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Syracuse Tax List

Syracuse Tax List

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Published by The Post-Standard
Tax delinquent properties targeted for foreclosure by the city of Syracuse, Feb. 2013
Tax delinquent properties targeted for foreclosure by the city of Syracuse, Feb. 2013

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Published by: The Post-Standard on Feb 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Current UseOwnerProperty AddressTotal OwedVacant BuildingSingle FamilyRUDOLPH R ANNIE L D122 ACADEMY PL1,279.37$ NTwo FamilyNYLON PROPERTIES LLC157 ANNETTA ST1,761.22$ NVacant LandGRAHAM PAULA304 ARTHUR ST28,780.51$ NSingle FamilySIXBURY RICK281 ASHDALE AVE6,160.39$ NSingle FamilyKING JAMES H219 BARRINGTON RD11,094.71$ NSingle FamilySTEARNS KAREN E300 BARRINGTON RD & 2,929.47$ NSingle FamilyMURPHY BRIAN A133 BELLEVUE AVE15,741.50$ NVacant LandKUNTZSCH EDITH203 BERKSHIRE AVE RE3,512.25$Vacant LandKUNTZSCH EDITH207 BERKSHIRE AVE RE3,512.25$ NVacant LandKUNTZSCH EDITH211 BERKSHIRE AVE RE3,512.25$Single FamilyKUCHARSKI FRANCIS J419 BRYANT AVE8,409.26$ NThree FamilyMCMAHON DIANN404 BURDICK AVE9,340.71$ NCommercialVADALA PHYLLIS G600 BURNET AVE & CR13,258.20$ NSingle FamilyADLER-ENDERLE JULIA M1620 BUTTERNUT ST15,493.78$ NVacant LandOPTIMUM REALTY CORP924 BUTTERNUT ST28,412.48$ NVacant LandASSOC CONSUMER DISCOU926 BUTTERNUT ST20,317.66$ NCommercialFOFI DAVID1828 BUTTERNUT ST & 38,910.68$ YCommercialVITTO NICHOLAS1000 BUTTERNUT ST & 9,211.27$ NCommercialBARLOW TIMOTHY D1801 BUTTERNUT ST & 29,166.91$ NSingle FamilyPRIOLA ANDREW E1811 BUTTERNUT ST T 19,291.24$ NParkingFOFI DAVID1839 BUTTERNUT ST T 5,809.09$ NVacant LandNEVILLE FRANCES M1 CADWELL PL11,427.52$ NSingle FamilyMATTICE NICOLE8 CADWELL PL9,315.38$ NSingle FamilySANTANA IRIS106 CADWELL ST8,766.02$ NSingle FamilyTJS GENERAL CONTRACTIN203 CADWELL ST3,751.43$ NVacant LandJOCZ ALINA318-20 CADWELL ST52,555.24$ NVacant LandRATCLIFF DAVID EUGENE J322 CADWELL ST85,032.06$ NVacant LandMACDOWELL JOHN J324 CADWELL ST REAR19,278.40$ NSingle FamilyCHISARI LINDA608 CALEB AVE7,844.32$ NTwo FamilyNEAR WEST PROPERTIES L125 CARBON ST S & HIG23,089.20$ YSingle FamilyMUNSON HOWARD G136 CIRCLE RD14,513.06$ NSingle FamilyBARRICELLA NICHOLAS L/415 CLOVERIDGE DR3,370.22$ NSingle FamilyMURPHY BRIAN A1132 COLVIN ST W16,149.06$ NSingle FamilyMOORE LYNN M127 CONIFER DR7,650.01$ NSingle FamilyMAHONEY JEFFREY D206 CONKLIN AVE5,911.19$ NSingle FamilyOOT PATRICK L2004 COURT ST15,852.90$ NSingle FamilyDISCENZA CATHERINE A2006 COURT ST17,040.91$ NCommercialLEO DENNIS P281-87 DALE ST10,334.39$ NSingle FamilyGIANNI SALVATORE130 DARLINGTON RD16,713.28$ NSingle FamilyWAKKER NEAL529 DARLINGTON RD26,935.71$ NSingle FamilyBARNETT AUDREY504 DEMONG DR2,184.59$ YVacant LandDEPALMA NINA108 DEPALMA AVE12,551.94$ NVacant LandDEPALMA NINA117 DEPALMA AVE12,108.88$ NTwo FamilyGONZALEZ JOEL124 DEPALMA AVE32,254.63$ NVacant LandCANZANO PETRONILLA715 DEWITT ST34,591.05$ NTwo FamilyHAYS CAROL G L/U537 DEWITT ST & RUGB 5,861.91$ NCommercialDEMICHELE FRANCIS J422 DIVISION ST E16,514.07$ NTwo FamilyJONES JOSHUA M342-44 DOUGLAS ST10,670.64$ NTwo FamilyJONES JOSHUA M346-48 DOUGLAS ST1,456.97$ NSingle FamilyAWAD BASHIR SPPLM NEED201 EDGEMONT DR & H29,717.71$ NSingle FamilyRIVER ANTHONY T416 ELLIOTT ST3,385.21$ N
Single FamilyPONTELLO DAVID M423 ELLIOTT ST15,518.16$ YSingle FamilyLA GRAVE BERNARD J SR427 ELLIOTT ST21,355.59$ YSingle FamilyCOX CHARLES432 ELLIOTT ST & ARTH 16,574.13$ NCommercialJU DAE M3011 ERIE BLVD E67,473.55$ NSingle FamilySERRANT MARIA102 FENTON ST2,911.86$ NVacant LandGALLOWAY DANIEL110 FENTON ST3,651.06$ NSingle FamilySESSOMS JOSEPH R SR132 FENTON ST & CAD 9,275.68$ NVacant LandHENDRICKS MICHAEL133 FENTON ST & CAD48,652.65$ NVacant LandBURCEY CHARLES D123 FENTON ST REAR2,100.34$Multiple ResideWEBER MARK W1012 FIRST NORTH ST15,709.05$ NSingle FamilyPERRY CAROL A324 FITCH ST4,630.67$ YVacant LandFREEMAN DENISE325 FITCH ST33,344.72$ NVacant LandBELL ABDUL A338 FITCH ST48,976.39$ NVacant LandSOSA STEVE411 FITCH ST43,097.97$ NVacant LandLONG JEFFREY A1 FITCH ST REAR17,131.60$ NSingle FamilyCLARK LUCILLE3 FITCH ST REAR11,368.46$ NVacant LandHENNESSEY FREDERICK328 FITCH ST REAR2,100.34$ NSingle FamilyGOODELLE RODNEY S209 FOREST HILL DR9,925.57$ NCommercialSAT OF CNY LLC428 FRANKLIN ST N67,925.13$ NCommercialGUIGNE PROPERTIES LLC237-43 GENESEE ST E & 70,219.30$ N ApartmentJODA PROPERTIES LLC1908 GENESEE ST W16,585.83$ NCommercialMIMI'S BAKERY & CAFE INC260-64 GENESEE ST W 61,250.41$ NVacant LandGALLOWAY DANIEL207 GRAND AVE7,974.63$Two FamilyRINALDO JOSEPH405 GRAND AVE16,196.42$ NTwo FamilyGOLDKLANG MESHILIM Z513 GRAND AVE REAR4,848.95$ NSingle FamilyYOUNG ANN221 GRAND AVE TO FEN9,949.75$ NSingle FamilyMOCHINAL ANTHONY C123 GRANT BLVD498.02$ NVacant LandLA ROSA LEONARDO1336 GRANT BLVD & DA18,567.34$ NCommercialDICOSTA CARY1418 GRANT BLVD & MA139,846.08$ NSingle FamilyGRIESHABER HENRY E JR173 GREENLAND DR27,651.45$ YSingle FamilyLAUX WILLIAM H139 GRUMBACH AVE & 17,312.54$ NSingle FamilyHEICK JERALD D251 HARDING ST6,671.60$ NSingle FamilyHSCNY HOLDINGS LLC237 HARRIETTE AVE11,311.82$ NSingle FamilyCAPWELL MARK C107 HARTLEY ST40,540.23$ YSingle FamilyBOWIE MARY HEATHER107 HARTSON ST13,593.74$ NVacant LandJACKSON JOSEPH T108 HARTSON ST50,655.27$ NTwo FamilyMAMUNES GREGORY A123 HARTSON ST31,297.12$ YSingle FamilyLIZARDO STEPHEN116 HATHERLEY RD14,466.76$ NSingle FamilyCONNER CHRISTIAN713 HAWLEY AVE6,198.66$ NTwo FamilyGROSSO STEVEN M106 HELEN ST21,095.74$ NSingle FamilyKILTS PON KIT116 HERRIMAN ST3,434.17$ NSingle FamilyKRZYKOWSKI LUANNE221 HERRIMAN ST19,958.37$ NVacant LandBRYANT LORENZO305 HERRIMAN ST & HA68,805.84$ NVacant LandMURPHY JOHN102 HERRIMAN ST REA2,650.51$ NVacant LandKUNTZSCH EDITH104 HERZ ST3,459.11$ NSingle FamilyBARDY BETTY S483 HICKOK AVE381.82$ NSingle FamilyGROSSO STEVEN MARCO104 HIER AVE23,653.36$ YTwo FamilyWILLIAMS KENNETH116 HIER AVE4,649.72$ NSingle FamilyCAPRILOZZI FILOMENA R222 HIER AVE4,992.93$ NSingle FamilyMILES DEAN W242 HIER AVE5,199.60$ NSingle FamilyMCMAHON DANIEL P310 HIER AVE18,423.58$ NTwo FamilyCLARKE SHAWN216 HIGHLAND AVE7,546.63$ N
Single FamilyHAYNES TRACY1022 HIGHLAND ST7,683.79$ YVacant LandMC DERMOTT ROBERT E1040 HIGHLAND ST42,596.12$ NSingle FamilyNOLO CONTENDERE TRUST1062 HIGHLAND ST3,320.71$ NSingle FamilyDANIELS JOHN926 HIGHLAND ST3,401.66$ NVacant LandCHAPMAN GREGORY A943-45 HIGHLAND ST & 74,718.15$ NVacant LandSTAMPS SPURGEON JR414 HILLSBORO PKWY8,230.49$Two FamilyWOLFE BERNADINE A507 HIXSON AVE8,418.77$ NSingle FamilyDESPAW DWIGHT D712 HIXSON AVE5,398.27$ NSingle FamilyFREEBERN MARK C124 HOEFLER ST8,372.14$ YVacant LandMIKAMI SAORI W125 HOEFLER ST22,324.28$ NVacant LandARENA JOSEPH311 HOEFLER ST84,519.10$ NVacant LandCOLVERD JOANNE L319 HOEFLER ST6,239.18$ NSingle FamilySTEVENS STARLENE L128 HOLDEN ST21,456.93$ NSingle FamilyCASH BREANNE129 HOMECROFT RD16,000.45$ NSingle FamilyMEAKER ARTHUR K236 HUNTLEY ST14,192.28$ NSingle FamilyLAROCCO CHRISTINE105 KNAUL ST10,645.82$ NSingle FamilyTHE NICHOLAS CO OF CNY I111 KNAUL ST14,013.67$ NSingle FamilyOTTS GUY S112 KNAUL ST6,620.54$ NVacant LandOSTUMI FANNIE121 KNAUL ST & HIGHL 2,106.23$ NCommercialJORMUL INC321 LEAVENWORTH AV 11,971.92$ NSingle FamilyWILLIAMS BETTY M111 LOEHR AVE17,739.77$ NSingle FamilyJONES MARVIN G406 LONG MEADOW DR691.08$ NVacant LandFALKER ELSNER J105 1/2 LYDELL ST19,015.33$ NSingle FamilyZUK WALTER127 LYDELL ST17,923.24$ NTwo FamilyAMARIAH PROPERTIES LLC309-11 LYDELL ST19,328.45$ NVacant LandFATTI FRANK321 LYDELL ST71,032.38$ NTwo FamilyAJAYI ADIGAN ANDY ESE322 LYDELL ST21,338.80$ YVacant LandGOLDTHWAITE GEORGE327 LYDELL ST35,867.04$ NSingle FamilyPATRICK ROLLIN D225 MALVERNE DR25,472.57$ NSingle FamilyFISHER TEYA239 MAPLEHURST AVE4,113.60$ NVacant LandDICOSTA CONSTANCE108 MAYAR ST4,350.33$ NTwo FamilyMILNER SANDRA L1019 MCBRIDE ST N6,046.95$ N ApartmentALL PHASE PROPERTY MG1215 MILTON AVE36,798.63$ NSingle FamilyMURPHY BRIAN A618 NEWELL ST W16,384.45$ NSingle FamilyCOURCY MICHAEL A240 NICHOLS AVE624.24$ NSingle FamilyLIGHT KAREN1205 OAK ST7,190.05$ NTwo FamilyTORTORA CHANCY N L/U1332-34 OAK ST10,216.78$ NVacant LandROBINSON RICHARD W815-21 OAK ST193,250.91$ NVacant LandCOPANI MICHAEL S913-15 OAK ST24,809.64$ NCommercialTIFFANY'S CATERING CO IN101-13 OAK ST & LODI S24,880.56$ NTwo FamilyTALARICO CHRISTIAN J1323-25 ONONDAGA ST 18,420.07$ NVacant LandREO SOLUTIONS INC1333-35 ONONDAGA ST 36,311.57$ NTwo FamilyTARZIA ANTHONY V JR1334-36 ONONDAGA ST 18,051.66$ NVacant LandSYR HABITAT FOR HUMANIT1337-39 ONONDAGA ST 129.29$ NVacant LandSYR HABITAT FOR HUMANIT1341 ONONDAGA ST W196.24$ NTwo FamilyMURPHY DANIEL1423-25 ONONDAGA ST 18,364.39$ NTwo FamilyBAGOO ROSALIE1510 ONONDAGA ST W8,420.49$ YTwo FamilyMILLER DAWN M1639-41 ONONDAGA ST 14,072.06$ NTwo FamilyBUERMAN KEVIN1643-45 ONONDAGA ST 2,512.44$ NVacant LandVAN BUREN THOMAS J1400-04 ONONDAGA ST 41,005.98$ NTwo FamilyTEMPLE COURT PROP LTD1522-24 ONONDAGA ST 38,647.29$ NTwo FamilyOPTIMUM REALTY CORP206 PARK ST31,560.74$ N

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