively. Find out the percentage of male to femaleemployees in the company.Q6. A candidate obtains the following percentages in an examination. English46%, Mathematics 67%, Sanskrit 72%, Economics 58%, Political Science 53%. It isagreed to give double weight to marks in English and Mathematics as comparedto other subjects. What is the weighted mean?Q7. A car owner buys petrol at Rs. 7.50, rs 8.00 and Rs 8.50 per liters for threesuccessive years. Compute the average cost per litre of petrol when he spends Rs.4000 each year.
Q8. The median of the following observations arranged in the ascending order:11,12,14,x+2, x+4, 30, 32, 35, 41 is 24. Find x.Q9. The following table shows age distribution of persons in a particular region:Age(years) No. of personsBelow 10 220 530 940 1750 1460 1570 15.5Above 70 15.6
Find the median and mode of the following data.
Q10. The arithmetic
mean height of 50 students of a college is 5’8”. The height of 
30 these are given in the frequency distribution below. Find the arithmetic meanheight of the remaining 20 students.Height ininches
 Frequency 4 12 4 8 2Q11. Mr.
Gupta, a readymade garment store owner, advertises: ‘If our averageprices are not equal or lower than everyone else’s, you get it free’. One customer
came into the store one day and threw on the counter bills of six items he hadbought from a competitor
for an average price less than Gupta’s. The items cost
(in Rs.) 201.50 202.97, 203.49, 205.00, 207.5, 210.95,
The prices for the same six items at Mr. Gupta’s store are (in Rs.): 201.35,
202.89, 203.19, 204.98, 207.59, and 211.50. Mr. Guptatold the customer, my advertisement refers to a weighted average price of theseitems. Our average is lower because our sales of these items have been: 207, 209,212, 208, 206, and 203(in units).

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